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I have the same error at the tree as MANY OTHERS!!!! Where is the UPDATE???? Dell Inspiron Windows 10
 posted in Living Legends: Beasts of Bremen Collector's Edition on Feb 16, 17 2:23 AM
Most games run smoothly on my laptop. But this one the voices get stuck in a loop. I used up one hour in the demo and only made it though the first HOP. Windows Vista
 posted in Legendary Slide on Dec 8, 16 9:48 PM
I don't have a good memory but use the 3 upper jumpers to get some of the matching tiles to middle channel. I wrote down notes on some levels but all have for 73 reads"Replay this level and have fun with jumpers. Using the number tiles, try to get green 6's to collide midair by starting near the same time"
Just started the demo and the hint button does't work correctly. It says " There's nothing to do here ", when there was clearly several things to do. I've read other tech issues with this kind of problems but I never had this kind of problem before.
I might buy this game if BF comes out with a update
Windows Vista
 posted in Legendary Slide on Dec 7, 16 8:43 PM
(Using number tiles) Leave green 1 & $ sign in place. In the end the $'s will turn to gold for a match. You need to move blue portals to same sides for some work. I did't need to unlock the locks. Just move one space down for a bridge and move arrow tiles out word
This one was hard!
Hope this helps.
 posted in Legendary Slide on Dec 6, 16 1:17 AM
I didn't realize it was so late. The forums are on pacific time. It's 4:17 AM here.
 posted in Legendary Slide on Dec 6, 16 1:04 AM
I'm finally back to where I was. After looking at level 79, I don't have a clue. Going to sleep on this one.
Nice to hear that those who have finished are still reading these posts.
I don't remember if i got 3 stars on 69. I could't figure out how to get the frozen tile in the middle left but it turned gold in the end.
On level 70, the frozen 1 and $ tiles proved to be impossible for me.
I don't think its possible to get 3 stars on every level (like level 78)
 posted in Legendary Slide on Dec 4, 16 7:47 PM
I was on 78 when my computer lost my profile for the 2nd time. Just finished 56 for the 3rd time. I'm going to leave my laptop running until finished. I'd like the scores for those of you that have finished
 posted in Legendary Slide on Dec 3, 16 11:38 AM
I started the game this morning and this stupid laptop somehow lost my profile. I have to start over again. So any post after this level, I would be most grateful.
It will be a wile before I get this far again. I'd hate not to be able to make it to the end.
 posted in Legendary Slide on Dec 2, 16 12:03 PM
I can't seam to find the right combo of tiles to make bridges for the ones far away to meet
 posted in Legendary Slide on Dec 1, 16 10:10 PM
I don't have much advice on 77. I got very lucky and finished in about 10 min.
I just started by randomly clicking on tiles ( mainly on top and upper sides ) just to see where they would go. After a few tries, I knocked out several tiles ( yes the portals were used ) and noted that the sides and upper parts could be used to get around the board Near the end I had the blue 5 & 6 on right at bottom right but needed to swap them. I did this by using lower jumper to stack one on top of each other and now they were ready to go all the way over
to finish. Hope this helps some.
Level 78 has several enclosed areas. Looks like it's going to be very frustrating.OH HOW FUN!!!
 posted in Legendary Slide on Nov 30, 16 9:48 PM
Ok Lyndy 20.Your creep'n me out! I told my son today that I'm having a sense of daja vu on this game especially that I'm on 76. After reading your post,I thought, that's it. i'v played this game before. So I checked my purchase history.But I've never bought it before. SPOOKY
 posted in Legendary Slide on Nov 30, 16 11:45 AM
Yes. When I bought this game I did't realize there were 3 stages.when I got to level 28, I thought game over But it still showed a play button. Yahoo!!! A stage 2. So I looked at the game info it said there are more than 80 levels. Well I suppose there is 84,unless there's a bonus stage. Talk to everyone at the end. Have fun.

 posted in Legendary Slide on Nov 30, 16 12:29 AM
Thanks for the help,but I already got it when I came back from the store.
I looked at it again for only a few and then I felt so stupid. This one was easy compared to some of the other levels lately. I'm going to take a break and hope the dumbness will go away.
 posted in Legendary Slide on Nov 29, 16 11:45 PM
I'm on 73. Looking forward to the end. I hope it will be something spectacular! It would be disappointing if it was just game over
This game is well worth the money and fun too. I usually love playing hidden object games, but it takes me 2 to 4 days to finish. I'v been on this one for 16 days
(or nights or both I hope the devs come out with a Legendary Slide 2
I'v been buying Big Fish Games since Nov. 2009. My first game was 4 Elements.
I was so happy when they came out with 4 Elements 2 a few years later
Well worth the money vs time ratio.

Anyway, happy gaming!
 posted in Legendary Slide on Nov 29, 16 1:02 PM
HELP PLEEEEASE I'm stuck on 71. Everything seems simple enough except for the 9's. To start the 9 on the right seems to have only one move to the area on right.
What in the World am I missing to get the 9 on left all the way over to the right?
Also, I don't see any use for the jumpers.
 posted in Legendary Slide on Nov 29, 16 12:37 AM
Sorry. I must be tired I mint 61 not 67 but got them both. I'm going to bed now.
 posted in Legendary Slide on Nov 28, 16 11:28 PM
Thank you for help on 67 but I already got it early this morning.
Now I'm stuck on 69. I end up with just the yellow 7's and no way to match them up.
I noticed the left, right, and upper parts are wide open for play but it does't seen to help with anything. Thank you for any help
 posted in Legendary Slide on Nov 28, 16 5:12 PM
I'm on 64 now. When I get that far, I will need your help

Something I haven't seen since stage 1 was a level that had tunnels

 posted in Legendary Slide on Nov 28, 16 2:00 AM
I'm still stuck on 61. Not enough keys? What do you do with keys on left side? I have made bridges to get the 2 frozen tiles on left. But it seams I need more tiles on right to make a bridge to get the frozen tile on the lower right. HELP PLEASE!!!!
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