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 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 19, 16 8:56 AM
lost all of my friends will the new update! would like my friends back, my friend code is 620585
 posted in Wanderland on Jun 9, 16 7:30 PM
new quests but still moving at a snails pace and still not responding and still play for 5 minutes or 10 if i am lucky before shutting down and still takes bout 5 min. to load being as it doesnt want to respond. nothing is fixed as far as performance goes. that is more important if you want to play the game
 posted in Wanderland on Jun 8, 16 5:50 PM
well its been awhile now and still nothing has been done to fix this game. now instead of playing for 30 min. i can only play for 5 without it shutting off. this is what it says before shutting says wanderland not responding. then wanderland has stopped working. it says a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. windows will notify you if a solution is available. another box pops up and says: THIS APPLICATION HAS REQUESTED THE RUNTIME TO TERMINATE IT IN AN UNUSUAL WAY. PLEASE CONTACT THE APPLICATIONS SUPPORT TEAM FOR MORE INFORMATION! which i have tried many times and also with a dr. felix report. i have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. why cant someone fix this game. guess i will look for another game club. at least try to do something. is that asking too much?
 posted in Wanderland on Jun 2, 16 9:17 PM
i have sent a dr felix report. i have tried everything there is to get this game to run but there are so many glitches in this game and dont look like anything is being done to fix them. i have never played a game that aggravates me like this one. this game runs very slow as like a snail and when it decides to cut off leaves you with having to redo everything you just done. just wondering if anyone knows how to fix it?
 posted in Wanderland on May 4, 16 8:31 PM
i am having problems with runtime also. game will play very slowly and screen will white out and says wanderland not responding. comes and goes whole time i am trying to play and everything moves very slow and after about 10 minutes or less get error message game terminated and i lose the few items i have accumulated in this time including diamonds and money. also have to complete same tasks over again . and i have no open portals
 posted in Wanderland on Mar 22, 16 2:36 PM
locked portals for monthes and no quests for monthes. level 106. please fix this.
 posted in Wanderland on Mar 17, 16 3:24 PM
and if your portals arent open? why arent they open? any suggestions would be truly appreciated
 posted in Wanderland on Mar 16, 16 10:32 AM
when will they reopen?
 posted in Wanderland on Mar 16, 16 10:24 AM
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 posted in Wanderland on Jan 18, 16 5:08 PM
have completed 486 quests and havent received any new ones in about a week. i am on level 99. all quests are completed. does anyone know when there will be an update?
 posted in Wanderland on Jan 18, 16 2:38 PM
I think its time for new quests! Have completed 486 and havent seen a new one in a week. Hope this game is not like some i have played that truly enjoyed and updates got farther and farther apart until there was none. would like to be able to complete this game. Since the magic well is no longer magic what will be taken away next?
 posted in Wanderland on Dec 10, 15 6:01 PM
can not get turgs or skeletons to reappear. might be problems with mummies and ogres and gremlins too! dont have anything left in the game but these. others are gone and dont appear again
 posted in Wanderland on Dec 10, 15 5:58 PM
thank you very much. I tried that and it still doesnt work for me. all i have left is mummies, ogres and gremlins
 posted in Wanderland on Dec 10, 15 12:36 PM
still dont understand why it is taking so long to reappear the turgs and bones. the time of wait for them is unreasonable. this makes the game very boring when there is nothing yo do but wait
 posted in Wanderland on Dec 9, 15 6:36 PM
i see that the problem with the treasure was fixed and am able to dig now. still not showing up for battle the monsters. Hopefully you are working on that. guess my game will get some rest until that is fixed because i cant complete quests.
 posted in Wanderland on Dec 8, 15 7:35 PM
since the update fight the enemies and they never return to the map. where are they? how are we supposed to complete a quest if there is no one to battle?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 22, 14 12:32 PM
when is there going to be an update? been on level 44 for a long time and cant advance until the next update. getting very bored with this game
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 17, 14 11:21 AM
cant get past level 24. when will there be an update?
 posted in Farm Up on Apr 15, 14 12:13 PM
does anyone know when there will be an update for this game?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 15, 14 12:10 PM
does anyone know when there will be an update?
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