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 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Apr 11, 14 3:47 PM
Just bumped the Spring Collectibles list. No one has said where to find the last flower item. I'll update the list in the "Collectibles: Where To Find 'Em" thread when someone does.

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 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Apr 11, 14 1:21 AM
Updated April 11

None of the items went away after I accepted the rewards. I also received the Fly, the Zipper and the Packet of Seeds (Charleston, WV) to open the Plant, the Wagon and the Seed Rack at the Flower Shop without doing any quests. Can't remember where I found the Fly and Zipper but I think I got the Zipper at the Lodge. I received all the Collectibles below without doing Quests.

TWO SETS CAN BE COMPLETED..Green Pitcher Plant and Bunny Plush
Green Pitcher Plant
Raflesia Oregon All Modes
Venus Flytrap New Mexico Picky Shopper, Fast Shopper, Picture
Titan Arum California Picture and Picky Shopper only
Green Jade Flower Art Studio 1B
Black bat Oregon Picky Shopper, Fast Shopper, Picture

Cherry Blossom
African Violet Missouri All Modes
Hibiscus Washington All Modes
Flowering Maple Washington All Modes
Oxailis Tailor Shop 3 (Green with gold button)

Faberge Egg
#1 red with white flower pattern Michigan Picky Shopper, Fast Shopper, Picture
#2 Robin egg blue
#3 geometric design
#4 Green with dot pattern Wyoming Fast Shopper Picky Shopper Silhouette; Sometimes Picture
#5 Chocolate egg Idaho All Modes

Bunny Plush
Bear Wyoming Picture Silhouette Fast Shopper; Sometimes Picky Shopper
Mouse Wyoming All Modes
Squirrel Wyoming All Modes
Fish Wyoming Picture Silhouette Fast Shopper; Sometimes Picky Shopper
Bird Toy Shop 1B (Turtle)
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FWIW: After I accepted the reward for the quest which gave the stuffed animals and and egg, they were still there when I went back to play. I was quite surprised.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Apr 10, 14 7:33 PM
april3850 wrote:Im still getting the Air Medal in the Red Mine, but I am not getting the Alpine Chalet. I hadnt noticed it missing since I have so many of them. Thanks Loretta for letting us know!

When I play the Red Mine (Nevada), it shows the Air Medal is available at all levels but I never actually get it.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Apr 10, 14 3:42 PM

Air Medal
Alpine Chalet
Columbus Day Stamp

Inconsistent in Louisiana Silhouette mode:

Victorian Staffordshire Teapot

Not Yet Available:

Blue and White Plate
Korean War Service Medal
London Bridge Photo
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Apr 10, 14 12:36 AM
Played all the Tailor mini-games tonight and noted (in red) the changes.

The Graduation Robe, G.W. Carver Stamp, Classic Wine Glass, Mythical Cameo and others are now available in addition to the $$.

When all the updates are done either PM or send me an email and I'll send you an updated spreadsheet. My spreadsheet is a simple one showing you where to find the Collectibles, what Collection and which Metal Category. I have also highlighted the Collectibles which give $$ or building materials instead of resources.

Have fun!
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Apr 9, 14 10:52 PM
I had to "x" out of Game Manager instead of minimizing for the update to appear. (GM is on my taskbar.) Downloaded with no problems.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Mar 24, 14 4:43 AM
I've run into that, too. There's no rhyme or reason as it happened when I was auctioning Ran the Owl for $1 and a BIN for $2 and when I was auctioning a much higher price item.

It must be one of those "glitches."
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Mar 23, 14 2:43 PM
As of March 23. Only thing I forgot to do is change "Philippines." I'll do that after the next update.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Mar 23, 14 2:28 PM
Updated April 11, 2014

Spring Collectibles:

Green Pitcher Plant

Raflesia Oregon
Venus Flytrap New Mexico
Titan Arum California
Green Jade Flower
Black bat Oregon

Cherry Blossom
African Violet Missouri
Hibiscus Washington
Flowering Maple Washington

Faberge Egg
#1 red with white flower pattern
#2 Robin egg blue
#3 geometric design
#4 Green with dot pattern Wyoming
#5 Chocolate egg Idaho

Bunny Plush
Bear Wyoming
Mouse Wyoming
Squirrel Wyoming
Fish Wyoming

A Taste of Heaven Fishery 8
Aerodynamic Dimples Ranger 16
Aerodynamic Furball Illinois
Air Medal MIA Nevada; New Mexico
Alpine Chalet MIA Washington

American Campaign Medal Minnesota
American Defense Service Medal Botanical 16; Tailor 14
Angelus West Virginia
Army Achievement Medal Michigan, Montana, Arizona
Art of Writing Idaho
Assyrian Scribe Butterfly Sanctuary 18
Baa Baa Biscuit Barrel Art Studio 1b South Dakota
Ball Gown Louisiana
Ball Swatter Ohio
Bamboo Shake Georgia
Beaded Doll of Marriage Butterfly Sanctuary 16
Beautiful Beret Illinois
Beechwood Cup Medal Botanical 8
Beechwood Tour Trophy West Virginia
Ben’s Justice Bird Watching 7; Photo Studio 8 Arizona and Michigan
Bermuda Tercentenary Kansas
Big Boys Mug Missouri; Illinois
Black Hole Florida
Blue & White Plate
Blue & Yellow Plate Minnesota; South Dakota
Boy Scout Knife Florida; Connecticut
Brass Cog Toy Repair 18
Brass Cube Washington
Brass Water Clock Toy Repair 7; Library 10
Brave Warrior Phil's 16
Brave’s Companion Idaho
Brontosaurus, USA Phil's 7
Bronze Star Georgia
Carved Ball Michigan; Montana; Arizona
Cherry Wood Darling Toy Repair 14 California; Montana
Classic Champaign Flute Louisiana
Classic Chardonnay Glass Porcelain 12 & Art Studio 8
Classic Mary Janes Toy Repair 1a Arizona
Classic Red Wine Glass Tailor 10 Arizona Classic Sherry Glass South Dakota
Clay Water Clock Library 8
Clockwork Dancer Toy Repair 12 Montana, Arizona; Michigan
Coins and XP Only: Art Studio 3; Fishery 1a
Collector’s Charm Photo Studio 5
Columbia Independence Nevada
Columbus Day MIA
Common Goose Feather Quill Oregon
Common Zebra, Kenya Idaho
Conical Water Clock Georgia
Cool Cotton Scarf Illinois
Cool Walkers California
Corn Circle South Dakota
Corn Husk Chieftainess Ranger 12 Illinois
Cossack General Bird Watching14; Photo Studio12 West Virginia
Cotton Stuffed Cutie Toy Repair 16
Court Crossers West Virginia
Crater 50 Connecticut
Crimson Devil Auto West Virginia
Crossbow Fishery 10 Illinois
Cuneiform Marker Phil's 18
Custer’s Mistress Connecticut; Florida
Cybele Photo Art Studio 1b Connecticut
Daimyo’s Reply Botanical 10
Daring Deerstalker Photo Studio 1a
Dashboard Hula Dancer Fishery 12 Illinois
Deluxe Own Feather Quill Phil's 5
Dinner Jacket Nevada
Distinguished Flying Cross Fishery 14
Distinguished Service Cross Ranger 14
Distinguished Service Medal Bird Watching 16
Dog Lady Minnesota
Durable Derby Ohio
Earthen Luxury Ranger 8
Egg on Wall Missouri
Eiffel Photo Illinois; Florida
Eisenhower Louisiana
Elephant Kiss Missouri
English Rose Mini-saucer Phil's 3
English Rose Teapot Porcelain Shop 7 Missouri
European Otter, Hungary California
Evening Gown Missouri
Fancy Ostrich Feather Quill California
Fanny Poster Fishery 7
Farmer’s Wife Bird Watching 10 California
Fashionable Fedora Ohio
Felt Tipped Magic Washington
Femme Fatal Georgia
Fiery Chrysanthemum South Dakota
Financial Freedom Sam Nevada
Flowing Elegance of Ebony Photo Studio 3; Tailor 3
Flowing Elegance of Gold West Virginia
Flowing Elegance of Opal Ohio
Flowing Elegance of Silver Illinois
Flowing Elegance of Titanium Ohio
Forest Bird’s Retreat Butterfly Sanctuary 10; Tailor 5
Fountain of Wealth Pen Library 1b
Francisca Axe California
G. W. Carver Tailor 1b Master Level Maine
Gallantry Cross Art Studio 14; Porcelain16
Gandhi Missouri
Garnet Six Georgia
Gent Photo New Mexico
George Washington South Dakota
Gilded Mandarin Teapot Porcelain Shop 5 Michigan; Montana; Arizona
Girl with Furry Hat New Mexico
Glossy Gentleman South Dakota; Oregon
Golden Clef Art Studio 5
Golden Hibiscus Missouri
Golden Icon Library 4
Golden Kicker Michigan; Arizona
Golden Leaves Earrings Minnesota
Golden Roosters Coaster California
Golden Scrollwork Coaster Idaho
Golf Bag of Holding Photo Studio 18; Art Studio 18
Golfer George Yacht; Ohio
Gothic Fortress Art Studio 16; Library 16
Governess West Virginia
Grace Kelly Photo Studio 4
Graduation Robe Tailor 18 Grand Canyon Nevada; Oregon
Graphite Writing Implement Toy Repair 1b Kansas; Arizona
Great Wall Phil's 4
Green Flower Earrings Toy Repair 3 Arizona
Grooms Coat Kansas
Guvnor Illinois
Hagia Sophia Ohio; Montana; Arizona; MI
Halberd Phil's 12 Minnesota
Hand Painted Cookie Pot Porcelain Shop 1a
Happy Boy Kansas
Happy Girl Fishery 4
Hardwood Driver Illinois
Hawaiian Shirt Ranger 18
Heart’s Desire Louisiana
Her Serene Highness Oregon; Louisiana
Horn of Valhalla New Mexico
Horseless Carriage Coaster Butterfly Sanctuary 1b Ohio
Huntsman’s Pride Minnesota
Iconic Wire Louisiana
Insider Minnesota
Iron Cast Sundial Bird Watching 18
Jambiya Botanical 3 Oregon
Japanese Sakura Teapot Toy Repair 5
Keep Shooting Poster Bird Watching 4
Korean War Service Medal
Kurki Knife Montana; Arizona; Michigan
Lace Flower Louisiana
Lacquer Dipper California
Lady Cornflower Toy Repair 10
Lady Edelweiss Library 12
Lamps Poster West Virginia
Leather Cannonball Connecticut
Leather Jacket New Mexico
Lederhosen Library 5
Legion of Merit Connecticut
Leisure Photo Art Studio 4
Log Cabin Georgia
London Bridge Photo
Longbow Nevada; Georgia
Lozenges Poster Illinois
Luxurious Swan Feather Quill Idaho
Mad Boy Ranger 4
Magician Poster Kansas
Man on the Moon Ranger 1b Missouri
Marines Expeditionary Medal Art Studio 12; Botanical 14
Marines Good Conduct Medal West Virginia
Medal of Honor New Mexico
Meritorious Service Medal Florida
Mesopotamian Scribe Oregon
Metal Ball Smoothness Minnesota
Metal Water Clock Washington
Milk Maid Doll Georgia
Milkmaid Photo Nevada
Mindy’s Escape Pod Auto Illinois
Minton Plate South Dakota; Washington
Miss Cosmopolitan New Mexico; South Dakota
Modern Sundial Michigan
Mother Goddess Effigy Idaho; West Virginia
Mt. Rushmore California
Multi-Bucket Water Clock Minnesota
Mythical Cameo Tailor 7 Yacht
Navy Achievement Medal Illinois
Navy and Marine Corps Medal Ohio; Yacht
Navy Good Conduct Medal Library 14
Navy Poster Michigan; Arizona; Montana
Nesting Jeweled Czarinas Connecticut; Washington
Nesting Siberian Maidens Minnesota; Florida
Nightgown South Dakota
Officer Photo Kansas
Og’s Wand Oregon; California; WVA
Oil Poster West Virginia
Oracle Ohio
Orbital Base Washington
Paruparo Knife Georgia; Connecticut; WA
Peace Dove Fishery 16; Tailor 14 Arizona
Philippine Liberation Medal Bird Watching 12
Philippines Propaganda Poster Bird Watching 1a Connecticut
Pincushion Botanical Garden 1B South Dakota
Pink Silk Princess Phil's 14 Louisiana
Play Poster Ranger 7
Polk Plate Porcelain Shop 10 Georgia
Pony Express Fishery 1B
Porcupine, Equatorial Guinea Oregon
Portable Sundial Botanical Garden 18
Posh Pashmina Scarf Photo Studio 1B
Preppy Schoolboy Black Slip On Butterfly Sanctuary 1a
Prickly Polyester Scarf West Virginia
Profile Ohio
Pumpkin Blossom Coaster Oregon
Purple Heart Photo Studio 16
Railway Photo Bird Watching 3 Kansas
Rainbow Roulette Library 18
Rajah’s Teardrop Illinois
Rajah’s Will Bird Watching 1a
Ran the Owl Porcelain Shop 3 Nevada; South Dakota
Recurve Bow Kansas; Georgia
Red Heart Earrings Washington
Red Rolla Auto Porcelain Shop 4
Red Umbrella Minnesota
Red Wagon Auto Ohio
Reflex Bow New Mexico
Riggs Poster Photo Studio 10
Ritual Charm of Fertility Idaho
Rococo Flame Butterfly Sanctuary 12; Photo 14
Rubber Athlete Red Idaho
Russian Rose South Dakota
Salute Poster Florida
Scarf Photo Nevada
Seamstress Illinois
Seawater Egg Earrings Georgia
Secaucus Stone Sundial Connecticut
Security Poster Botanical Garden 7
Seer Poster Nevada
Sharp Hawk Feather Quill Butterfly Sanctuary 4
Shot of America Butterfly Sanctuary 5
Shot of Brazil Idaho
Shot of Egypt California
Shot of France California
Shot of India Phil's 8
Showgirls Poster New Mexico
Siberian Prince Botanical Garden 12 Florida
Silken Headscarf Ohio
Silver Cake Knife Nevada
Silver Candlestick Ranger 5
Silver Fork West Virginia; Maine
Silver Ice Bucket Fishery 5; Bird Watching 8
Silver Knife Art Studio 7
Silver Ladle Illinois
Silver Lazy Susan New Mexico
Silver Napkin Ring Illinois
Silver Plate Louisiana
Silver Sauceboat Tailor 8
Silver Saucer Porcelain Shop 8
Silver Soup Tureen Missouri
Silver Spoon Ohio
Silver Star Kansas
Silver Tongs Kansas
Silver Tongue Connecticut
Silver Tray South Dakota
Slap Cuff Louisiana; Missouri
Sling-back High Heels Library 1a
Spanish Campaign Medal Tailor 16
Stainless Good Time Kansas
Steel Filigree Bow Ranger 10 California
Stein of the Gods Nevada; New Mexico
Strong Man Ranger 3
Stylish Straps (Black) Washington
Submerged Toy Repair 4 Arizona
Sweat Shirt Fishery 18
Symbolic Stovepipe Hat West Virginia
Tailored Red Jersey Bird Watching 5; Toy Repair 8
Taiwanese Lava Teapot Idaho; South Dakota
Taj Mahal Butterfly Sanctuary 3
Technical Writer Ranger 1a Georgia
Tiger Cat Stamp, Australia Butterfly Sanctuary 7; Phil's 10 South Dakota
Traction King Florida
Triangle Bronze Cast Sundial Florida
True Strike Michigan; Montana; Arizona; FL
Truncate-O Bird Watching 1b Illinois
Turquoise Seeds Earrings Library 3; Botanical 5 Nevada
Unknown Tennis Player Art Studio 10
Vaudeville West Virginia; Maine
Verdant Hexagon Porcelain Shop 14
Victorian Staffordshire Teapot Inconsistent in Silhouette Louisiana
Viking Axe Photo Studio 7; Butterfly Sanctuary 8 Michigan; Montana; Arizona
Village Midwife Oregon; Louisiana; CA
Warm Woolen Scarf White West Virginia
Washer Poster Ohio
Wedding Gown Porcelain Shop 18
Whimsical Red Cookie Pot Porcelain Shop 1b
White House Phil's 1b Idaho
White Tennis Frock Illinois
Wooden Sole Minnesota
Worcester Plate Library 7
Worker’s Lace ups Brown Boots Botanical 4; Tailor 4
WW II Victory Medal Washington
WWII Philippine Liberation Medal Missouri
WWII Republic of China Service Medal South Dakota
Young Eastern Page Washington; Nevada
Young Turk Fishery 3
Zen Fortune Talisman Butterfly Sanctuary 14 Ohio
Zirconium Hyacinth Missouri
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Mar 21, 14 11:12 PM
Even if you hit "Delete All" it doesn't; just a portion of them. You can tell because the top message is never the same.

 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Mar 18, 14 3:29 PM
bfgWendwater wrote:Hey Everyone,

Unfortunately, we don't have the detailed specifics of the sale, but from what we have been informed, the sale presented itself differently to different users depending on several factors and was an automated process in the system.

I apologize if you didn't get the sale price you were hoping for and I assure you, there will be other sales in the future that you can definitely take advantage of.

Thank you for understanding.


Who set the sale parameters? If they were set by Boom Zap, then BFG has no need to apologize; Boom Zap does. IMO, and one shared by most, any benefits should be appied equally and what level one is on or how much $$ one has spent should not be factors.

Just because one is at a higher level doesn't equate more resources and coins and it's a wide span between 10% and 30%. And to leave some players out entirely as was Happy_Ours1 is beyond unfair.

I would wonder how the developers have responded on their forum. Anyone?
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Mar 16, 14 12:06 AM
Level 78. 20% off Keepsakes; 10% off Bundles.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Mar 15, 14 8:22 PM
Thanks so much! Worked for me. Selfishly, I wish there were enough accessories to get another Achievement.

 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Mar 15, 14 8:15 PM
april3850 wrote:Theres a lot of people playing this game, I guess keep trying. Spell your name backwards maybe, or think of your favorite animal and then go look up the scientific name for it, not many people would know that.

Mine is my favorite color plus my favorite animal at the zoo combined in one word,


I believe you buy many of my auctions.

My ART moniker, RussellShihTzu, is a combination of his name and breed. LorettaGSP is for my heart dog who died over Christmas: Loretta, a German Shorthaired Pointer. If you have a pet you can combine its name and species or breed. Unless you have a cat named Felix; I believe that's taken.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Mar 15, 14 6:50 PM
Oops; since I'm not interested in Bundles didn't even look: 20% off Keepsakes and 10% off Bundles. Level 78.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Mar 15, 14 6:48 PM
20% off Keepsakes and 10% off Bundles; Level 78.

 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Mar 15, 14 12:36 AM
I have Keepsakes and Bundles for 20% off.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Mar 14, 14 1:09 AM
The Underwater Scroll is Mini-Game #10 in the Library in Breezy Bay.
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