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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 18, 14 8:12 PM
Wow!!!! The tribe has spoken and no one will be voted out of the MC castle this week! This response has blown my mind!!! There is so much diversity, knowledge and personal richness I wish we could visit in person......hey get a plane chartered Rosie, Dobiesrus can jet us to a castle where we will take over and claim it for MC, hang around for a vacation, while all playing MC of course...
Bunnie please do be careful, I have been there, done that, did it again, it turned out a mess ( but my back was to begin with). I guess between the lot of us we could write a book about surgeries and health stories....
If you can handle another friend feel, please do, I have finally gotten my list to a manageable lot who, get this concept, gifts me back! right! PM me just to chat....I do check messages abt twice a week, would love getting to know ALL of you!!!
So tonite in Central Ky, the weather is unseasonably cool, the tomatoes are almost ripe and green beans will be enjoyed for several weeks (& this winter). and MC waiting for me to do HOS!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 17, 14 10:22 PM
Ahhhh a detached retina..... My husband went thru that abt 3 yrs ago, 2 major surg later he has most vision with exception of a middle spot which he says looks like a check mark, like the ones when we need to open/unlock a HOS!
Sounds like you are doing really well! Now you may have to get a touch screen so you can hang your wrist brace up!!
Happy Gaming FishyFlyTyer!!!!

Golden Gamers sounds pretty good!

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 17, 14 4:01 PM
I am what's known as a multi-toucher! I have tried the "sweet spots" some might work a bit better hitting them on a certain place but I also have my iPad set on light who knows. people have even said they have to really thump some of the items to get the game to pick up those items. I am not going to abuse my sweet lil ole hunk of technology that has made my life so sweet......(in some aspects that is). Also it seems to make a big difference if my game is acting up with lots of glitches and problems then picking up the items is really difficult! Which is most days now,,,,just my opinion and what I have encountered!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 17, 14 3:40 PM
Gemmam77.....why not, and as for the memory and concentration....uh.... I suffer from some of that myself and of course aging has nothing to do with it! Wink,wink... My occupational therapist was recommending hand, eye coordination exercises on PC and took MC in and who knew, it's now recommended in my neck of the woods. I knew there were several aging boomers out there and now even recognized by the powers that be, BFG...Honored, honored!! Happy gaming you gracious grey gaming gang!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 16, 14 10:59 PM
My lil Tiger ( that looks amazingly like a dog!) has been VERY, VERY good to me....he is a great pet.."..and it doesn't seem to matter where you feed him either. It makes no diff on my IOS game.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 16, 14 10:51 PM is kind of hard to nail down one......but if it is only one I would say stop making us pay ridiculous coinage for HOS to be opened up only to gather hundred of items that are never ever used! We cannot give them away, they are only worth 15$..... I cannot remember using many, like those creepy hacked off green hand in crafting at all!
This is assuming the game works like it should with all techno problems taken care of.

OH. By the way, I figured out where MY Unique, brown, marks have been...they are tucked in the scenes where there is no list and it is such a drag to start and restart etc etc so I have been ad voiding them, they must be hidden in there and if I can ever get it to work, my mark/tickets will fall!!! Just my theory!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 16, 14 10:26 PM
Hey we did have that pool with the "cocoons" in it but because it was being used so much it was changed into another form entirely, kinda like the character changes poof they are gone! Okay, so now some of the witty ones need to come up with our name other than the older people who play MC! Then hopefully Rose can get us all headed into a yearly H-aarpy feather convention!
Love interacting with the lot of ya.....I will behave, I will behave, I will behave as not to get us locked up...
I intend to enjoy the ride as long as I can.... whoo Hoo, round n round the castle we go!

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 16, 14 2:48 AM
I say if Rosie wants to be a SR then so be it due to her diligence to MC and the players. I have noticed she is always ready to lend a hand......
If she wants this " honor", I feel it is just making it here, then here, here I will second the motion!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 14, 14 9:59 AM
And I thought I was playing in a pool of youngsters! Lol....guess BF didn't count on this target group, smart, loyal, diligent, etc....yes we've been around the block, heck we own this block!
I play on an iPad neurologically challenged, my comments sometimes are " tongue in cheek" please don't take things I may say literally or seriously......I know I am new in the pond yet I have watched for months until I finally jumped least this forum is for fun not medical! Hopefully my pacemaker can keep me in rhythm long enough to see this castle restored, the town revitalized and we'll be in challenges we could only dream of.......heck I would have never believed technology would allow us all over the world to chat on a "website" the 60's website would have meant where the cobwebs and spider webs are! Whew....keep on BFG and keep up with us MC Sr's!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 12, 14 6:47 PM
A diamond from collecting flowers!!! wOO HOO!!! Yeah Rosie....hope that you are right and we all are showered with diamonds!!! I still get ripped off about 1 in 10 or makes me not want to pick a posey any where! I know APPLE is the reason for iOS being last.....maybe we should have ourselves a big ole piece of Apple pie and play MC.....count you guys in?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 12, 14 5:02 AM
Oh......iOS user here, I love it dearly though, couldn't "click" on 22 objects over and over again. Maybe they could make us first, just once, ah come on....Lol.(kicking dirt and gravel with my tennis shoe..)
The pioneers will blaze the trail and report/record all the invaluable we iOS peeps can breeze thru.....expensive huh?? I felt that would happen as we have had so much time to collect gold etc....somehow just like in real life, I never HAVE enough! Life must be a game....oh well enjoy, happy gaming!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 11, 14 12:23 PM
My airship aka Blimp, is very, very greedy requesting up to 14 lamps, 14 other items and 12 items........when I saw it my mouth hung open for awhile! When i was able to take a breath I waited to pack it until it was almost ready to deploy, thinking wow hope it's a while before it comes back.... It seems to me if you keep quite a bit in stash the game requests more and more...or maybe it's just me! Lol.....sometimes I get a bit paranoid when a quest is written like, there's someone watching you! Or better look around and see who's here... Little quips I wondered about, hmmmmm now is this game is reading my mind. gotta do HOS with my luck my castle is being foreclosed !!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 11, 14 11:54 AM
Perish the thought of there being no more game!

I would have to be hospitalized and put into a straight jacket! addiction is about that bad! But it has crossed my mind, esp when the updates are so slooooow coming........

Eating at table with McCoy throwing the salt shaker!.....
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 11, 14 10:25 AM
I really don't like doing the "dailys" ....I hate giving up 2 Harp in Blossoms for items I don't need yet like you say though if you don't do some you cannot get medallions any other way... I open my game a couple times a day, get my daily, do the wheel, dice, run a few scenes see if the DQ is even possible for me to do. I hate, hate, hate it when I have put time and energy into the DQ only to arrive at the end, an hour to go and get a pack the blimp for 98 when I needed 100 !!!! There is no time left to get the silly 2 units needed!!! OHHHH.....GRRRR.....
When the update arrived the 1st time I had some objects but had to quest and the game went pretty quickly.....b/c I had suffered thru bow-F and had to do HOS over and over and over.....the next update was like, bing, bing, bing and I was thru the last update I have purposely stretched it out, drug it out for weeks with those ! ? Above the heads starring at me as, I just need to just press the dang button......and I wonder,,,,,,what if there are no more updates and I have 28 Pages of inventory and crafted objects I have worked for and cherished my eggs, my achievements....and there is no more game.......what if it just gets shut down. I bet the dev's would be happy to move on, BFG would be happy not to have us complaining all the time and we are left here dangling with our addiction eating away at us....Castle-less......shaking fingers not able to hit the find button or worse the deleting of friends?....oh what a thought, nightmare.....but anyway I don't like saving inventory while I await the update!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 6, 14 5:19 PM
Just when I was about to throw in the towel, sent out my lil' Tiger and he brought back a super GOLD, got so excited that I quickly opened it and did not see how much I got plus a he slept and I fed him again, praised him well and off again. This time he comes back with a shiney silver and when I opened it 3, yes three diamonds/gems and 600 in hopefully my food has finally filled up my animals. My lil mighty Tiger has restored my faith in pets! Ha....then doing HOS I got 2, count them two, brown unique I will play for a bit longer.....mamas happy, happy for this eve anyway! Woo Hoo!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 6, 14 9:44 AM
Just need to know? We can buy food for our pets, it is obviously very expensive chow, but it does not say how many we get for our medallions, golds etc....
Is the price for 1 ? I have looked in strategies, links, etc and cannot find if the price is per unit? I have a suspicion that it is, making it more precious than gold or and I gift it!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 4, 14 8:56 AM
I will add my op also, I do think the farther one goes in the game, like " Waiting on the updates" and just doing HOS over & over to feed our pets, the game itself gets stingier ( if that's a word) with everything we need ie: marks, eggs, food, diamonds, certain items. I have an abundance of the plain marks.....sent my dragon out after my fingers turned to nubs to fetch and low and behold I get 4 plain marks and 200 gold! Not really worth the effort. I guess if one needs coins then play the HOS gather some items, if the game is giving, it just doesn't seem like it is hardly worth the effort.
But I cannot help myself......I have to get my daily bonus, send my gifts ( if it's working) and do the other few tasks......I guess I long for the older days of whining about the bow, six paws, waiting the hour, but eventually I would get to play a game......right now my game is not a game it is a routine!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 3, 14 5:37 PM
I am intentionally going very slow on level 28 very, very near the 29 and jumping off point...... I have NEVER had an egg on the dice table, the wheel----what is that, I have not had an egg there in at least a month! I did get a puppy egg at the first or for an achievement but sold it by a slip of the finger checking my inventory! Sigh, sigh... So I wait poking my IPad because I don't have a second on my computer and can no longer click a mouse or tap a key due to neurological problems, that is how I found MC, my first and only game, and this forum, my only non-medical forum that I actually have! You guys are special, at least to me......for months I read everyone's trials as I had the same, read your solutions and you didn't even know I was in tow! Thanks those who tread before me, braving the MC front, dragging me thru the Bow-bender, back in the day of excess eggs maybe it is like menopause the older you get in the game the less you have dwindling down to me and my iPad!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 30, 14 12:04 PM
WhiteBF54 thank you, I am also Egg-Less, lol, and I have not seen an egg on the wheel in months! I have 3 pets, the free one, the tiger, and dragon which are all fed but I only have 2 gold chests! Am on 29 with other achievements.....but I think I am destined to live eggless and pet less! Could be a joke there.....
Anyway I feel almost like I have been taken by the " watch the ball under the cup" trick where everyday I open up my iPad only to find the trashy wheel, be beat by the dragon once again and keep coming back for more! I must need medication or such! Lol, perhaps I will have a break thru shortly or I will see all of us in our boats on the same river!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 30, 14 11:48 AM
I do hope you get your 20 the because I can only dream of a number like that! Lol...
I have the free one, a dragon, a tiger which have fetched 2 gold chests while eating tons of food and on the 29th level.... I have a Piggy, an Odd egg and another one of little value and from what I have read it may not be beneficial to hatch. I have waited patiently for the wheel and dice gods to just give me a chance to win, just a paltry chance! Yet here I am......the pets come and go and I am destined to be without that achievement! I do sincerely hope you get yours! Good luck! Fingers crossed (permanently) if the crafting wheel spit one out at me I'd probably faint....
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