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 posted in Be a King: Golden Empire on Dec 6, 11 6:18 AM
I too have had this happen on a couple of games. I just shut down my computer and when I go back to the game it will come up using the desktop icon. It's worth a shot.
 posted in Cradle of Egypt on Nov 27, 11 4:13 PM
I beta tested this game awhile ago and completely enjoyed it, and I am not a match 3 lover. The graphics are really lovely and I liked the different modes of play, time and untimed. There was also a custom cursor option and windowed mode.
It is typical match 3 play, however you earn coins to purchase bldgs. Before you can get a bldg. you must obtain the blueprint and this can be done after playing a mini game. You must collect gold, supplies ( papyrus, bricks, etc.) and food to progress. Trophies are also awarded.
There were also very interesting details give re: Egypt, throughout the game.
As I said I am not a fan of this genre, but may purchse using one of my punch card credits.
Enjoy everyone.
 posted in Azada® : In Libro Collector's Edition on Nov 17, 11 12:45 PM
I have purchased this game and have downloaded, however I cannot get the game to install. It just keeps telling me the installation failed. I have tried twice w/ the same results. I have also tried the suggestions in your HELP articles, still no success. Any help will be greatly appreciated since I really would like to enjoy this game.
Thank you.
ETA: since writing have found a 769 error. Done all that is recommended in the HELP and still no success.
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Oct 24, 11 8:49 AM
I absolutely loved the game. Everyone is complaining that it is too short, perhaps it is if you rush through. I take my time especially w/ games as beautiful as the Drawn Series is. I am now replaying. I had no bugs, no problems at all. As someone else said I would much rather have a beautiful, interesting game that is on the short side, than a boring, fuzzy game that is twice the length. Thank You BFG for a wonderful game and a break from the asylums, haunted houses and spooky, dark cemeteries. I hope there is a number 4.
 posted in Guardians of Beyond: Witchville Collector's Edition on Oct 21, 11 12:47 PM
I too cannot play the bonus game. I really enjoyed the game and hope to be able to finish it at some point. Hope there is a fix soon.
Thank you.
 posted in Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition on Sep 15, 11 6:47 AM
I beta tested this game quite a while ago and this is my very first attempt at any reviews, so please bear w/ me. What I played of the game I enjoyed. I remember that something happened during the gameplay and I never got to finish the entire demo. I found the **** scenes clear and well defined. It appeared that the game was set in the 1940's, at least that was my impression. Too many clicks and the cursor became a lightning bolt.
The premise was the military was being sent to an island to steal a magic artifact.
Looking at my notes I see that the reason I didn't finish the demo was the game froze up when I clicked on a poster in the lab.
Guess I will try the demo again to see if I still like it.
Thank you to all who give such detailed reviews. I enjoy reading them.
So sorry for double post.
Cabinet at Lonely House
Please help. I have completed the left side of cabinet, however the right side will not unlock. I have checked the SG and the left side is correct. Any suggestions?
Please help. I have solved the left side of cabinet however the right side won't unlock. I checked the SG and it is correct. Can anyone offer a suggestion?
Please help. I have completed the left side of cabinet, however the right side will not unlock. I have checked the SG and the left side is correct. Any suggestions?
 posted in Flux Family Secrets - The Rabbit Hole on Nov 28, 10 1:15 PM
I am totally stuck. Put the jug under the barrel to fill and now cannot take jug into inventory. Can't go any farther in game without doing this. Anyone have a similar problem and solution?
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