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 posted in Romopolis on Mar 29, 09 7:55 AM
Poodlebear wrote:I don't think I'll be trying this one as screen shots didn't show any people and if I'm going to play God I need little people scurrying about doing my bidding...

One question about Timer - can it be turned off? I don't mind playing for trophies and if you don't make the timer you don't get the trophy but can still complete the tasks, but I won't play if the Timer means failure and you can't shut it off.

I'm with you Poodlebear -- I love watching my minions scurrying around. That was one of the things I didn't like about this game and love about Be Rich and Be A King. The other is that I couldn't see any way to turn off the timer. Oh well. Okay game that could've been better with a few tweaks. When will they learn?!!
 posted in Be Rich on Mar 27, 09 8:35 PM
Hi. Does anyone know if you can save your progress in Sandbox mode after you've met the challenges? I know the game will save your progress if you haven't met the challenges but I haven't been able to save my progress afterward and keep losing my little "town." Sometimes it takes a long time and I'd love to save it and come back to it but haven't had much luck.

 posted in Be a King on Mar 26, 09 11:50 AM
I don't know what it is about this quirky little game but I liked and bought it. It just mopes along and you build things and its as if you were a kind of god (which I think is the fascination with all these types of games, at least for me). I guess I liked playing with dollhouses when I was a kid but there is very little stress other than trying to kill off the hordes of monsters in latter stages (I learned that you have to have mage towers and upgrade them before you even upgrade your barracks). But all in all a kind of fun, no stress game with cute animations. The only negative is that it doesn't last long and I do kind of wish like someone else said that it was a bit more like Westward timewise but Westward can get awfully difficult and sometimes I'm just in the mood for a simpler less complicated game that I can actually complete and this one fits the bill. I can't tell you the number of games residing on my computer that I just haven't been able to get through and that frustrates the heck out of me.

I have gone back and re-played some villages so the replayability is still there and is still fun. Just my 2 cents
 posted in Sea Journey on Mar 22, 09 10:46 AM
cherbtoo wrote:

I, too, was disappointed that I had got the "best ship" so early and there was no more updates on anything forthcoming.

I was also really enjoying relaxing with this game UNTIL I came to the second Fort, it is the opponents turn and he has 3 moves available but ... because his "life force" is nonexistent ... he cannot move and the game has come to a complete and utter standstill. My "life force" is just a faint glimmer but at least you can see it with the naked eye, unlike his!

Help required in the shape of a patch or something please Divo Games.

I agree the game needs a patch since I had the same issue. I did find however that if I exited out of the game back to the main menu (not totally out of the game) and then returned it brought me back to the same point in the "battle" and the hiccup was fixed. Just thought I'd mention it in case it works for any one else having this issue until the patch/fix is issued.
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Mar 6, 09 3:59 PM
LollyMaid104 wrote:
juliamadeane wrote:One thing to remember about selling your products is that you will get a higher price from the shops that you own. I find that if I'm low on funds I will safe up product for 2 to 4 weeks and then sell them at one of my own shops. I also try to remember to bring all my coffee products to Zachariah Tangye who owns the coffee shop in Tangiers.

How exactly do you buy shops?

Hi LollyMaid104 welcome to the pond! It takes a while to be asked if you want to purchase a shop. You usually have to make a bunch of chocolates of one kind or another and bring them back to the shop owner or deliver some product to someone's friend but you have to be asked. Just play the game and it will happen. Everything in the Chocolatier games happens in sequence and new ports don't open up until you complete some task (make and deliver products) so access to ingredients become available slowly but just keep visiting and revisiting open ports and accepting and completing jobs and it will happen. Make sure you make all the recipes for which you have ingredients even if no one is currently asking for them as this matters for future jobs, ports, opportunities. Good luck and have fun!
 posted in The Mysterious City: Cairo on Mar 6, 09 3:24 PM
What a disappointment. I agree this game is boring, boring, boring. The story is flat and many of the items are too tiny for my old eyes. And since when is untimed mode timed with penalties for using hints? Dumb idea.

I think game developers have to now realize that the gauntlet was thrown down by the Mystery Case Files games. Gamers are now expecting that kind of quality in a game and although I think it will be tough to outdo Ravenhearst, MF and RTR developers should take their lead from these wonderful engaging games if they are creating a HOG/Strategy style game. This one fell very short and like many I deleted the demo after only 10 minutes. Sorry, guess I'm spoiled!
 posted in Unwell Mel™ on Feb 21, 09 10:18 AM
Great game--thanks BFG. Love that Unwell Mel is reading a copy of "Fairway Solitaire" magazine in the waiting room--nice touch. FS is another great game.
 posted in Unwell Mel™ on Feb 20, 09 4:47 PM
I really enjoyed the demo and ended up using a coupon for this game. I'm a big match-3 fan and have been playing this one for hours and am still not through it --the only reason I stopped is because my wrist is tired! I get a kick out of the names of the diseases and though it might seem boring to some it does get progressively more difficult in the timed mode. Haven't tried relaxed but will definitely do so after I'm done the timed mode. I also like that it keeps track of your time on each level so you can try and outdo yourself. A lot of thought went into this game and the sounds and graphics are a lot of fun too. Thanks for a great match-3 game that I'm sure I'll come back to quite often. This one is 4-sure
 posted in Mandragora on Feb 8, 09 12:27 PM
Despite all the warnings I tried this game. Brother, what a waste of 5 minutes. I agree with the majority -- don't waste your time on this one. The trees soak up water at an alarming rate and you can't get anything else accomplished. Back to the drawing board for the developers.
 posted in Mark and Mandi Love Story on Feb 3, 09 12:17 PM
This game is somewhat cute but very simplistic from the artwork to the storyline. It's a lot of Find the Difference and matching and is quite easy. The instructions say you can make it more difficult but it really doesn't ever get challenging and is not very exciting. I think maybe this is something younger gamers might enjoy but it wasn't for me. It got to be boring and very repetitious but its worth trying the demo if you like that sort of game.
 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 8:50 AM
Bravo - loved it Celery -- touched on all the key issues. A++++

One more that comes to mind -- have someone proof your translation before offering your game.
 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 7:51 AM
I agree -- this game is awful. I tried to get past the first scene 3 times and still couldn't see half of the items. Deleted it after only 9 minutes. Music is annoying and if you exit the scene and go back to it you lose your progress and have to start all over again. I'm usually pretty good at HO games but this one is a definite loser
 posted in Fairway Solitaire on Nov 18, 08 2:41 PM
thanks Anniejo and prpldva -- you made me feel a lot better. Still haven't conquered this blasted course yet but am not giving up! You da best!
 posted in Fairway Solitaire on Nov 18, 08 12:04 PM
Waaaa! Sorry snif sniff

just wanted a place to come and throw a pity party. I just can't get thru Mystery Madness -- have been trying for what seems like years (ok, maybe weeks) but can't just seem to get the 24500
have finished at -17 what's a fish errrr squid to do? I know about the cheats but I was really hoping to do this w/o using them. I'm so jealous of everyone who got thru this course, especially on the first try...sniff sniff.

OK - swims around a little -- am feeling better -- more confident -- the need to disperse a cloud of ink is diminishing -- starts to think this may be possible -- not a quitter -- going back in! Thanks -- I feel a tad better now....swims away...
 posted in Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold ™ on Nov 10, 08 5:28 PM
Just wanted to say thanks to Doobiebear and all those who let CS know about this problem and for bringing it to everyone's attention. I think it's a fun game too but didn't get as far as you all did but was going to purchase it. I've learned a while back to ALWAYS check out the Forum before purchasing any game just in case... Think I'll wait now. Thanks to all you wonderful fishies!
 posted in Forgotten Lands: First Colony ™ on Nov 5, 08 11:19 PM
bthimsen wrote:Downloaded the game but am having trouble getting past level 11

Can't seem to figure out how to achieve the 90 food reserve....kind of embarressed sounds like you all have made it all the way through!

The key is to upgrade the farm as soon as possible, make sure you have a defender and a scholar as soon as you have enough workers to feed them. Work on getting enough resources so that you can upgrade quickly to 4 stars so you can upgrade to cultivators and get them working. Set up a second farm and upgrade that too. You'll get it. Sometimes if I start a level and it starts going downhill fast I just restart the level before I get too far along. Cuts down on the frustration and the headaches...

Good luck!
 posted in Forgotten Lands: First Colony ™ on Nov 5, 08 6:50 AM
Reporting back on Forgotten Lands: I ended up purchasing this game. It's a fun game but be warned it does have a timer. It's a generous timer, kind of like the early stages of Build-a-Lot but if you don't like timers than it might not be for you. I wish the developers would have let you play it with or without the timer but so far it hasn't been a big deal -- I've been able to complete the stages with plenty of time to spare -- who knows what the future holds though!

The graphics are ok but the people (they're called units) don't move around like in Virtual Villagers more like in Westward. You have to put them to work either on a farm to harvest food, in a lumber mill, a mine, etc. and you have goals like harvesting so much food, lumber, buying lands, upgrading buildings, etc. Just like in Build-a-lot some of the stages give you secondary goals after you meet the first goal -- that's a little aargh but so far no big deal. It looks like there are a lot of stages and bonus rounds that are unlocked as you go along and you can choose to play these or the regular game kind of like a sandbox.

If you like TM/resource/sim games you probably will enjoy this -- I do so I kind of knew I was going to purchase it when I saw it. Even though I like HO and matching games I get a little tired of those. Graphics are kind of primitive but sometimes I like that too -- really cute. Would be better with the choice of timer/no timer. Maybe the developers will figure this one out soon! If you're on the fence I recommend you try it but you do have to play the tutorials or I think it would be frustrating. Interested to hear what others think once they play. Happy gaming!

Oh, one last thing: I had no problem downloading and playing it -- no glitches. I'm using XP and do have problems with some games but this one loaded and played fine.
 posted in Forgotten Lands: First Colony ™ on Nov 5, 08 5:35 AM
I'm downloading the demo now. It is a tomorrow's game today game available to game club members today and all else tomorrow. I love these kind of games and am hoping it is similar to Virtual Villagers and their sequels. Will post more once I play.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace ™ on Nov 3, 08 6:38 PM
EdnaMoles wrote:The problem is solved, guess I was not holding my mouth right, lol

EdnaMoles - thanks, you really gave me a chuckle with that comment - thought my hubby was the only one who said that!
 posted in Operation Mania on Nov 3, 08 6:10 PM
I have the same problem even after downloading the patch bfgerie and Tech Support supplied (thanks to both even tho it didn't work). Let TS know that its still not working (keep getting an error code) and will let you all know what I hear back...
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