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 posted in Girls with Secrets on Oct 18, 12 3:30 PM
thanks bfgBiwa
I downloaded the game onto a different comp and it worked.
Almost wish it hadn't lol it was so not up to par but nevermind, live and learn
 posted in Girls with Secrets on Oct 16, 12 8:00 PM
just over a little cheesed off.... I downloaded the demo, then downloaded all the added extras I supposidly needed for this game. when they had eventually finished downloading, my free trial time was over????????? how rude is that????
I would buy the game but with all the problems others are having, Im scared to.

why oh why do I not listen to my instinct? I bought the game after all, and when I hit play, all I get is a black screen that plays music *sigh* Im just so very very blonde at times
 posted in Ghost Whisperer™ on Jul 14, 12 7:23 AM
Im on the 2nd story and I can't figure out how to feed the hen or where to get yellow paint from..... help please

Ha! nevermind lol blonde.... give the chicken berries and click on it, egg + egg = yellow
 posted in Elizabeth Find MD: Diagnosis Mystery on Feb 14, 09 5:03 AM
yeah that was my first thought too and I tried that along with everything else in the kit, losing valuable time along the way lol but thanks
 posted in Elizabeth Find MD: Diagnosis Mystery on Feb 14, 09 4:49 AM
hi I need a hint here lol in the ICU it asks for "stomach compresions" how do I do that?
 posted in My Tribe on Dec 20, 08 7:52 PM
does anyone have a picture of this? because I can't figure out where Im supposed to plant the flowers

hehe nevermind lol blonde moment I got it now
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Nov 27, 08 1:12 AM

Im sorry to yell and sorry if its been covered but I searched for hours and found no answer.

In the above puzzle, I only have blank holes in the puzzle board, no images appear. help please.

nevermind I reinstalled it and it fixed the problem
 posted in Mushroom Age on Oct 26, 08 6:44 PM
LizzieK wrote:

You can jump up, down and diagonally. You can also [removed] and redo a move by using the hooked arrow on the bottom right of the page.

diagonally? lol now that makes it much easier thanks heaps
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