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 posted in Wanderland on Aug 18, 16 10:21 AM
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I'm not likely to play daily but whoever is need of another friend, may add me.
 posted in 9 Elefants on Oct 5, 14 4:16 AM
Whenever I try to install the game, Avast pops up that it found a menace in the setup. Please check the installation files for this game.
I came here right now, hoping that it was just silly me who saw no positive third choice and getting a good option instead of killing of a race. Even if it's only a game, games and books and films do influence end up influencing how we deal with real life. I just wanted to add my two cents: It also gives me a very bad taste in the mouth having to choose who to kill even in a game. :/
 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Oct 30, 09 8:43 AM
I noted locked chests in the following places:
Greengrass fields on the bridge
Chantefleur woods near the ghost
Scarlet river near the tentacle monster

if there are any others, I haven't found them (yet)
 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Oct 24, 09 11:33 AM
thanks. that should help
 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Oct 24, 09 11:31 AM
In case anyone else is still searching desperately:

there's two shortly to the right after you exit Greengrass (near the Bridge with the locked chest)
there's three in the Greengrass temple area
there's five at the Greengrass exit where you meet Jeanne
there's two in Pinerock
and finally there's one in Scarlett River
 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Oct 23, 09 6:51 AM
I think only your main char has more than one choice:
Spirited Soul - ups mind (and thus the amount of sp)
The other two promotions are strength and speed. Depending on if you use mostly magic or normal attacks, choose the one that helps you most.
 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Oct 23, 09 6:47 AM
Anyone can give me exact directions?

Like two screens north from swamp entrance or something similar?
 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Oct 16, 09 12:47 AM
You can only catch the frogs at the greengrass pond afaik. There are six of them there and that's all you need for the chef.
 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Oct 15, 09 11:03 PM
In the walkthrough it says "go to center of the swamp". How do I get there?
I explored the swamp thoroughly but I did not find another path.
 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Oct 15, 09 10:59 PM
You have to meet it in two different places before you can finally fight it at what you call the tomb. The first place is up to the north and very much to the right.
The second place is farthermost to the left from the entrance to rogue's place.
And finally you can fight it at that tomb thing.
 posted in Drawn: The Painted Tower ™ on Sep 6, 09 1:42 PM
I just don't get the ending. Did I manage to save Iris now or is was she taken by those evil guys?
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