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 posted in Jane's Realty 2 on May 20, 10 2:40 AM
I have the same problem. After I do the 6 x2 it then says 9x2, etc. I have upgraded everything and have well exceeded the amount needed. Now what?
 posted in Island Realms on May 7, 10 4:11 AM
Where do you place the idol? I can't figure it out.
 posted in The Palace Builder on Mar 16, 10 5:43 AM
How do you get the 4th hire if all the upgrades are gray. I hired 3 but after that I cannot get the 4th. Any help would be appreciaated.
 posted in Dream Cars on Jan 25, 10 3:42 PM
I have tried repeatedly and cannot get past level 4. There is nothing to buy.
Make cars but cannot deliver to the person. Sporadic at best.
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 31, 09 2:22 PM
I cannot get 450 people or enough income. I have restarted and restarted playing this level and I still can't get pass it. Has anyone done this level and may have ideas how to achieve the goal?
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