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 posted in Season Match on Jan 14, 09 4:56 PM
A very helpful guy called Jared on the Big Fish Helpline in Seattle has given me instructions and its worked so if anyone else has the same problem do get in touch with me.
 posted in World Voyage on Jan 14, 09 11:19 AM
Hi all, I've been putting up messages on the forum for a couple of days now but suddenly, just now, I find a whole load of other people's messages which have been lurking around on another forum page. Glad we are all together at last.

I like timer games - in fact, I find there is no challenge without a timer. I found this game complicated at first but now can complete most levels with time to spare. After each jigsaw section, another life is gained and I'm now at level 91 with 17 lives intact so I presume I'm going to finish to level 100 unless the other levels are VERY difficult.

I do have a problem in that the bit where you join says PLAYER and I can't delete that in order to put my own name in. There are a couple of spaces so I've started calling myself PLAYER 1 etc. No doubt I shall get bored by this game before long as I find it too easy.
I think my favorite match 3 games are Big Kahuna Reef 2, A Pirates legend and Caribbean Hideaway. Its good to have suggestions from other people tho and I'll look into some of the ones that others on this forum like.
 posted in World Voyage on Jan 13, 09 2:24 AM
Hi. Can anyone tell me the secret of getting the combometer going? Sometimes I make lots of moves before the combometer starts. Do I need a certain amount of combos before t begins to count?
 posted in World Voyage on Jan 12, 09 6:15 AM
Hi. Can anyone tel me how I delete the bit that says "PLAYER" so that I can add my own player name. I can't see how to either delete this or add my own name. All I seem to be able to do is add few letters to the word Player. Hope someone can help me? Crispinscot.
 posted in World Voyage on Jan 11, 09 5:02 PM
I've added this as a new subject
 posted in Season Match on Jan 2, 09 10:03 AM
Hi, can anyone tell me how to clear the scoreboard on Season Match.
I've got various high scores under several names but would like to clear the whole lot and start again.
I've tried un-installing and re installing but it still comes back with the scoreboard full Would be glad if anyone could help Thanks
 posted in Pirate Stories: Kit & Ellis on Dec 12, 08 3:55 AM
Hi - can anyone tell me the trick to completing the bonus level 30 in the difficult level? I keep getting all my coins and bottles etc destroyed before I've time to make the wee man progress to the end!
 posted in Jewel Match on Dec 5, 08 6:18 AM
How many levels are there on Jewel Match?
I thought that when I reached level 100 it would say that was it and did I want to begin again etc. However, I think I'm now at level 109 and it still goes on. Enjoy playing this kind of mindless game while listening to news bulletins etc on the radio and am always trying to get a better score. Crispin
 posted in Slingo Supreme on Oct 9, 08 11:45 AM
Hi all.
Yes, Devil Protection is a great idea but can anyone tell me if there is a way to get the devil to come up just after the Devil Protection award? I often get the protection and then waste it as the Devil doesn't come up until the time for using the protection has run out! I suppose that's the luck of the game!
 posted in Slingo Supreme on Oct 3, 08 11:40 AM
Hi all,
My high score is - wait for it! -

The trouble is that I got this quite early on in my games of Slingo Supreme and I've no idea how I did it. I was so new to the thing that I didn't realise what it was doing in giving me double slingos and triple slingos etc. I tried to stop it as I thought it had gone mad but couldn't!

Now, I'm challenged to better that! It will take some doing!
 posted in Slingo Supreme on Oct 3, 08 11:35 AM
Poodlebear wrote:In the topic about this game folks were saying it would be cool to be able to upload high scores (I agree) but since there isn't that feature post 'em here. Honor system, now, but really, how pathetic would ya hafta be to lie?

My new high score tonite was:


Had point multipliers like crazy and a cup game with the devil (he never ever beats me on that one) at the end. Of course then I realize I had very *very* little to do with actually getting that number since it is all luck and a teeny bit of strategy where to use jokers, but it still is fun to watch those numbers fly!
 posted in Hidden Wonders of the Depths on Aug 7, 08 11:04 AM
Hi Cesse47
Thanks for your reply. I did cancel out my identity and try again with another nickname and - it worked! Thanks for your help! crispinSco t
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