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 posted in Big City Adventure: New York City on Nov 22, 09 12:19 AM
Clean playable HOG with small puzzles is ok, but not really interesting to me. Ah well killed most of an hour.
 posted in Alabama Smith in the Quest of Fate on Nov 19, 09 8:16 PM
Did you find the face plate? Need it to make the puzzle work.
 posted in Escape the Museum 2 on Nov 19, 09 12:54 AM
Finished the demo. One side quest complete, trying to stabilize a cell phone tower.
Improved graphics over the first in this series, but as I have said before some fuzzies are due to poor flat screen monitor performance in translating resolutions.... and i agree with those who find the blurred transitions irritating.
Voice acting is overdone by my way of thinking; similarly the music is intended to create tension, and ends up as a distraction.
It has been pretty simple to figure out the puzzles because they mostly make sense. I like that. Still a bit annoying that the seek and find shows you a screw driver, but then makes you use a knife to remove screws... I like that our hero stops to help others along the way, and doesn't have a big issue with the oddball character that stays nearby. Based on the map, I am between a quarter and half way finished, I think.

I'd say 6.5 of 10. I've already bought more than 9 games this month... This one can collect a bit of dust.
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Nov 18, 09 1:51 AM
Finished 4 of 5 mysteries so far. After the first, which according to the game took 50 minutes or so as i was learning the ropes, each one has taken about a half hour for me. I am amused to note objects moving around between visits, and also reappearing in different houses around Cabot Cove... The voice acting interludes are often broken into pieces which you can click to advance if you finish reading/listening before the timer triggers the advance. Unfortunately sometimes I would click just as the timer went off, and skip a segment unintentionally. Probably better to leave the timer out, and let folks advance at their own pace, or provide a back button. I very much appreciate that there were relatively few irrelevant items to find, and no terrible anachronisms. I notice that the number of items in the "find all the xxx" screens has been increasing. In the early ones there are 3 to 6, and the latest had 30. That gets a bit tedious, but in no case has it been difficult to locate them all. I see these type of screens as a sign that the authors are getting tired. Minigames are quite easy, but reasonably well done. Excellent fit between game, stories, music and theme. I would suspect the authors worked fairly closely with the owners of the franchise.

I am getting good value for the game, though it is not among my favorites. 7 out of 10 on my scale.
 posted in Affair Bureau on Nov 16, 09 11:44 PM
I am amused. Yes the game is short, but for those who didn't understand the ending, I can offer this hint. It is the same story as the much more recent game, Elementals, the magic key.

No, I won't purchase the game, as I want at least another hour of play for my $6.99.
 posted in Alabama Smith in the Quest of Fate on Nov 12, 09 12:53 PM
I am buying this one too. It's got its weaknesses:

Things in HOG scenes that are ridiculously inconsistent with context (a cowboy boot in ancient Machu Pichu)? I believe there are plenty of common items that would be found in that time and place to make a very nice HOG. Authors, please! You can do better.

Music for each scene seems to be a 90 second loop. Not annoying exactly, but I notice each time it "comes around again".

The occasional bug: Does Alabama have some sort of precognition that the desk will be on fire in a few minutes?

But over all, It is a cut above recent releases, and good enough to entertain me for an afternoon.
 posted in Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders on Nov 11, 09 10:48 AM
Strange. I have stable behavior, but the graphics are only adequate, Appear quite fuzzy on my screen. Given other's comments I will assume this is because my monitor doesn't do a very good job converting the game graphics for my hi resolution screen.

The game seems quite easy to me; didn't find anything unreasonably tiny. When I used a hint (I used 3) I thought "why didn't I see that?!" The mini games are fairly easy. I liked the rickshaw logic problems.

Checking the walkthrough, I find I am a little past half done in my hour, so will pass for now.
 posted in Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders on Nov 11, 09 10:39 AM
Is your monitor a CRT (TV tube type)? If so, you may need to change the settings on it. There will be an adjustment to change the vertical size and another to move the whole image up and down. These together will allow you to bring the bottom of the picture into view. If the problem is that you can SEE the line, but your mouse won't go there, that is a different kind of problem; I would look to see if you have the latest display drivers for your graphics card in that case.
Good luck!
 posted in Kellie Stanford: Turn of Fate on Nov 9, 09 10:20 PM
Thanks for the reviews. I would only add that I prefer a more flexible design wherein I am not "protected" against mistakes, hence led by the cursor. If I want to try going out the door before I have finished in here, let me, or give a good reason story-wise why I cannot.

I also want a puzzle consistent with the situation so that I get a sense of discovery rather than being encouraged merely to move the cursor back and forth grid-wise over the screen hunting for the irrelevant object the author has decided I must have to get ahead. Nuts for the mouse? Ok. Something to crack them with? Come on; who wouldn't use her shoe? Ah well, It is HARD to make them that good, but I can dream, can't I? :-)

It's a $2.99 game for me.
 posted in 1912: Titanic Mystery on Nov 9, 09 2:48 AM
Played my hour. No reason to go on. Yes it is very easy, though one could hope later minis were more challenging. Graphics are fine on my (large high resolution) screen. My main issues are with game design. Hidden objects have no relation to story, to each other or to scene. I much prefer a cleaner, more logical look. Required to complete each phase before proceeding to next. No reason for that! Object masking is broken. Some chips behind a chair, took many tries to find the part of the visible chips that would take a click (could relate to "floaty cursor" I suppose.)
Hint limit of 6 at a time is both too many for a game this easy, and too silly when those life preservers are so common and annoyingly visible.

The idea is good, but the implementation leaves much to be desired.
 posted in Hidden Magic on Nov 3, 09 2:15 PM
Hmmm some have mentioned various troubles with the updated game, but I have been fortunate. I have found the tooth, (and acorn), and my BFG client offered me an update, rather than a re-download. Worked without any hitch. Thanks to both BFG and the authors of the game!

P.S. Hints worked just fine with my old profile. Lost no progress at all.
 posted in Hidden Magic on Nov 2, 09 3:45 PM
Like the game but very frustrated with what may be missing items in battle. I too never found an acorn, nor several other items. Eventually all three available spells needed something that (probably) wasn't there, so I "died". Worse, when I died, i got a "game over" screen in which there were no buttons or actions I could find. Eventually I just typed Alt-F4 which indeed quit the game, but the options described in the screen simply weren't available. I suppose this could have been a compatibility issue, I run Windows Vista Home Premium x64. Whatever the issue, I am hoping that an update will become available to correct what appear to me to be bugs.

Of course, all these troubles arose only after I had bought the game...
 posted in Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box on Sep 29, 09 2:46 AM
First some background. I came of age with computer games. Been playing them since there were computers to play them on. Played some incredibly difficult puzzle games and love them. Now I am retired though, and not as inclined to work so hard, so RTR is just fine with me. (EXCEPT for the wackamole puzzle; my dexterity sucks.)
For comparison purposes, I will put RTR at 8 on a scale of 10.

This game gets a 3 for story, mostly because there is one. It is so hackneyed that I hardly found it worth wading through (even holding the faster button continuously, which does make it go faster, but still too slowly).

Graphics get a 5; they are consistent with the game design. The lack of detail and sharpness does not interfere with playability.

Playablity gets an 8. You don't end up wandering the cursor over the screen for annoying minutes looking for live spots, hints are direct, useful and quite cheap. I like the visual feedback you get, for example when you click in the wrong place the cursor turns red while your clicks are blocked.

Puzzles get a 5. All but one are quite easy, but they are also well integrated into the story. The exceptional puzzle was functionally identical to one at the end of RTR! No credit for originality here.

Game design gets a 2. I spent far too much time going back and forth to fetch the next item I needed even when I knew well in advance that I would need it. Forcing me to collect 6 items from 6 different places, AND making some of those inaccessible until others in the set had been used is just annoying. I would appreciate just a bit more realism. Puzzles should not require actions that would bring real world police down on one's activity within a few minutes! Similarly it is a little annoying to be looking at a HOG screen with many of the same useful items and to know you will only keep one, and that more appropriate solutions are visible, but not what the author wrote. Authors, do not fill your HOG screen with useful things and not let us use them!

Over all, I got my $6.99 worth, just barely. Four hours of game is ok, but I really could have done without the additional hour and a half of runaround. Call it a 5 out of 10.
 posted in Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse on Sep 9, 09 9:31 PM
I did buy the game as the graphics are above average, and the play is good. Indeed, the hints are not always useful. I am not bothered by the fairy, as I keep the volume fairly low. I AM irritated by the slow transitions when using the jump to room feature. The whole point of jump to room is to save me time.

By and large I heartily recommend this game.
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