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 posted in Dracula: Love Kills on Jul 15, 11 8:52 AM
Thanks Kelvarda- that did the trick and I learned something!
 posted in Dracula: Love Kills on Jul 15, 11 5:56 AM
Game downloaded quickly but I can't see anything because the background is so dark. Any way to lighten up the picture? I do not have this problem with any other games.
 posted in F.A.C.E.S. Collector's Edition on Jul 14, 11 7:19 AM
I can't see in the main room to find the glass shards. I can see the window when I zoom in but the rest of the room remains dark. Is there a light somewhere I am not seeing?
 posted in Foreign Dreams on Jul 8, 11 6:47 AM
I am in the minority also as I enjoyed this game. A little dark and hard to see the objects at times but it's different! I also have not figured out what the little girl is for but I rather liked seeing her tiptoe through the game.

Did not have any problems downloading but it would not work in hard mode for me. I went back and played it in easy mode and that solved the problem.
 posted in Dreamland on Jun 8, 11 5:37 AM
Every time I click the hint button it takes me to a clown's face missing its nose. I can't find the ball OR the basket although I have found everything else. Help!
 posted in The Joy of Farming on May 18, 11 5:35 AM
I missed it also. Where can I go to see the new format?
 posted in Snark Busters: All Revved up on May 10, 11 10:41 AM
This one is a refreshing change and I love it! The music fits the upbeat theme and the story is fun and interesting. I am three quarters of the way through and already sad that it is almost over. Am finding that I really like frag games.
 posted in Hollywood Files: Deadly Intrigues on May 9, 11 3:45 PM
Well... I get a bit frantic when I am playing with a timer so that was the very first negative for me. Also the objects were really hard to see so, much like an earlier poster, I just clicked away merrily and sometimes did not even recognize what object I had discovered. Played for ten minutes and was feeling eye strain so I am going to delete.

But, there have been several really good games in a row so I am a happy seahorse.LOL
 posted in Empress of the Deep 2: Song of the Blue Whale on May 6, 11 7:30 AM
I'm getting the pink flashing screen also and it is giving me a headache! Never had this before and it is very annoying. I'll try reinstalling it but don't have high hopes. Odd as the huge game from yesterday plays just fine.
 posted in Allora and The Broken Portal on Apr 29, 11 9:30 AM
after battling through Fallen Shadows. Well done graphics, cute characters and much easier on the eye finding things. Found I could ignore flashing arrows after a bit and really enjoyed the trial. Sadly I will be purchasing this game also even though I swore there would be no more this month. Oh well....
I like the idea of the game but the screen is just too dark to see the objects well. Add that to the fact the cursor has a mind of its own and I could not find the options to chose my regular cursor and there is far too much conversation for me, so it makes a no-buy for me also.
 posted in Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock Collector's Edition on Apr 10, 11 7:12 PM
Picked both of them up but now one has disappeared and I can't play the next section until I find it. Very frustrating.
 posted in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air on Apr 5, 11 8:20 AM
I'm having the same problem also. First four objects are on the wheel and fixed. Last one will not go on and the bell rang to say it was the correct balance. Very frustrating and I don't really want to start all over again. Help!
 posted in The Stroke of Midnight on Jan 21, 11 12:29 PM
Just finished the demo and I really like the game. The movement does not bother me at all but the white rectangles that pop up here and there do. Learned to just ignore them but it does take away from the enjoyment of the game.

Will I buy it? Depends on if they can get rid of the white spaces as the 'difference' of this game is really appealing to me. It's a little quirky and I don't mind a familiar story line. After getting used to the hints, I also liked that aspect rather than a cache of objects to figure out how to use.
 posted in The Stroke of Midnight on Jan 21, 11 7:00 AM
Jeriann64 wrote:Although no one ever answers my reply; here goes anyway. Stroke of Midnight runs really slow & jerky on my pc, too. Not only that, I get big sections of white screen. I've never had that happen before.The whole yard looks like it snowed. HELP!!!

Same here with the white rectangles. Kind of annoying. Game is running but I have yet to find where you look for clues. I'm going to persist and see if it improves as I go along as I like the storyline.
 posted in Chronicles of Mystery: Tree of Life on Jan 19, 11 6:37 AM
I've played twenty minutes and it is just too slow and tedious. I'm really frustrated as I've not had great luck with many of the HOG or adventure games offered in the last several weeks. Either they will not fit my screen, they won't play at all or they keep freezing up. Have done all the suggestions and I really think it must be Big Fish and not my computer. Need to go looking elsewhere I guess
 posted in Eternal Night: Realm of Souls on Jan 17, 11 9:27 AM
aadams1964 wrote:When the message came that your resolution has to be at least 1024/768 you just go to Start....control panel..........then click on Appearance or Personalization and move the bar until you get at least the 1024 by 768 the game is asking for. Then click "apply" and you should be good to go.

I did this and it fixed the resolution problem but the game is still like wading through a big vat of molasses. Very slow and jerky.
 posted in Nightmare on the Pacific on Jan 15, 11 6:19 AM
ebec wrote:Have tried 3 times to play and cannot get it past the "Loading". I do get the intro to the story, then a black screen with loud, dramatic music and the "Loading". The music just continues to repeat and nothing. I have an XP. Will also contact the "help page".

Exact same problem here. Intro, then black screen and dramatic music that just keeps playing through the loop. I'm running XP also.
 posted in Hodgepodge Hollow on Jan 4, 11 7:58 AM
I really liked this game. It was light and fun and whimsical. Just like opening a fairy tale book with wonderful illustrations when I was a kid. Would not like a daily program of this type of game but, for a change, it is refreshing and uplifting.
 posted in Once Upon a Farm on Jan 3, 11 3:22 PM
It is possible to go too far in being politically correct but this one is so blatant in its derogatory,stereotypical depictions of Mexicans and African Americans ! I'm Canadian and don't mind the odd 'eh, frozen North, etc' joke but there is a line and this game crossed it. Do they not review theses games first?
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