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 posted in Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Beanstalk Collector's Edition on Oct 20, 13 12:20 AM
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 posted in Corpatros: The Hidden Village on Jul 3, 13 9:18 AM
Those games ARE playable !!! They make me remember the good old adventure games... (without HO's...don't like those) ...No hints, no maps, no walkthrough's...I remember being stuck for days sometimes !!! Now we are spoiled and we don't think anymore. A friend of mine has the game, I played it, and I loved it ! The puzzles are great and the person (read a comment here on BF) who played this one in two hours must have skipped everything, because those puzzles, most of the time, are difficult !!! Let's go back to those games, maybe we will learn again to use our brains a bit more as we did years ago !
 posted in The Promised Land on Jul 11, 12 7:12 AM
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 posted in The Promised Land on Jul 11, 12 4:04 AM
My daughter bought this game a few weeks ago and I have played it entirely two times now...I think it is the best and nicest building game ever that was made, but don't expect to finish the game in a few hours. It wil take you several days (even if you play for 5-6 hours a day)
You must follow the instructions of the tutorial and they are very clear ! When the tutorial is finished you can go on without instructions anymore !
Give this game a chance, because it is at least as good as the settlers...and when the game is over, you can still play with your colony for ever and ever !
 posted in The Book of Desires on Apr 17, 12 1:12 AM
I have played the game at my daughter's house and I must say that this is a beautiful little game. The story is nice, the music is nice, the hog (not too many) are normal, and the puzzles are great. They are not as easy as I read from some other fishies... The game was not very long, but I spent a lot of time solving some puzzles. They are very original and I think you should buy the game, because its a great no CE one !

 posted in Syberia - Part 1 on Feb 28, 12 3:34 AM
I have played that adventure game a long time ago and this is a great one... I read "too short"... I played days on that game... (the full version) !!! If someone needs a walkthrough, there are plenty on the web. Believe me, they don't make games like this one anymore. I'm in need for great adventure games and I'm sure out there, there are plenty of people like me
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico on Nov 25, 11 1:13 PM
DELLS148 wrote:I wish BF would put the SE out before the CE I personally don't like playing the CE first ,playing the SE after the CE is like playing a repeat of the same game and you already know what the ending is so why bother, I'am just saying this is my opinion
The SE is for people who don't want to spend a lot of money for the game, and who don't care for a bonusgame, screensavers etc.... Nobody buys and the CE and the SE... They just download the trial and then decide what they are going to do ...If the SE came before de CE, nobody would buy the CE...!!!
 posted in Creepy Tales: Lost in Vasel Land on Nov 7, 11 12:33 AM
Same for me. It seems to be a good game, but the graphics and the cursor make it practically impossible to play !
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 11 6:59 AM
tatsu1952 wrote:At the risk of being lynched, I have to say I had no problem d/ling the game I've played the full demo and here's a few of my thoughts:
1. starts off with a car crash - how terribly original
2. lots of running around
3. my inventory is full of stuff I can't use (and I'm playing it as per the guide)
4. no voice overs - surely this is a must for CEs?
5. (possible spoiler) there are spiders and rats that pop out at you in a BIG way. Gave me a fright and I'm not scared of them.

6. HOG scenes are a bit dark but not all that 'junk pile' IMO
7. no option for difficulty which may annoy some

Honestly, ever since The Maze came out - and was over 900mb - I've been very disallusioned (sp?) by CEs. In fact, I haven't bought one since.

As for this game - it just didn't grab me. IMO, just 'same old, same old'. Others will disagree and I look forward to their reviews

No,I totally agree with you. I loved the maze and it wasn't even a CE...but I bought the last "drawn" and even if the game is on the short side, it is so beautiful, that I could play it a lot of times without being, sometimes a good game... but not as often as I would like !!!
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 11 2:46 AM
Same problem here... There is no download possibility nor for this game nor for another one... but when reading the contents of the game...this MUST be a contest, or a work from students.. : carcrash - ghosts - fog - people missing -
Why do we have to pay so much for this ????
Bigfish...I loved you once, but I think I'm going to stop paying each month for those stupid games !!!!
- Raska -
Almost the same story as "gardians of beyond witchville". I played the demo and like this one more than the "gardians...) Puzzles are better, hog are clear, objects are easy to find and there is something special with a card you need to find first, the definition is much better on my computer (1920-1080). If I have to buy one of those two I definitely choose for this one...but...I'll wait till the se comes out, because everything is a CE now...and there are voice overs ok...but not for every scene...
PS Hope there will not be a third fog/acccident/witch game in a few days...Was there a work for students with those three subjects perhaps ???
- Raska -
I didn't like the other games of the serie, but I think I'll like this one...although there are a lot of HOG (and not easy to find the objects), but the story is interesting and the puzzles are difficult...(I love to spend time on puzzles instead of looking for objects)... I'll wait till the SE comes out of course, since I refuse to pay double of the prize for a bonus chapter...(most of the time they aren't even good) and I don't need music, nor screensavers,etc...
Please be indulgent with my english since I'm a belgian girl

 posted in Urban Legends: The Maze on Sep 17, 11 1:48 AM
At last a good game at a "bigfish" price... because I'm tired of the policy bigfish is following for a while now : crap for one coupon and a good little game (I call it small, since you cannot compare with real adventure games) for two coupons... I will never buy one of those CE games..I don't need those extra's or a bit of an extra game that doesn't fit in the game itself or that does fit, but was cut from the original game, just to make it more expensive !
Please bigfish, don't forget that hog are 4 or 5 hours of playing with at least 2 hours of looking for stupid objects...
So, thank you for this game !
 posted in Isla Dorada - Episode 1: The Sands of Ephranis on Sep 4, 11 12:53 AM
Is this the endwork of some student ? Beautiful graphics and....that's it !
 posted in Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost on Aug 25, 11 9:02 AM
What a beautiful little game. I love the music, the graphics, the humor, the dark side, the puzzles... A+ for me !
 posted in Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost on Aug 25, 11 8:33 AM
woodspinner wrote:Way too short! Without using the guide, but in casual mode, I finished three ghosts in the hour trial. I don't buy two hour games.

I think you skip puzzles, since some of them are so difficult, you can't possibly finish three ghosts in one hour trial... well that's my opinion and I'm used to difficult adventure games...
 posted in Spirit Soup: The Queensbury Curse on Aug 22, 11 7:08 AM
I loved this game. Not a lot of HOG = great... Looks more like an adventure game, but with more puzzles in it...= great. A bit short, but you can play a lot of bonus puzzles after you finished the game... = great too.
A lot of humor, good music, great art... More of those please
- Raska -
 posted in Grim Tales: The Bride Collector's Edition on Aug 8, 11 3:31 AM
Finished too, but in more than eight hours, since I did only skip one or two puzzles and didn't look in the strategy guide... I say "finished" but I still have to play the bonus game...A lot of puzzles..( I peeped in the guide to see how long it was)
The game is great, there are not to many hog and there are a lot of puzzles, from very easy to very difficult.
The story however is very stupid, but who cares about the story... Give me more games like this one... I love it !
 posted in Grim Tales: The Bride Collector's Edition on Aug 5, 11 12:16 PM
I have the same problem. I started over again with another name...Don't know yet if it will work out this time...!!!
Well, it will not be a buy for me ! I agree : The graphics are beautiful, the story is great, there are voices (not great ones, but ok) and the music is not ennoying. There are puzzles too, but they are very easy, not very interesting and always the same patterns... but....but... the biggest NO for me is the clicking... I wonder if the clicking wasn't there, how long the game would be.... half an hour ? And if the hint button wasn't there for those parts to find...three months !!!!
No,no, no... I'm so sorry.... makers of Macabre Mysteries and the previous game. There is talent in your team...maybe to make a "real game" next time ?
- Raska-
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