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 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 27, 18 12:33 PM
Oh lort. "ESC" was the first thing I tried, but apparently I was hitting the button too quick or too soft or something. I'm not new to computers, I have no idea what my problem is, lol, but as long as I press it firmly, the exit window comes up. D'oh!
 posted in Green City: Go South on Jul 19, 16 12:34 PM
I bought this game without a trial because I got one of those "Thanks for your purchase, buy this here game in the next 5 min and you can have it for $4.99" - which was enough time for me to read the reviews, so I did.

Unfortunately, my only computer is a laptop, and I forget that not all games are compatible. Usually if my cursor turns "invisible" when I load the game, I can (eventually) click o Options and "Use custom cursor", which fixes it.

This game doesn't have that option. Has anyone found a workaround? I don't want to put in a support ticket since it's probably a compatibility issue (I've seen this in a LOT of games), but since I own it now, I just thought I'd ask, lol.
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