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itsme07 wrote:by sullyr33
4 students have gone off to investigate legend of banshee
and all that is left behind are their satchels/knapsacks ?

I like that theory, or maybe they were just on a visit and they disapeared, and other visitors heard the Banshee?
The other link that I keep finding between the Russian circus and British nobility has already been mentioned (can't remember who by, sorry) Lord Tweedmouth, who's estate was in Scotland near Inverness, was supposed to have bought dogs from a Russian circus staying in Brighton which he then used to found the Golden Retriever breed. Maybe the occupants of Dire Grove are troubled by some sort of demon dog, with the Banshee warning when it is going to strike?
We need more clues!!!

As far as I can tell Irish Banshee's don't actually kill people, just forewarn of their death, so there must be something else going on as well. The last three games have been linked so I'm guessing there will be some link to Ravnehearst/Madame Fate but I don't know what.
There is an Russian version of the Banshee as well, the Baba Yaga who is supposed to live deep in the forest in a magic hut. The myth says that she eats children but also provides magical help. Maybe the story centres around a link with the two different Banshee myths?
I don't think the picture shows Stonehenge. Stonehenge has a circle of many standing stones, the picture shows only one. Smaller ancient stones are found all over the UK so I don't think that the picture points us to Stonehenge. My money is still on either Ireland, or Western Scotland, the Celtic cross on the sign points towards somewhere with Celtic links.
Mr_Russ wrote:
No he didn't. He went back to 1 8 9 5.

Sorry, fingers going faster than brain again the sign says 1895, not 1985!
Just replaying RTR for inspiration, and in the first scene, the sign by the gate dedicating the house to Emma is dated 1985, the same year Victor went back to.

I think that this game is going to be tottaly seperate from Ravenhearst, although maybe either Charles or Victor will have a bit part somewhere.
As I remember (and it's possible I've imagined this ) Ravenhearst was near Blackpool, so Dire Grove being on the same site wouldn't fit with the Banshee clue. Also the building on the sign in the DG pic looks like an older building and Ravenhearst only burnt down at the end of RTR which was set fairly recently. It snows more in some parts of the UK than others, but there is nowhere that never gets any snow. The clues suggest that the Banshee has made the weather unusually cold, so it doesn't have to be set somewhere that normally gets a lot of snow anyway.

I want more clues!!!
Bad case of my fingers going faster than my brain, you are completely right, should have said folklore
The Irish Banshee folklaw is also found in the Western parts of Scotland, which is definitely in the UK!
Does anyone know roughly when RTR was set? Was it not fairly modern? Looking at the pic for the new one the cars are quite old fashioned, 1950's maybe, so I think wherever this one is set if might pre-date RTR
I think it's because I want to know what happened next
dixielady627g wrote:Ohio, I think, so I doubt it.

Lol, probably not then!
Where did Emma come from originaly in the first one? I can't remember but could this installment be tied to that?
That's just a celtic cross though isn't it? I think that the story is definitely going to be set in Ireland (or possibly Western Scotland) so a celtic cross makes sense.
I've just been trying to find out more about the same thing as Sinsaint, the Magdalene laundries. There is a play about them called Eclipsed that was written by a Patricia, but her second name doesn't begin with a L and it was written to late. Maybe Dire Grove is an old Magdalene institution turned into a museum? It all kind of fits, Charles (or Victor) could have spirted away inmates, Victor could have been the child of one of the women maybe? Off to play with Google some more!
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Have you actully built the palace or are you trying to upgrade what is already there? You need to build the west wing first, it's under specials, and it will only fit right up on the top right next to the palace that's there already.
Hope that helps
 posted in Drawn: The Painted Tower ™ on Sep 7, 09 7:36 AM
I loved this, I thought it was beautifully done and the puzzles were just about the right level, but I was HUGELY disappointed that it finished so soon, mainly because I was enjoying it too much to want to stop!
Will wait impatiently for a sequal.
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 4, 09 5:40 AM
My favourite so far is Fargone, I may have to use him for the next generation. I've also had a Wizzy who was a rather pretty little girl one of my families adopted.
 posted in Virtual Families on May 26, 09 11:32 AM
Do all children go to college? I am still on my first family (was on holiday when the game came out, so a bit slow on the uptake ) and the eldest child has just turned 18. He is a very good student and spends a lot of his time studying and working on projects on the computer but there is no sign of him going of to college. Will he definitely go? And what happens if he doesn't? Will he just stay, sponging off his parents, for ever?
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