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 posted in Who Am I on Jan 16, 14 6:14 AM
where do you find pieces for gun.
 posted in Who Am I on Jan 14, 14 4:42 AM
please help cant figure out how to match are we matching keys or locks to gain access to room
 posted in Jewelleria on Jun 7, 13 4:22 AM
please can anyone help me here how do you get the black or gray shaded jewelry people ask for this is so frustrating is there a special thing i need to do to get this please any help possible
 posted in She is a Shadow on Apr 24, 13 9:26 AM
how do you keep the guy from waking up when you search his room i always end up waking him up someone please help.
 posted in Matchmaker: Curse of Deserted Bride on Mar 19, 13 3:49 PM
where do i find the map in the game on this with marcus please any help at all
 posted in Burger Bustle on Aug 3, 11 12:29 AM

this might be a stupid question but how do you use the awards you get please someone help ty for your time.
 posted in PAC-MAN Pizza Parlor on Dec 13, 10 8:22 PM
is it possible to play a saved game or if you can save a game someone please help. or do you always start at level 1 and all over again.
 posted in Mr Jones' Graveyard Shift on Aug 11, 09 10:19 PM

id really like to try this game

its loaded and says ive even played it but it stays on loading page and thats all it does it freezes up the computer i didnt even get to play it and it telling me it had only 30 minutes left.

id like to know if this game fixed.
 posted in Bilbo: The Four Corners of the World on Jul 24, 09 7:16 PM

Im looking for any suggestions or help with this game . How do you serve the couples of 2's without disappointing 1 by making 1 happy.

please any help .
 posted in Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine on Jul 12, 09 5:12 AM
I'm having trouble here cannot open the safe here its very aggravating and im so close to the end 5/9 completed need some help please any help.

desperate for a answer.
 posted in Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe on Jun 26, 09 3:57 PM
ok did uninstall and reinstall and its doing the same thing no end for level 38 played it 3 times and still nothing cmon big fish please fix it this time.

 posted in Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe on Jun 25, 09 8:40 PM
is there any news on the game yet we been waiting for a long while why you keeping dedicated gamers in suspense and in the loop not letting us know whats going on im ready to quit this site . cause of this and a few other game incidents.
 posted in Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe on Jun 17, 09 5:40 AM
so when the new 1 is available and your ready to install and uninstall do you have to play it all again till level you were upto

before it clunked on ya

that will take forever im at 32 weeks

 posted in Mystery P.I. - The Lottery Ticket on May 25, 09 9:24 PM
help please i tried getting pieces together and they kept going back where they came from do the puzzle pieces have to be in order or something please help.
 posted in Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer on May 25, 09 1:16 PM
still looking for help on how to pick up the blood stain in the park

i keep clicking on it and nothings happening even hinted it and it still wont please any help, please any suggestions.
 posted in Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer on May 24, 09 5:45 PM
i have been playi ng this game i went to click on the blood stain in the scene it would not let me i even tried the hint and it still would not let me click it someone please help

desperate to get to next place if only i could get the blood stain picked up but it wont let me please help me
 posted in Fashion Finder: Secrets of Fashion NYC Edition on May 23, 09 5:03 PM
what I didnt like about this game and it maybe just my computer but i kept playing same rounds over and over again, how boring and unchallengeable. anyone else having this problem.
 posted in The Serpent of Isis ™ on May 17, 09 9:16 PM
Im hoping someone can help me here i go to investigate someones room and it saysa cup of tea would be nice but it wont let me make it or pour it or nothing like that any help please truly lost.
 posted in 3 Days: Zoo Mystery on May 10, 09 3:38 PM
ty govegril

i solved it and finally figured it out after the clue you gave me tyty what a great game after i found the spring.

was a great game tyty for help.
 posted in 3 Days: Zoo Mystery on May 10, 09 3:24 AM
i have played this game up to level 17 and then get stuck the jewelry box issue.

i click for a hint to find the spring and it clicks hint on the desk somewhere i have used options to remove things to find pieces the spring is only 1 i cannot find.the hint keeps taking me some where on the desk but theres nothing there.

and when do you click the colors of the books right away. or wait . someone please help this is frustrating.

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