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To get to the Wolfmam you must first have the Invisible Mans Telekinisis medal . Please, where did you find it? Thanks.
I'm reading that a lot of folks are not able to find the Telekinesis Medal { the hand and ball} me included. I can't find an answer in the Strategy Guide either. Surely Big Fish game designers have test played the game to completion,so it has to be possible to find it. But WHERE??? I f you know,please post the location for the rest of us. Thanks!
Well I am not dim-witted and I can't find it either! I even gave up looking for it in previous locations and deleted myself and started a new game. I was real careful not to overlook it again, but here I am again at the secret elevator with no Telekenisis Medal. elevator ride, no capturing the Wolfman and no finishing the game! Very frustrating!!! Has anyone out there played to the end? If so please post the location of that damn I can. Oh yeah, Thanks.
 posted in Silent Scream: The Dancer on Apr 25, 11 1:09 PM
I just played the demo of Silent Scream:The Dancer and could not wait for the hour to be over! I won't be buying this one. The graphics were kind of "ghetto Anime". The storyline was lame. Hit me in the head with a pipe ....hello 911! And why couldn't she wake up the sitter and say "LADY,WHERE'S MY KID???"
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