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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 18, 14 4:22 PM
TwoTonFury wrote:I understand that this is a "random" drop game, however I have not been able to get a devil's glove for the winter idol in 3 days. It doesn't matter whether I go through the daily quest or just straight to the HOS, it gives me everything BUT. Two days in a row I have been stuck at the "Mysterious Words" daily quest--which makes the rest of the day worthless to try to complete additional daily quests. I don't like to use my diamonds to get through the quests, and I'm afraid that even if I did--I still would not get the gloves for the second visit to the idol to finish the quest.
I was just wondering if anyone else was having this issue too? I have the glove on my wishlist--but so do most of my friends.

Hi; Yes we have encountered this problem - mentioned here previously, but BFG don't care. Don't waste your diamonds. I tried it a couple of times, and both times it just gave me random stuff. If you are playing more than one quest, it gives you what it THINKS you should have, regardless of the path you take. If you are idly HOSing (if that is even a word), even if you try a path from the location place (somebody tell me the correct name for the places that aren't HOS, where you deposit items to retrieve another!) you don't get it. Neither if you click the "i" button on the scene and click on the item you really really want. So, just persevere. We understand BFG want real gold from us, and most of us are loath to release our purse strings. so that is another game: who will surrender first - you by buying (or quitting) or BFG by making the game fairer.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 16, 14 3:54 PM
one day, somebody will thanks me
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 16, 14 3:53 PM
flower drops not being counted
HOS opening without lists
Server issues
Social page problems
Not being able to select what you want from a HOS when on a daily quest
Not getting the item you want from a HOS or (whatever the other things are called) when on a particular quest, but getting the one the program THINKS you should have!
The counter/score fault
Only having the option for full screen (which excludes use of the task bar) or a minute image
Only being able to gift 5 times a day (increase it for levels!)
The sparkles - please give us the option to play without them: they are annoying and blinding

Forget "updates", just give us the patches! PLEASE!!
(oh, and can we have things correctly named? It is very disorientating when one has to stop and think "oh, they mean a fleur de lis" when you put lily, etc)
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 16, 14 3:47 PM
Hederahelix7 wrote:Can anyone help please. I'm trying to craft the "Creation of the World" and I have one box that has a ? in it. I've found the rest of the items but can not craft as I don't have whatever the box with the ? in needs.

Is anyone else having this problem or could you tell me which item I need? I'm on level 30.

Many thanks

This happens when you are not at the level required yet. When you go to the next level, the question mark will vanish and you will be able to find the requisite item
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 14, 14 6:40 AM
jen8973 wrote:I thought I was going crazy thinking I was the only one with that cant connect to server problem I have not been able to see my wish list or gifts and it hasnt updated my friends info I was so excited to see the update thought all these problems were going to get fixed I was wrong HEY BFG WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO FIX THE CURRENT PROBLEMS NOT KEEP CREATING MORE FIX YOUR SERVER ISSUES YOU HAVE ALOT OF UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!!

Well said!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 12, 14 5:27 AM
FYI - the "unable to connect to server" seems not to be related to the update. I have not updated, and yet had this message several times; QED - it their actual server that is at fault
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 12, 14 3:53 AM
Just want to thank you guys for mentioning the problem with the update: I got the message that one was available, but I X'd it and played on, deciding to check here before I downloaded it. Glad I did. I will continue stockpiling and saving coins (need 30000 to craft some pet) and hope that the news here will improve, then I will install it. Good luck to those of you pressing on
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 11, 14 1:17 PM
queticogal wrote:am in level 27 and screen freezes at both city square (dolls and train) and at ancient park (above the door).
am forced to control/alt/delete to shut program down.
have uninstalled and re-installed several time, but no better.
have a brand new PC with top of the line graphics, lots of ram, lots of storage and Windows 7
help please!

Discovered, quite by accident today, that if you are using a laptop with a touch pad and "scroll" and click, it closes the window for you so you can shut the prg down from teh task bar Probably works if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel too: just scroll and click
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 11, 14 12:53 PM
I want to thank the usual posse of friends who consistently help when they can - Stephs mystic Manor,
Ambrosia Rose,
Player Liz,
along with
Player (no name),
Sassy (who used to reciprocate regularly, but I fear has dropped out for some reason, as her wishlist never changes),
and Bella
and a special thanks to these new friends who have come in with quick reciprocations:
Player (who has no name too, but her first gift was an egg!! Wowser!)
and Jason.
For the rest of the 95 friends on my list, I am afraid it is culling time. I have put simple airship wish items on my list, in case those others just have never been in a position to help out. But, as I have gifted each of them in excess of 4 gifts without one return, I fear I must be brutal: the list is just too long now! So, goodbye to those who have left, have come back with different names, or just take I don't like doing it, but the names above are wonderful and deserve my attention as often as possible:
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 9, 14 3:21 PM
FishyFemale wrote:
chris_2_4 wrote:
rosiebvt wrote:Don't worry too much about losing the clown doll, somebody much nicer shows up in its place!
Another doll ( and badly rendered graphics - doesn't make life easier

What's funny is that I think the graphics are quite nice as I'm having no trouble finding the items in the new Mirrors Nave. And although I do miss the former Mirrors HOS (with accompanying clown doll), I'm quite loving the new one with the new doll too. For some reason, I've always been able to breeze through this new HOS. Maybe it's because the color combination is just "right" to enable me to see everything clearly. I don't really know but I do like it.

And now they have taken away the beautiful Winter Garden and replaced it with another ugly badly rendered scene. I suspect the artist behind the previous pictures left and they had to replace his wonderful imagery Yes, i am getting quicker on the new scenes, but they just look bad to me.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 8, 14 7:27 AM
24gsma47 wrote:
24gsma47 wrote:Day 2 of no Broken Statue HOS list

Got Broken Statue back 2x in a row! Thank you!
6 times in a row for me; not even going to try it again until necessary
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 6, 14 1:04 PM
wesjohny wrote:Im on Level 29. No tech problems. I just need update. I check every day if there is one. I even have my program on auto to download. I need a change instead of just collecting coins. Please
Please don't push for an update - they will rush it through, ignore the problems we already have, and just add more to the list. Allow the developers time to get their fingers out (of wherever) and fix the plethora of issues we have before piling more on top, Please
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 6, 14 1:01 PM
rosiebvt wrote:Don't worry too much about losing the clown doll, somebody much nicer shows up in its place!
Another doll ( and badly rendered graphics - doesn't make life easier
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 3, 14 3:24 PM
sco8462 wrote:Bug:

Not sure the name of the HOS, its the one below the 3 skeletons that used to have a ghost, but now doesn't. Oh, the one with the hole you go down. I clicked on it and all of the objects where missing and so was the interface. I had to close the game from the task manager and reopen. I went back and it worked fine. I'm on a PC.

My player id is 287617, if that helps.

That's the battle pit and it, like the pirate ship, often has this problem, All you can do until the programmers wake up is close the prog by hitting the windows key then right clicking on the task bar icon thingy, then restart. Just grin and bear it, and smile because it does mean the flowers on that screen are renewed
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 1, 14 4:29 PM
Oh Player (who has no name yet) you are a new friend to me, and you totally staggered me with the gift of an egg! You will get gifts from me whenever I can give, because you are obviously an amazing person! You are now in my inner circle, with the fabulous Cowgirl, Stephs Mystic Manor, PlayerLiz, AmbrosiaRose, Bev and the long time friend who only has a number which, for the life of me, I can't remember. You ladies are the best!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 29, 14 10:26 AM
margiec47 wrote:Is the only way you receive unique stamps is when you get a gold chest from your pets? If so I will never get past level 29
Hi- you get them on the wheel of fortune occasionally too, or as an extra item from a HOS. So don't give up
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 24, 14 3:03 PM
gerl2 wrote:WOW fishy, I sure am glad I gave all my dolls away to a good home. So I don't have to worry about that one, Hmmm guess I should had given those dolls to my step mom.

They will find you
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 23, 14 3:27 PM
rosiebvt wrote:Chris,
The thimble showed up for me in the middle of level 28 when one of the HOS upgraded itself.

OMG! Thanks for the warning; the update on the elfin scene is a nightmare, finding 22 new items in a new (very dark) scene, without the benefit of the gradual introduction you usually get with the scenes. If they have done that with the mirrors, lord help me! At least tell me: did they kill off the ugly clown doll???
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 23, 14 3:25 PM
Just moved to level 28 and encountered **** (hmm is it a spoiler to mention this character??_ and the changes. Got to say I would exchange every gem I have for a good big bottle of weed killer! The screens are cluttered, the majority of the flowers are even more covered than before (with the plethora of icons) and Puck is standing in two scenes at the same time (blocking more flower spaces!)

Shoot the designer and weed the castle!

On another note, I also hate the elfin HOS - with the others things were great because you gradually built up to the 22 item scene, learning where things are, and what they looked like (very important when so many are misnamed) - but to have this completely new scene, very dark, with alien items, is just insanely frustrating!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 22, 14 12:20 PM
FudgeChi wrote:
Parell wrote:

Lucky I got a decent score on the mirrors before the change - it takes me about two minutes since the update just to find the ^%$^%$^$ thimble!


Me too!!! I hate that thimble, just can't see it Mirrors is worse than ever now!

Thimble? What thimble? Is that on the ipad, because I have never seen i on the pc. I hate the note in mirrors, and the invisible fork! And that doll - I know we don't collect it, but it is spooky!!!
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