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 posted in Wanderland on Apr 21, 18 3:52 PM
Hey Emma X,
I am so glad to hear that this helped : ) My id is 173046 Now lets see if I can help with the other questions gifting our dealing with sounds like one of many glitches the game has some by the way with very god benefits : ) And you can pm ( private message) anyone on here just lol n the left of the screen where it has your name and it will say my profile, my posts, my messages, forum rules & faq. That gives you lots of info about your account and messages. If you click on messages and you have your friends id you should be able to send a pm. I think this is correct but if not maybe someone can help answer that. So far this is the only free game I play but I may try others in the future. I hope this helps, All the best Deborah
 posted in Wanderland on Apr 18, 18 8:18 PM
Hey, I am sorry to hear your having this issue. If I understand correctly you are trying to get the crypt to change to mirror mode without the curse of the mirror? Or is it that you have been using the mirror curse and its not getting the crypt but other scenes? I can help by giving you the mirror curse to use anytime, I have lots of them to give if you would like to try that. If your trying to get it to change without the curse it wont, you have to use the curse for it to change. In any case I will help if you want. I hope this helps, Best of luck, Deborah
 posted in Wanderland on Apr 3, 18 2:16 PM
lololololol Good one!! It seems to be the fact here l: ) Thanks guys!! : )
 posted in Wanderland on Apr 1, 18 7:00 AM
I hope everyone has a blessed Easter!
 posted in Wanderland on Feb 26, 18 7:25 PM
You have to keep clicking the lever on the hot air balloon a little at a time until you reach the top. If I am not wrong this is in Wonderland not mc. But I could be mistaken. If you click to fast the you have to go get more. I hope this helps.
 posted in Wanderland on Feb 22, 18 12:25 PM

It is sad to see you leave. Thank you for letting us know. As in my post yesterday I am trying to figure out who is still playing and who is not. It really helps out for friends as yourself to let us know. I wish you the all best! Thank you for the gifts! Deborah
 posted in Wanderland on Feb 21, 18 6:16 PM
Hey guys,
I am going to slim down my friends that I have as of now to the ones I think are no longer playing. Please, if I slim anyone down that is still playing just resend the friend invite and accept my apology. I have some others who want to be added that are new to the game or otherwise. I just can't tell for the most part who is still playing. Again if I do this to some ad should not have I'm sorry and will fix it with the renewed request. I hope everyone is well and happy Wandering : )
 posted in Wanderland on Jan 13, 18 2:41 PM
Hey Linda,

I will send you a request. Thanks for getting back to me. : )
 posted in Wanderland on Jan 9, 18 2:53 PM
Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to ask that if any of you are no longer playing to let me know. I know I have a new friend on my friends list that's Deborah B, must say love the name : ) In order to be able to add anyone else I would have to drop the ones that no longer play. : ( Thanks for your time and Happy Wondering, Deborah
 posted in Wanderland on Jan 2, 18 7:05 AM

I will try to answer some of your questions. First you are lucky to even have portals open to do things, but just note that when you do finish them and you can finish them they will close forever. If it were me I would not update the golden idol. The shelter and magic well are better. I will continue to play as I think its fun even without the update. There is still plenty to do. Hope this was helpful, Deborah
 posted in Wanderland on Dec 31, 17 1:38 PM
I hope everyone has a healthy and Happy New Years!! May great things come to each of you!! : )
 posted in Wanderland on Dec 27, 17 8:42 AM
Hey guys,

I am unable to send anything to do with the Christmas tree : (
I can still gift anything else you guys want just ask away !!! : ) I can also gift activators for the Christmas bags. Just nothing for the gifts at the tree. All the best : )
 posted in Wanderland on Dec 24, 17 6:46 AM
And a very Merry Christmas to you and everyone on here!! I hope everyone has great Time!! Deborah
 posted in Wanderland on Dec 17, 17 5:54 PM
Hey there,

I still have two of the same kind of prompts. There really isn't anything do about it that I know of. It still plays fine. Hope this helped. Best wishes, Deborah
 posted in Wanderland on Nov 23, 17 8:56 PM
Lololol I had three it feels like!! : )
 posted in Wanderland on Nov 22, 17 2:10 PM
I hope everyone who participates has a great Thanksgiving!! : ) : )
 posted in Wanderland on Nov 14, 17 8:07 AM

Yaaaaaay so happy to see you again : )
 posted in Wanderland on Nov 13, 17 3:17 PM
Hey guys,
If any of you are not playing anymore please let me know.
I have the limit on friends and if your not playing anymore there are
others who have asked to be friends. Thanks guys, Deborah
Hope you are all well : )
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 30, 17 3:07 PM
I think you may be speaking of a different mirror shard. There are mirror curses that curse up to three (small) or five (bigger) scenes. The shards for a portal are different. They are on the left of scene. And can only be used to open a specific portal. If there is a lock icon on the portal it cant be opened. I hope this helps.
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 22, 17 9:01 PM
Oh goodness I sure don't. It was forever ago. But you are correct about the ether. I don't think it matters about the level just the things you finish. I'm sure you will get there. And don't forget that if you finish everything in the portals they will close. Some leave the open to find the cards. Good luck : )
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