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 posted in The Lost Inca Prophecy on Aug 5, 09 6:08 AM
Well said lordkalvan. I can perfectly understand having a relaxed timer option in a match 3 game, or any other game for that matter. However, the fact that this game does not have a timer/non relaxed mode option simply tells me that the game does not warrant a purchase.

For those who love playing match 3 games without a timer, have a blast!
 posted in Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe on Jul 31, 09 1:37 AM
Build a Lot 4 out now at Hipsoft.....Should be here around Aug 12 on
 posted in Burger Shop on Jul 27, 09 6:18 PM
I would wager that if you want to get Burger Shop 2 on you will only have to wait a little less than 6 hours...but that is not a guarantee..

 posted in Burger Shop on Jul 27, 09 12:20 PM
You should not be posting links to cracked games on this site! Most people pay for their games. People who download these games off of rapid share and some of the 'forums' are just as guilty as people who shoplift. It is people like you who prevent companies from earning their share, and therefore can't produce as many quality games..
 posted in Burger Shop on Jul 26, 09 2:10 PM
Everybody who I have spoken to absolutely loved the beta/evaluation of Burger Shop 2. Burger
Shop 1 was a Bigfish exclusive for several weeks, but Burger Shop 2 will be available everywhere this week. The only 2 sites that I know will carry the game in 2 days is Pl*yf*rst and G*bit. I would assume that Bigfish wants to make a lot of money from this game as well, so it should definitely be here on Bigfish this week. Tomorrow will be a HOG Dinertown Det Agency.....Let's hope Burger Shop 2 is here on Tuesday!

 posted in Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy on Jul 24, 09 9:26 AM
I downloaded and purchased this game but haven't tried it yet other than the title screen. Is everybody having problems with this game, or just some people?

Lord Kalvan is correct. It can take weeks to fix crucial bugs. Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe, a great time management game here on Bigfish was released in late May, and the updated bug free release did not come out for a month after that, but it was worth the wait
 posted in Artist Colony on Jul 23, 09 11:57 PM
It doesn't look like Bigfish and Oberon are carrying each other's exclusive games anymore. In other words, if you want the next MCF, Azada, Hidden Expedition, you will need to get it here.
If you want Dream Day Wedding Vegas, Artist Colony, or Women's Murder Club 3, you will need to get it elsewhere...

 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Jul 21, 09 2:50 PM
Excellent game,,,,, Farm Frenzy Pizza Party was not Farm Frenzy 3;it was more like a spinoff of Farm Frenzy 2. Farm Frenzy 3 is a complete overhaul of the past Farm Frenzy games and is simply incredible. (Graphics, sound, gameplay, amount of levels, and the fact that there are now a lot more different animals to choose from.) The site that currently offers Farm Frenzy also has a gameclub, and that it why I was able to purchase my copy for $6.98 Worth every penny, and would even be worth the $19.99 if I had to spend that. As for the game being $23 dollars, that is not true. Simply delete the portion where they ask you if you want registration backup. All you need to do is save your email with the reg code and there will never be a problem.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess on Jul 21, 09 6:13 AM
I really enjoyed this game for numerous reasons and I highly recommend it if you have enjoyed playing any of the following games:

Wonderburg (this game is made by the same people as My Kingdom for the Princess)
Build a Lot 1-3
Be Rich
Plan it Green
Create a Mall
Forgotten Lands:First Colony
Hotel Mogul
Janes Realty
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess on Jul 21, 09 6:10 AM
I really enjoyed this game for numerous reasons and I highly recommend it if you have enjoyed playing any of the following games:

Wonderburg (this game is made by the same people as My Kingdom for the Princess)
Build a Lot 1-3
Be Rich
Plan it Green
Create a Mall
Forgotten Lands:First Colony
Hotel Mogul
Janes Realty
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Summer Blockbuster on Jul 19, 09 5:11 PM
Hi Poodlebear,

If you are playing in Relaxed mode, I am not sure about how the arcade game system/cash rewards works, but in any case, you will not have to be competitive in the arcade games section. Since it is Relaxed mode, you will not have to earn all or even 25% of the upgrades to advance. You have as much time as you need to successfully complete all of the levels. I would suggest you download the game, play the relaxed mode for 30-45 minutes, and then decide whether or not the game is for you.


PS I enjoy reading all of your hidden object reviews, as they often determine whether or not I purchase a game. I also like no timers, but only when it comes to hidden object games..
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Summer Blockbuster on Jul 19, 09 11:21 AM
Hey Gemangus,

You asked me above if I work for the developer....I wish I did! I am a school teacher and have a background in education. As most people know, I am carfixer1957 on all other game forums except this one. (It had to do with email issues as to why I have a different username here.) But, I know nothing about cars, and wasn't alive until 1976.

As for a side job, I have written a few tips and tricks for Gamezebo (3 time management games in the past 2 months.)

As for why I am so enthusiastic about this game, I truly enjoy it and I would like to see more people give games like these a chance, hence having more developers create similar games. That is why I also stressed the relaxed mode. A lot of people don't like time pressure and this is a game where you have the option to turn it off. If you have any other questions feel free to pm me...

PS: Edgar Allen Poe is my favorite HOG of the week here at

-Don K
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Summer Blockbuster on Jul 19, 09 8:17 AM
This is my first Bigfish review, and I felt compelled to write it this morning before heading to go work out. People know me as a time management lover, but that certainly does not mean I like all TM games. There are plenty of stinkers out there!

That being said...If you like time management games or if you want a try a time management game with a relaxed mode, I can honestly say that after spending 3 hours with Megaplex Madness Summer Blockbuster, it is 100% worth the purchase.

I liked the first Megaplex Madness but this one is twice as good..There are a lot of improvements concerning production values as well as new arcade games and new gameplay twists. (Example- if a customer gets upset, they start to walk out but you can now pick them up and put them at the appropriate station.) In later levels, you also have the opportunity to change the background music in the game if you purchase music equipment..

The overall gameplay is similar to the first Megaplex Madness but that is exactly what a sequel is supposed to be. Similar, yet different. When sequels are made, developers should not either make it exactly like the first one, or, stray too far away from the original formula.

And as for this game lasting a long time, there are 4 modes, and I love the fact that when you begin, you only have two modes unlocked (relaxed and normal.) There are two more modes that become unlocked after you beat normal: hard, and then insane!

This game has excellent longevity and replay value. Not only because the game has 200 levels (4 modes, 50 levels a piece), but also because there are three ranks you can achieve on each level: (Normal, Expert, and Master). You can replay the levels to increase your rank and earn more money. The twist is still present in the game where you have to play arcade games to earn cash for upgrades.

If someone decided to play and beat Normal, Hard and Insane Modes, I can easily see 20 hours of gameplay here.

 posted in Megaplex Madness: Summer Blockbuster on Jul 19, 09 12:33 AM
Hey Poodlebear try this one out...there is a relaxed mode with no timer whatsoever!

Amazing game, deep than the first with more options..

10 out of 10...
 posted in Ice Cream Craze: Tycoon Takeover on Jul 14, 09 12:10 PM
Definitely worth a purchase/game credit! (That is if you like TM/tycoon games)
 posted in Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine on Jul 11, 09 6:56 AM
Can anyone post a personal review here who has played more than an hour of the game? (Ex: timer? Quality of game, puzzle types, interaction etc?) I know Poodlebear usually does..


 posted in Escape From Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest on Jul 9, 09 11:43 PM
When I saw the title of this post, I said to myself...Where's the party?

Hehe just kidding
 posted in Sprill and Ritchie: Adventures in Time on Jul 9, 09 2:23 PM
Believe it or not, the original Sprill was a Zuma type Marble popper game. Then they came out with a Sprill Hidden Object game last year, and now a sequel to the Sprill Hidden Object game today..
Never tried the first one because of the timer, but it appears the new one either gives you a choice or does not have a timer at all..

Don 'carfixer1957' (even though I was born in '76 and I know next to nothing about cars other than I love my Corolla!)
 posted in Sprill and Ritchie: Adventures in Time on Jul 9, 09 9:21 AM
Sprill and Ritchie Adventures in Time is out! (Alawar) HOG
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Now Playing ™ on Jul 8, 09 6:35 PM
3 suggestions for you....

1. If you are in the middle of a level and you mess up, or if you are at the end of a level and you know you will not beat it, exit to the main menu and restart the level- this way you won't have to use coins to replay the level!

2. play those arcade games and keep earning coins to get as many upgrades as possible....

3. 49 and 50 were very difficult but i managed to get expert on both- during the last 2 levels, you just have to move as fast as possible without concentrating so much on color chaining bonuses. Just keep switching people to different stations. That should be your priority.

Megaplex Madness 2 should sell really well, and if time management games stress you out, Megaplex Madness 2 is coming with a relaxed mode!!
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