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 posted in Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe on Aug 26, 09 3:57 PM
I think that's it. At first I thought it was money, then I saw they white recycling arrows on it. So I think it goes into the trash.
 posted in Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe on Aug 26, 09 3:56 PM
I always skip it because I hate sliding puzzles.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess on Aug 24, 09 1:25 PM
Brain and brain! What is brain?!
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess on Aug 23, 09 10:14 PM
I'm stuck there, too. Not enough gold to finish the level, and I fail to light the last torch before night falls.
 posted in Youda Farmer on Aug 23, 09 9:23 PM
There seems to be 4 ways to get a 10 in-a-row Combo.

One is to Pick Up things in order as they appear at the bottom of your screen. The second is to Confirm Delivery of 10 items before clicking on anything else. The third and fourth are when you deliver; when you deliver goods in order, or when you Confirm 10 Deliveries before clicking anything else.

It's easiest to get the 10 in-a-row Combo when you Confirm Pick Up / Delivery.
 posted in Youda Farmer on Aug 23, 09 9:17 PM
Combos are when you do things in a row. Like when you load 3 flours before doing anything else. The more Combos you get, the more money you earn. This is especially helpful early on when money is tight but you need everything.

Youda Farmer has Combos for picking up, confirming pick-up, delivery, and confirming delivery. So there's lots of chances to earn Combos.

You can get a 3 in-a-row Combo, a 4 in-a-row Combo, a 5 in-a-row Combo, a 6 in-a-row Combo, and a 10 in-a-row Combo. Later, you can also get Combos for delivering items in a certain order (like the Baker will want 3 flours, and numbers will flash, to show in which order he wants them).

Big Combos are easiest to get (imo) in the middle of the game. That's when you have fairly big orders, but still have lots of time.

Late in the game, there's so much to do and so little time, that it's hard just to meet the demand for pick ups & deliveries, let alone try for point-boosting Combos. Of course by then you don't need the money you get from Combos anyway, since there's nothing left to buy.

Sometimes my truck seems to get lost, too. Especially when I need to restart a Level. Have you tried clicking on the first order to see if your truck picks it up? Sometimes that doesn't work either and you have to exit and restart (that happened to me once).

Happy delivering!
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess on Aug 23, 09 2:47 PM
Don't like this game very much.

The story doesn't make sense. I have to rebuild the land so the Princess can get home. I'd think that if I'm going to rebuild the land, I should get my own Kingdom or something. But so far, all I've heard is some vague promise that my friendship with the Princess might be something more.

I don't understand that. Shouldn't the Princess be focused on getting home to her Father, who has been struck by lightning? I think she'd be too preoccupied by that to think much about me clearing paths and restoring bridges.

The game doesn't require much thought or skill. Just point and click, then sit back and watch things happen. Not much fun. Not much interaction.

Maybe Time Management isn't my cup of tea. But I don't see much else on Big Fish besides Puzzles (ugh), and Hidden Object (double ugh).
 posted in Youda Farmer on Aug 23, 09 2:30 PM
I agree, Youda Farmer isn't much fun.

I don't get to decide where things go, orders come in randomly, and I spend all my time just clicking on things to make the truck go around.

After awhile, there's no reason to keep going other than to finish the game. There are no more upgrades, no more additions to the farm.

And for a farming game, I'm sad that I don't get to do ANY farming. All I do is pick up and deliver stuff, like some glorified paper boy.
 posted in Youda Farmer on Aug 23, 09 2:22 PM
Look at the bottom of the screen. You'll see what you need to pick up.

If you don't have any more crates, it probably means that either you don't have any more of that item to pick up right now. Or it could mean that you can pick up only 3 at a time.

Later in the game, you can upgrade to 4-5 crates at once, so more will show up.

Hope this helps, or that someone comes with a better answer.
 posted in Ranch Rush on Apr 16, 09 5:20 PM
Just made it through week 8. I think next time, I'll try one less toolkit. I kept wishing I had a 2nd patch of grapes. And if I could squeeze in a patch that has one of everything, it'd help feed the ostriches.
 posted in Ranch Rush on Apr 16, 09 12:49 AM
I think it's all about having an efficient set-up.

I like to have 1 barn, pretty much in the middle, with a bread machine on each side (total 2 bread machines). I have 3 cows, 6 hives, and I wound up with 4 pest spray bottles (one for the clover, one for the wheat & pumpkins, one for the grapes, and one for the corn & tomatoes). I had 4 toolkits to serve 6 machines.

Others use different set-ups (I really wish there was an Untimed Mode so we could really experiment!). I think the key is to have only as much as you need where you need them.

I'm going to try to make a better set-up this time around. I'd post a link to a sceenie, but it's not allowed. Good luck with your ranch!
 posted in Farm Mania on Apr 15, 09 12:09 AM
I think another good thing would be to sell ALL the unneeded animals, instead of forcing us to keep one of each. And if we accidentally sell something that's needed, give the option to go back & buy as many as we want, instead of limiting it to one per level.

It would be nice if we have to send Grandpa where we need him, to be able to unselect the choices, instead of watching as he goes through every action, while having to wait for him to get more water or something.

Grandma really shouldn't take so long to make finished goods. It's agony watching her take 30 seconds to bake a pie or make some mittens.

It'd also be nice to be able to start a new game when the old one is finished. And in the new game, to have the college roommate join as a 3rd helper, with more goals, since there's more help. And give her dialog between missions, like how difficult it is to work on a farm, then maybe how cuddly the animals are, commenting about those pesky rabbits, or worried about bee stings. Then after awhile, say that it's fun, and good money, too.

A good game, but I think it needs some work. My fave Farming/Time-Management game so far is Ranch Rush. The clock isn't so darn fast, I get to place stuff where I want, and even move them around.
 posted in Farm Mania on Apr 13, 09 11:28 PM
I'd like a scarecrow to ward off crows, & a fence to help keep the rabbits away. I'm already ready to give up on this game, just because of all the crows & rabbits.

I also wish Grandpa would go where he's needed, instead of waiting for orders. And that both Grandpa & Grandma would move faster. It seems to take them forever to do anything, and I waste lots of time waiting for them.

The energy drink should last longer than 5 seconds. I mean, there's SOOOOOO much to do in this game, with so little time. Maybe slow the clock down to give us more time or something.

I think I'll just play casual mode, because timed mode is bugging the bejesus out of me.
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