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Such a shame I wasn't able to play this game, I own all The Mortimer Beckett games and have always loved them. But as others have mentioned, there are only blocks of pink text instead of words. And my computer is able to handle much more complicated games than this in terms of graphics, so I won't be faffing about altering things I shouldn't need to alter for such a simple looking game.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition on Aug 19, 17 5:33 AM
This for me, was the worst MCF game I have ever played. Save for the follow up to Dire Grove which was....awful. Like many others, I do not enjoy games where everything is so dark, washed out almost. The storyline was terrible, and there wasn't any real flow to it. What on earth was that bonus game about?!? No idea.

I too prefer the morphing objects to be in the main scenes rather than the HOPS, although that is just a personal preference.

The puzzles were ok, but the guide supposedly telling you how to play some of them, was not. I always try to complete the puzzles myself, but I was forced to skip one because I simply had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, even after looking at the guide.

I would be happier though, with fewer puzzles, and more HOPS.

Don't insult the MCF games with loose and implausible ties to the previous ones, that annoyed me.

If the MCF games are to continue and I hope they do, they need to be better than this offering.
 posted in Cadenza: The Kiss of Death Collector's Edition on Apr 5, 15 9:39 PM
While I did like this game, it felt quite a bit shorter than the first one, which was disappointing. I also felt the game wasn't as good in terms of storyline plotting. The graphics were excellent as always, as were all the hidden object scenes. But it just didn't feel like there was enough to do, and I really dislike the clicking on things for conversation, it's boring. Just feels like filler.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season on Apr 1, 15 6:41 PM
I was a huge fan of Farm Frenzy, and own all the games up to and including Viking Heroes. However, I really disliked the 3d one they made after that, and now we have this. I feel like the graphics and the game itself has been dumbed down. I don't want to play slots or collect stickers. I don't need the animals to talk. I did not make it through this demo, I lasted about fifteen minutes and will not be buying it.

I do appreciate that game developers feel they have to change up games in order to try and keep people interested, but I would counter this with an if it 'aint broke don't fix it strategy. Farm Frenzy is still my all time favourite time management game series, but it looks like I won't be going forward with them.
 posted in Witchcraft: The Lotus Elixir on Jul 29, 14 6:44 AM
Thing is, I'm not about to alter anything on my computer for the sake of one game I'm just trying out, when every other game I've tested or bought is absolutely fine.

I expect a game to load on launch, when it doesn't I'll mention it.

If it was happening with everything, then of course I'd have to check my settings.

The problem is theirs, not mine, let them sort it out
 posted in Witchcraft: The Lotus Elixir on Jul 29, 14 2:57 AM
This game won't even load. Every time I try, I just get told that witchcraft.exe has stopped working.
 posted in Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune on May 15, 14 3:55 PM
I just wanted to follow up by saying Big Fish responded to my email, so thanks for that. I appreciate it.

I've been buying games from BFG for 7 years now, and this is only the second time I've ever had a problem, and it wasn't really their fault.

Witch's Pranks is a nice game, but as it stands is incomplete. Normally when you buy a standard game you get everything the CE has, but no extras such as bonus gameplay, collectibles, etc. But this one is basically half a game, and as such is just too short.
 posted in Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune on May 12, 14 8:16 AM
I bought this game last night completely unaware of these issues. It's funny how the reviews failed to mention any of it!!! Have now completed the game to find I only got two frogs, and as I understand it, will never be able to get all four. I used a credit to pay for this, so I want a refund.
 posted in Mexicana: Deadly Holiday on Apr 16, 14 4:57 PM
artswife wrote:game freezes after giving milk to snake does anyone else have this issue?

This game has frozen on me several times today. Each time I was able to go back in and continue. However, it just froze at this exact point, and so far has not let me continue on. I don't think it's a problem my end, as I rarely if ever, have games freeze.
 posted in Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector's Edition on Feb 16, 14 5:37 PM
I know I'm late to this party, but WOW!!! I think this ranks as my all time favourite HO game so far. Stunning graphics, a great story and so much bang for your buck!! I do love games where you have to collect stuff as you go, and this has morphs too. I really do think Mad Head have raised the bar so far as HO games go. All collectors editions should be this good, they cost a lot more, yet so many just offer extra wallpapers and not much else. I cannot WAIT for their next game!!
 posted in Botanica: Earthbound Collector's Edition on Dec 14, 13 2:54 AM
This game is trying in more ways than one. The puzzles are really badly thought out, you often have no actual idea how something is supposed to look or end up. Also, is there any reason why there are white boxes of nothing for no apparent reason at certain points? Even the guide was less than helpful at times, with the pictures being too small for you to actually see anything.

I'll give an example of a bad puzzle. There is a record in a juke box that you need. You have to supposedly take all the other records away until you're left with the blue one. To me that means get them all to one side and leave the blue one free. When I eventually skipped it, the solution bore no relation whatsoever to the clue!!

I would not recommend buying this, especially at CE prices, it is definitely not a collectors edition worth having.
I loved this game. Have played it through once, took me two solid days (and nights) when I should have been doing other things I don't really see the point of the shop for the cat, but I might be missing something so on my second play I am collecting all of the money first, then I'll see what happens. To the poster who said a map would have been nice, there is one. You click on the case file briefcase thing in the bottom left corner, and you can see an overview of the whole thing, plus it shows what areas are complete, incomplete and where you currently are. I found that invaluable. Especially as you can teleport immediately when you can't be bothered to make your way back the slow way. I would have liked a few more hidden object areas, plus they don't change like they used to, but that's a minor quibble. Overall this is a great game and I have really enjoyed it. Well done
 posted in Farm Frenzy 4 on Jul 26, 13 3:48 PM
What a disaster!! I absolutely loathe the new animation. The beauty of these games was the simplicity of them. They were easy to play and fast paced. This new animation seems really slow and looks terrible. I understand they wanted to make some changes but there is no way I'll be buying this, and I own all of the others.
 posted in Mysteries of the Undead on May 1, 13 7:15 AM
I tried to play this game, but got the access violation code. Interestingly though, while the blank screen was running it was taking time from the one hour demo My PC is fine, have no issues at any other times with games, so think this is a problem with the game. Have uninstalled it now.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Dec 11, 12 1:01 PM
I quite liked this game. I don't mind the real actors at all, and there was a welcome return to hidden objects, with morphing ones going back to their rightful place as a bonus item. However, it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay too short. For the money, there should be more game. There weren't enough HO scenes, which would have helped. I also got fed up with having to return to the map to go anywhere, I prefer to walk through the game. I quite liked the floating blocks, but then I like jigsaw puzzles anyway.

Dire Grove and 13th Skull remain my favourites though.
 posted in Ravensburger Puzzle Selection on Dec 11, 12 2:04 AM
I bought this game the other day and I really like it. However, it won't let me do any puzzles of 300 pieces or higher. I select a puzzle, tell it I want 300 pieces or more, then it starts cutting the pieces, but won't load up so I'm left looking at the orange screen. I have to use cont/alt/del to bring up task manager to come out. Is there anything I can do about this?
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 12 1:48 AM
Well, I played the demo. I like this game better than the last so far, but I'm getting quite a lot of interference. By that I mean flickering, and black bars on things when I don't think they are supposed to have any. Maybe my pc doesn't like it? I've had this on other games, but never on an MCF game until now.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 14, 12 3:22 PM
Does anyone know if it will have hidden objects this time? I didn't buy last year's game because that one didn't have them and I was soo disappointed.
 posted in Chicken Chase on May 24, 12 10:24 AM
Ok, I know this game is old, but I just bought it I am completely stuck on this level. The trouble is, you can't achieve the goal by getting to 15, because it doesn't stay that way which is really annoying. I really have no idea how to go about this one. I tried having 15 holy chickens, then realised they ate the magic chickens, but if you start with magic ones, the second you start getting holy chickens they still eat the magic ones!!! Any ideas?
 posted in SpongeBob SquarePants Typing on Mar 19, 12 4:59 PM
First time ever that I've had a problem with a game! It downloaded ok, but when I hit play, the game manager closes. If I wait, I can get as far as entering my name, but after that it will lock up. I've had to uninstall as there is clearly a technical issue with it.
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