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 posted in Farm Up on Jun 7, 13 11:17 PM
Use the gold coins you currently have to complete the quest.

Grandma will come when you have finished the quests leading up to her. You have to finish the guest house which involves a few quests too, so it may take awhile. Review/read the other posts regarding her. Whatever you do, if you school gets built before the arrival of her, don't have her go to school. If she's not there, you can't pick up her diploma, and then you will not be able to educate anyone else until she finally shows up.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 7, 13 12:09 PM
just click on any animal pen & it will show you what you can buy for that specific animal.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 6, 13 1:52 AM
Don't accept this quest as soon as it is available to you. I accepted this quest at about level 16, but it turns out I can't buy a cow until level 23, and even later for the cheese factory. Because I have this quest, I can't accept any other quest from the map even when I only had 3 other quests.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 5, 13 6:38 PM
Thank you.

One other question then. If I spend this 18 gold, will the quest take the peppers? I'd say if it doesn't, it's worth it, but if it does take the peppers & I have to spend another 20 gold later for the chips, then it's not worth.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 5, 13 5:31 PM
I just got a quest for 18 chili peppers. Chili peppers cost 1 gold & it looks like a plant instead of a vine so maybe it will only give 1 pepper per plant. 18 gold is a lot of gold to spend for a quest. Anyone know if there is a quest to use the peppers assuming I do the quest? And can anyone verify the number of peppers per plant? I don't want to waste gold on a single quest. I know I can skip the quest for 3 gold, but if there is another quest to use the peppers, maybe it would be worth it to spend the 18 gold?
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 3, 13 1:25 PM
I was wondering what was the most efficient use of gold coins and, aside from energy, is there any other use for them?
 posted in Island Tribe 3 on Jan 10, 12 2:01 AM
I only played the trial & failed miserably lol. But the hour did go by very quickly, usually indicating that it was fun. Haven't decided if it is a buy for me. I'm a little tired of the build-a-lot type games.

It was nice that it had 4 modes of play, and you can play it on easy & have another you r playing on hard. You can also restart the level if you didn't do as well as you would have liked.

Another plus as a build-a-lot is you can click multiple tasks & the character will complete them without having to go back to home first unless he has to deliver something.

You will also be picking up items that will increase your score. And should you forget to pick up a key item, a little man appears with a picture of the item you need to get. I found this very helpful as reminder to get it.

The graphics are cute and the music is pleasing, and the playing runs smoothly.

 posted in Wandering Willows on Dec 6, 11 10:50 AM
I found this on playfirst site. Hope it helps someone else too:

believe they are available afterr Jeremy Jack has his fire works display which breaks down some of the barriers to other parts of grasslands that had been cut off.
There is an orange tree directly behind Evie & Bea Messengier and to the right up the little incline there are more.

answered by Maritine (2 years ago)

 posted in Wandering Willows on Dec 6, 11 10:31 AM
Found it at the flower store.
 posted in Wandering Willows on Dec 6, 11 10:26 AM
How do your upgrade this? It isn't an option at the store, only buying more farm space. I read from another post it was best to upgrade the watering can instead of buying more land.
 posted in Wandering Willows on Dec 6, 11 10:20 AM
I need to make orange juice, but i can't find the tress. Any ideas?
 posted in Artist Colony on Sep 20, 11 11:28 PM
Haven't had so much fun in a game in a long time. I really loved this game. I couldn't stop until I completed it. That's how addicting it was for me. A real winner.
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