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This is a really good game and just misses being a great game.

If they had tied up a few loose ends, I think it could've been outstanding.

Spoilers be here:

Why was the wolf leading him and then it wasn't? Or was it?

Was De Fer really a werewolf?

Who killed the brother? The real werewolf or the villain?

Why did Madelene have a peculiar southern US accent (maybe Texas?)?

Why couldn't anybody pronounce the name Gerard?

Why did they kidnap the kid's mom? She didn't have any money. Did she?

And, knowing that the head-honcho was the villain, she just went home like nothing happened?

All that aside, the game play was good, the atmosphere was good, the length was good.

Well, except it wouldn't really have an ending without the "bonus" material. I'm not liking the trend of chopping off the ending of a game and calling it "bonus", so that the SE is less of a game, instead of the CE being more.

This game could've been great. But, it was still very good.
 posted in Eternal Night: Realm of Souls on Jan 22, 11 9:50 PM
I've never even managed to get this game to load.

I got "access violation" errors every time I tried to start it. I even tried to start the game outside of the game manager, which has worked for every other access violation error, but it still wouldn't start.

So, I deleted it and reinstalled it.

And, now it says my free trial is over. I never got to play a single minute.
 posted in The Stroke of Midnight on Jan 22, 11 2:00 AM
Just finished it and I'd give it a 7 out of 10.

I'm not a huge fan of the motion angle. If I wake up with a flaming migraine later, I'll know I didn't get away with playing this. But, for now, I think I got away with it.

The motion in the library scenes made me crazy because I couldn't click around without shooting off towards the mirror.....ggggrrrrrrrrr!

Still, it was a pretty good game.

There were a few tiny items I didn't/couldn't see (like an alleged mouse in the stained glass scene), but there was no penalty for using hints. The music/sound effects weren't great, but didn't make me turn them off either.

But, the story was really very good. And, the game play flowed well from the story.

Although I have to say I didn't really like the goofy folded note puzzles. Yawn.

The one thing I don't like, though, is that presumably given the storyline, Evie was buried outside the graveyard because people think she killed herself over Vlad. And, our heroine didn't get that fixed. So, to me it was a pretty sad ending.

 posted in Millionaire Manor: The Hidden Object Show on Dec 21, 10 11:07 PM
I didn't have any expectations of greatness with this one. And, it was about what I expected. Sort of a bored, snowy day game.

It could be a very good simple game, if only the graphics were better. There is just too much stuff that is impossible, or next to impossible, to see to give it a higher mark than a C+. White items on white backgrounds were an especially tiresome problem.

Other than that, it was a cute "no brainer". And, there is plenty of bonus play to go back to just to kill time.

I liked "combine" and "triplets". They were unusual.
 posted in Twisted: A Haunted Carol on Dec 20, 10 5:20 PM
How long do I sit and wait in the Poultry Shop for the ghost to come and activate the clock so I can use the stone and return to the present?

Is this a third of the game over? If so, it must be a pretty short game.
This is my second time through the game and I know how to do it, but this time, when I get to the last skull, it won't go in the socket.

Does the game prevent you from winning this part before you do something else?

I guess I'll go around it and come back when I need the T-squares.
I agree that this is least best MCF (I just can't bring myself to use the word "worst" about an MCF.)

At least Madam Fate had some funny parts. I LOVED the Kitty Carnival. And I remember laughing myself half sick when my sister beat me to the "bonus" and it was a disgusting bathroom.

This one was just irritating. It seems like we spent the whole game being led around by the nose and getting yelled at. Running around doing chores for the other characters seemed more like one of the Cassandra games than a MCF.

Chexmixmonet wrote:On my second run through now and I really hate the dog. I wonder if he was in on it

And I was beginning to think I was the only one!
Well, I just finished it, a full week after Thanksgiving, so that should tell you that it was extremely disappointing. (I finished Dire Grove in about 2 sittings.) I would say Sherlock Holmes was a much better game. I would probably even say Phantom of the Opera was a better game (even though I hated the non-ending on that one).

Technically, it was ambitious. I would've given it an "A" for technical, but I can't because having an unpassable playing error that needs a patch after people start playing is a big black mark.

The music was awful, corny and repetitive. I usually love MCF music, but not this stuff. The graphic atmosphere was good though, so a C+ for music/overall feel.

But, the game play is where this one really disppointed me. I'm only giving it a C+ for the game.

There was too much ordering me around. There was too much traipsing back and forth.

Most of the characters/actors were annoying. (Am I the only one who wanted to give Pippi the sleeping potion?)

There was very little, if any, humor.

My biggest pet-peeve with games is having to play stupid. And the super detective was EXTREMELY stupid. I always go alone to meet armed and dangerous people instead of waiting for the police and isolated swamps full of gators are just my natural first choice of locations. But, then, everybody else is stupid too? Like Cooter couldn't see that guy with the gun?

And, I took off my headphones because I was sick of hearing the jerk yell at me. I hate, hate, HATED that part. And, it was un-necessary. All they had to do was say “bring us the treasure and don’t go to the cops or the kid gets it!” It would’ve done the same thing without the jerk following you around yelling like an idiot parrot.

And, why call it the “13th Skull”? Apparently, there wasn’t anything special about the 13th skull. (I thought it would be Crown’s.)

This was a big disappointment. I was so un-invested that by the time I found all of the Crown cards, I forgot to go to the chest to see what they did. Oh well. It’s sad to think I have to wait another whole year to hope to see my favorite series restored to glory.

Just finished it and it was okay. If it had been a SE game, I would've said it was good. For a CE, just okay.

I usually love the extra game play, but I really wasn't motivated to do the task in the extra play this time. "Let him rot," said my mean streak. But, I did it anyway.

Pros: Okay story, ran pretty well, the story progression was okay. I didn't get lost much.
Cons: Wouldn't launch from the game manager, stupid black bars instead of taking up the full screen, music would end then wait to start over, some hidden items were unfindable without hints (and at least one I couldn't see even after the hint highligted it), a LOT of traipsing back and forth, and except for the little girl ghost nobody was really likeable.

And, just a personal pet peeve, but I hate it when there is a means to finish a task right there in the scene, but you have to go somewhere else and get the RIGHT means to do the task. Such as having to go back a hundred miles and get the RIGHT knife to cut something, or a scene with a fire, but you have to go get a match from the kitchen, etc. And this game had some of that.

Awesome game! I loved every minute of it.

This game was truly excellent. Graphics were sharp, "findable" items, great story, logical flow to the game play. And, IT HAD AN ENDING!!!! I am so sick of games that could've been great, but they just don't bother to write an ending.

The only things I can even think of as "cons" for this one are:

1. I think in the bonus play, the captions for the movie use the word "week" instead of "weak".

2. There was one puzzle where I was sure I had the right answer, but it didn't unlock.

I would give this one an A+ and the last game that got an A+ from me was Dire Grove.
 posted in Mystery Valley on Nov 1, 10 4:35 PM
I shouldn't have liked this game as much as I did because there were a lot of things wrong with it:

Access Violation error, so I couldn't start it from the Game Manager.

Unsee-able items.

Jumps through the cut scenes which made the story seem choppy.

Music cuts out in places.

Items with odd names.

And, I didn't even know there was a diary, since it was so hard to open---until after I had to go to the online walkthrough to re-read the Knight story.

And, the end was a disappointment. (Can you really kill vampires that way?)

But, it's been such a dry spell that I kind of liked it anyway.

It was an interesting story, even if it doesn't make any sense.
 posted in Mystery of the Earl on Oct 25, 10 10:29 PM
Does the soundtrack stutter for anybody else?

I won't play it because I can't see the fragments, but I'm just curious if I'm the only one.
 posted in Mystery of the Earl on Oct 25, 10 10:25 PM
The graphics have to be topnotch for me to enjoy a frog and this isn't even close to good enough.

I didn't even make it through the tutorial. When the tutorial says "click on this" for part of the broom and you click but don't see it. Then, it says "click here" for another part of the broom and you have no idea what you are clicking's a bad sign.

Plus, it kept fritzing in and out with the music and wasn't playing smoothly. Which is weird because just about every other game plays fine.

Not a keeper.
I usually just "go with it" with game logic, but this one is just too much. A grappling hook? Seriously?

Does anybody really think that:

1. This proper young lady would even think of a grappling hook?

2. There's anyway she could climb to those boxes using it? Even in my best shape, I couldn't have done that.

If she's that strong, if/when she meets up with the phantom, she ought to just go all Buffy-the-vampire-slayer on him, beat him up, and call it a day.

It's such a lousy ending.

There isn't enough story left for a sequel. We already know the whole mystery.

But, they didn't give us an ending, I guess, in some misguided effort to make us want the next one?

Like we wouldn't already want another one because the game was so good?

But, I would want a clean, new mystery if it takes a year to get it. I don't want to have to remember what happened when I played a previous game.

Bummer. Other than that, it was a great game.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition on Oct 16, 10 6:06 PM
I don't remember where all the rings are, but did you get the one in the broken lock on the door? I had trouble getting that one for some reason.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition on Oct 16, 10 6:03 PM
I didn't have the instructions any more either, but if you play with the levers you can figure out the order.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition on Oct 15, 10 9:37 PM
Are you serious?!

I have to restart the whole game to get the key?

So, the funniest joke in a game I've seen in years (having the teddy bear telling us the Freddy Kruger rhyme) comes with a glitch so bad that my game is ruined?!

I am NOT happy.
 posted in Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Collector's Edition on Sep 24, 10 8:11 PM
So, I didn't miss any play, just the movie?

Still, kind of a downer.
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