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 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 7, 18 8:29 AM
I am at the 80+ levels and am finding them extremely difficult! Does anyone know if these last levels are those "requiring" boosts to complete? I try over and over many times to complete using maybe one boost but just cannot complete them to get the five bombs required to move ahead. If anyone has completed them without boosts please let me know and I will keep trying! Thank you for your response(s).
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Feb 14, 18 4:22 PM
Agree. I made it to level 2 a few times but couldn't get past it without boosts and I am reluctant to use those. IF we could use the "unlimited lives" when we wanted without having to stay in the game for four hours straight to benefit from them I might be tempted to keep playing. But I am hardly ever on the computer for four hours at once and lose the time so - no go for me.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Feb 7, 18 2:25 PM
My computer just notified me today that I needed to install the latest update to continue playing (update from January I assume). I went to the Game Manager and downloaded and installed the update. Now I cannot play at all (Windows 7). When I click on "Play" from the GM nothing happens at all. When I click on the icon for SMAL on my desktop, it goes to the first screen with "play" button on it. When I click on the button, the screen goes kind of dark and "foggy-looking". I can still see the SMAL background but the game won't load. I tried shutting the computer down and restarting it but that doesn't help either. If I uninstall and reinstall the game to see if I can continue playing will I lose my progress? I am currently in world #12. Thank you for any ideas or tips.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Dec 11, 17 3:50 AM
When playing this latest event, I find that I cannot "X" out of the event. If I click on the "X", I get a message re purple fireflies. I tried using all of my three lives to see if I could end the event but still get the message re fireflies. Another area - the top right of the event screen - gives info re blue fireflies. I had to shut down the game to be able to reenter and go back to the map screen.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Dec 5, 17 4:28 PM
Most of the time I hardly get any reward from the the most 5 moves when I am very far from completing the board so the moves are useless - unless I buy more lives. I can't help but wonder if the game is beginning to "phase out". I wouldn't mind spending some real money once in a while if the benefit actually helped progress but that hasn't happened.
Watch the captain and see how many times he raises each of his flags, the do the same with the big flags.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Oct 22, 17 2:53 PM
My short review of the game: It went from good to bad to ugly.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Oct 22, 17 7:26 AM
Quite sad, the newest update. The last few have been bad enough but this one tops them all. As many have mentioned, rewards and coins much less and levels much harder without using boosts. I should have known when I got a "note" re coin special for "beginner package" - or something like that - although I've been playing a really long time, that something significant would be coming. I hardly ever waste a life playing the arena - opponents lives are so much higher than mine it seems impossible. I enjoy the "events" although the rewards there aren't so very good in relation to the newest update. Too, it seems as if in playing a board, I need just a couple more colored flies or a few more points or one more move to finish so it is either start again or buy a boost. I always get duplicates in the packs and still have none for #8 although I have all the rest - selling the duplicates nets much less gold than earlier levels too. I am on area 10 now but it seems - if the past predicts the future - I will never make it further. I know this is a free-to-play game and have absolutely no problem with things getting harder with each world - but slow and steady works well not the huge changes with each update. I played FtW and thoroughly enjoyed it until it was abandoned. I was able to make it through the levels and the very hard puzzles but was able to accumulate enough resources to keep it interesting and fun. Now it is gone. I paid for extra lives in Gummy Drop but after an update months ago, it will not work on my desktop so I lost that money. Again - so sad.
 posted in Free the Witch on Jul 1, 17 4:35 PM
Wish I had looked for this thread days ago! After many tries and failures at trying to pass this level, I found the thread. I used the crystal ball boost, three wands and one hammer. I didn't manually pair up anything - just the boosts and finished first try! Can't believe how many extra moves and other boosts I bought over the past weeks of trying and all for naught! Thank you everyone for your suggestions and advice!!!!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on May 18, 17 5:38 AM
I have 2 messages - one I received a "heart" and one requesting I send one. Then there is a note to insert code for - something. I tried my ID number as code but that didn't work. Is there another code I should be looking for? Thanks for any help! (PS...I am still working on the problem with the Unicorn outfit!)
 posted in Free the Witch on May 18, 17 5:36 AM
thank you for your reply! I really do like Free the Witch and am sorry it has been abandoned. I guess I can keep hoping it will be revived...sometime!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on May 18, 17 5:33 AM
I got the same messages, but when I go to the Game Manager there is a note to install update from there. That is what I did and it updated fine.
 posted in Free the Witch on Apr 25, 17 3:38 PM
I receive these from the "statues" but don't know what they are for! Can anyone help? Also, I have a MIA witch - fifth one, I think - but don't know how to get a witch picture there...I do have subsequent ones though. I love this game since I started it a couple of weeks ago while accumulating enough gold to progress in Sir Match-A-Lot which I also like, but have just seen the notice there will be no further content for Free the Witch - that is sad! (Gummy Drop is a no-go for me...I paid for unlimited lives but the last update will not work on my computer so money gone!)

Thank you if anyone can help with above issues!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 21, 17 3:12 AM
I don't know....I've gotten only 1 non-duplicate in the last three worlds! I still need 3 to finish the album.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 15, 17 6:01 PM
Thank you! I will give it a try!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 14, 17 5:43 PM
In the newest update, there is option for a unicorn outfit. I invited my daughter to play. After she played level 5, we each entered our code and both got a message (something like...already redeemed), but I didn't get the costume and she didn't get the gold.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Mar 31, 17 4:42 PM
I got one new one in the Dunes world (still need 3 to finish album). I got only duplicates in Carnival world and in the world before that.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Mar 29, 17 4:48 PM
eli173 wrote:tj1147, I checked my suits and they all work properly. It's best to contact customer support through the game itself instead of the forum page, according to my experience.

ETA: I play on PC.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Mar 29, 17 4:07 PM
Fred - have you had any difficulty with getting different outfits? Even though I click on a particular one it skips around to something else. I cannot go "in order" because as soon as I click on the first one, it goes to something else - there are only two or three the game will let me select. I have sent TS a note but haven't heard back yet. Thanks!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Mar 29, 17 1:59 PM
Version from today...The "outfits" aren't working correctly. If I click on one it goes to a different one...I cannot select the one I want for the arena or for the levels themselves.
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