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 posted in Tearstone on Jun 2, 11 4:20 PM
Just a note. My dagger position was a little different than the walkthrough as well. I had to make sure I used the painting diagram exactly. I tried the ones some of you listed here and it wouldn't work. Thank you all for your help.
 posted in Escape from Thunder Island on Jun 1, 11 12:07 PM
On some scenes the screen will flicker. If I am using one of the tools from my inventory it causes me to lose the tool, having to pick it up again. Glad we aren't penalized for wrong clicks as this would be an issue. Still haven't figured out why the screen flickers on some scenes while others work great. There also seems to be an issue selecting the tools, sometimes it takes 2-3 clicks before the tool will stick to the cursor so I can use it.
Lastly, I didn't get the bonus game either. I did get a screen that said I had found 80 coins (or however many I needed) and that I had won the bonus game to wait until after the credits and it would allow me to play. The cartoon after the credits just keeps playing.
Now what do I do?
 posted in Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills on Apr 21, 11 3:24 PM
I have tried and tried but can't get the combination on which dots to push to turn off all the sides of the door. Help?
 posted in Dominic Crane 2: Dark Mystery Revealed on Apr 17, 11 8:02 AM
I have the same issue and yes I put together the letter, went straight to credits. My Final Scene is also still locked.
 posted in Dominic Crane 2: Dark Mystery Revealed on Apr 16, 11 6:02 PM
I finished the game and see the Final Scene is still locked. What do you have to do to unlock it?
 posted in Epic Escapes: Dark Seas on Apr 10, 11 8:49 AM
I made it to Chapter 7. For me I like more challenge. For a newbee it is an ok game.
I tried the blog walkthrough to see how many chapters there are but the page is blank with a December 31, 1969 as last updated. Anybody know how many chapters? I too had the special life ring, 10 of 13.
 posted in Epic Escapes: Dark Seas on Apr 10, 11 8:43 AM
I got through 7 chapters in the hour trial. How many chapters are there? I tried the blog walkthrough but the page is blank and it said it was last updated in 1969.
 posted in Scratches Director's Cut on Feb 25, 11 2:48 PM
I too got motion sick after 10 minutes in the game. It looks like fun but can't take all the "floating" the hand seems to do. Extremely sensative motion so if you bump the mouse you end up all over the place. I have been waiting for a good game from BFG but guess I will be waiting longer. Unless they fix the floating it is a no buy for me.
 posted in Reading the Dead on Feb 18, 11 2:27 PM
Boring, boring, boring. Game kept getting stuck. I also dislike very much the sneak attack on downloads. I am smart enough to know my computer and what is on it so I don't need sneak attack software. Glad I didn't buy and won't buy this game. I played it for 20 minutes. Worth 20 to find out I need to save my money. BFG disappointed in you again.
Book of Air was definitely not the same quality game as the previous Dream Chronicles. Not really worth $6.99 let alone the higher price when it first came out. Was greatly disappointed. However, that being said, does anyone know when the next Dream Chronicles is scheduled? Will it be a higher standard of game like the original Dream Chronicles? Just curious. I would hate to see those type of games go away. They were challenging and fun to play. I didn't mind paying the collectors price for those games.
 posted in Crossworlds: The Flying City on Jan 9, 11 9:44 AM
Yes Please
 posted in Curse of the Ghost Ship on Dec 29, 10 1:53 PM
Same here, black screen and music. Said I had played for 2 minutes and game had not even loaded. BFG is getting to be less fun, not as many good games as their used to be. Looks like it may be one of two things, 1) young teens are writing the games or 2) the good game writers went to another site? Games flicker, don't play, get stuck or close out randomly. Earned credits don't work, come back invalid, on and on and on.

Please get it together and start qc'ing your work before it is sent out. Please start posting good games, worth the money we spend and are willing to spend.
 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Oct 17, 10 4:17 PM
I enjoyed the game but found a couple areas that need help. First is the sand where the fire is, screen flickers really bad. Also where you have to find all the feathers. Then, and this is really frustrating, if you put oil in the second lamp in the catacombs before you light the first one and don't do the lamps in a specific order your game is over. You can't get back and can't undo it. On one forum page we were told to start the game over under a different name. Here I am at the end of the game and have to start over? I see this as a glitch that needs fixed. I agree with several other comments on here that Big Fish is getting to be unreliable with game glitches and not proofing them first. Getting to be disappointing. Also, quality of games and game selection is not like it used to be. Ravenhurst, Dream Chronicles, etc were good games. Can't get games like that now, I have 2 credits I will probably lose before I find a game worth buying.
 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Oct 17, 10 4:09 PM
at the scene where you go to the door where the fire is, the game flickers so bad you almost can't complete that section. The rest of the game works ok of course except for the torches in the catacombs and now being told to start over.
 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Oct 17, 10 3:37 PM
I agree, starting the game over because of the oil in the torches? Not even an option, how disappointing. I worked to get this far. Sad. Surely the game creators can fix this and send a patch out? If not, I see a credit back in my future. I didn't use the walkthrough either because I like to figure the game out myself.
 posted in Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Collector's Edition on Sep 26, 10 11:50 AM
Is there a way to reset the puzzle in the floor in front of the altar in the church? I have such a mess I can't get it straightened out and don't see a reset option. I have exited and re-entered only to be in the same place I left it.
 posted in Syberia on Sep 12, 10 12:21 PM
No trial = no play = no buy. Sorry, I have purchased games with no trial before and was sadly disappointed so, no trial no play=Siberia and Siberia II.
 posted in Secrets of the Dragon Wheel on Jul 14, 10 1:40 PM
Game was ok, used a game credit but not sure I would have spent $'s on it. Game was interesting, some items hard to find but that is ok, made that portion of the game challenging. Some of the puzzles didn't work right, that was disappointing. Game would move along ok until there was dialog, that slowed it way down which was frustrating. Took to long to click out of dialog or skip short scenes and then if you didn't click at exactly the right time you used a "Hint". Plenty of Hints but still wish the game wasn't so slow in responding to exiting the dialog. Maybe they can find a fix to help speed it up a little. Took a long time to play which is good but not sure I will play again.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jun 12, 10 6:49 AM
I thought it was a bit slow. I like this type of game but each time I found an inventory item, instead of going to the list immediately you have to double click it. Slowed the game down quite a bit. Also, when I played the trial and still had 19 minutes left on the timer and the game shut down and told me that I needed to purchase to play the rest of the game. What happened to the 60 minutes? Not sure about this game. Will watch comments and see what others think before spending any money on it.
 posted in Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny on May 15, 10 12:22 PM
I locked up on the Pipe puzzle as well and had to reboot. Not fun since this is a trial so I can see if I like it or not? My computer and video card are newer and doing just great so why do I have to go "find" and "download" anything? BFG needs to get this fixed. Didn't anyone test this game first? It seems if there are several complaining about the same thing it would have been fixed BEFORE the game was released. If we are the "testing ground" let us know so we don't buy first.
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