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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 5, 18 8:49 AM
Nuts to all!

Don't go nuts right now...going (getting) NUTS is the next task.

In fact, we will all be going NUTS 5 times!

Looking forward to a nutty challenge...
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 18, 18 5:17 AM
HI Katiek. My good wishes, I send everyday. Please, have a speedy and painless recovery.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 10, 18 4:47 PM
mumma_1 wrote:
ooh yeah.....maybe a portal to somewhere else .....but where?

It could lead to the fake Castle and all of it's intrigues....

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 8, 18 4:09 PM
Done with 2 green stamps from Bunny Boy and one green stamp from Bunny Girl!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 5, 18 3:20 PM
Anabel replies..."Beat it for now.Come back when you have more to offer!"
(being silly...She does say to come back with next update. Score is 5975/6720.)
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 5, 18 2:41 PM
AEGram wrote: This sounds like a Midnight Castle Anonymous meeting.....

It definitely feels like a confession to me....a naughty secret.

Hi my name is lj...and I am addicted to this game by playing it...
139 days 15 hours 30 min
2819 character quests completed (I am on level 84....Why is my number significantly less?)
31,022 HOSs completed
29,010 flowers snatched!
94% of achievements completed

whew....I'm tired just typing it.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 4, 18 12:16 AM
Hi Ada,

Best wishes to your sister for her pain and discomfort to diminish quickly..

Glad you are weathering the storm. I hate our winds here because of the noise but it never gets as strong as those you just went through. Happy to know you are ok.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 3, 18 8:43 AM
Hi to all. Been away from forum and game for a few days with unfortunate family issues.

My forum name was created just because it was easy to remember and at the time I had no reason to use a forum. I was using it to manage my BFG account. Bought games nearly every month for a lot of years...mostly to take my mind off of the job I didn't like. LJM=my initials, 5091=my birth year. Also didn't understand it couldn't be changed.

My game name is my indulgence is explaining how it came about. Many eons ago, my sister replied to an email to my niece with a typo--Mom was typed Momo. My niece continued to refer to her as Momo and her dad became Papo.

She refers to me as her second Mom because she spent lots of summer vacations with me as she grew up and before she went off to college. She never called me Aunt Linda..always just Linda (I had given her permission).

In her adult years, she began calling me Auntie Linda so that when she had her first son, she wanted him to know I was his great aunt and gave me the name of Grauntie Linda and my husband was Gruncle. I now have two great nephews and I am just Grauntie or Grauntie Linda.

I love spending time with those boys, often playing board games or making up lyrics to melodies they don't know. They love word play as much as I do and they are always up for an extemporaneous story that may or may not relate to what we are doing at the time.

I often refer to myself as lj in my games because i never had a nickname and I like the shortness of the two initials!

Have a great day in the Castle!

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 27, 18 3:04 PM
Slumbering Vampire

drkgordon wrote on Jan 22, 18 4:49 PM

Well, I finally have to just say it. I LOVE THE SLUMBERING VAMPIRE!
When his eyes's soooo creepy.

drkgordoin....I agree. The Slumbering Vampire IS CREEPY. So much so for me, I don't want to look at him again. I am extremely careful when clicking near his face. He is creepy enough to give me the 'willies' and every other thing that makes you hope you never meet him in your nightmares.

eeewwwww....NO thank you!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 13, 18 1:53 PM
Dear Ada,

I will keep you close in my heart during this sad time. Grieve, as you must and share yourself with us when you are able.

Take care my friend.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 6, 18 7:24 AM
The Mine Cart is in the Town area of the map. Gnome Kitchen is in Cloud City.

When you get access to these areas can be found in the New Strategy Guide on the first page of this forum. Here is the link for all the help you may need.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 4, 18 2:04 PM
Captain, so, so happy you are here to lead us in 'battle'.

I want to assure you I am ready to rescue our lovable PTG in this blasted state of ‘freezing your nose, fingers, toes and *ss-off weather’. However...I am a tiny bit worried about the oil...

When we obtained the oil, we were given a choice of only cooking oil. The oil given to us to use was the proper viscosity for oil in a warm kitchen.

Once we brought it outside to the coldest day in Castle history, it decided to become the viscosity of frozen fat in January....! Lumpy, Clumpy, and Nada...on the viscosity!

Our beautiful, golden, pourable oil is now a white-ishly-opaque, lard color. Scoopable at best. Sliceable maybe. Set off as a fat bomb, totally.

Otherwise, we are ready to fight the good fight!

Oh...., and someone might want to let THE broom out. It is attempting to cleave itself on its leash.

It could be useful to help us get PTG out of the clammy hands of the bumptious head of the Idiota brigade.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 3, 18 2:16 PM
Hi Frogcastle!

Wishing for a speedy recovery in the Castle.

I will be waiting until you give us the signal that you are back.

BTW---love your game name.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 2, 18 7:51 AM

I reread it twice. Good thing I was never a proofreader.

Thanks for giving me the benefit of the autocorrect feature.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 2, 18 7:34 AM
Just sent you an invitation.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 2, 18 7:27 AM
Hi pasthymes1.

There are many ways to collect the brown (Unique) stamp.
They can be found:
completing HOS
sending airships
feeding pets - I have collected a lot from doing this
playing LuckyDiamond
playing the Fortune Wheel - just got one this morning on first spin
putting them on your wishlist - friends can be very generous
collecting snowflakes
playing guess-your-best with the puzzles - can be done successfully

There are probably other ways I have forgotten.
Good luck
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 2, 18 7:15 AM
AuntieRoo....I have to question your questioning of SMORES!

You must have graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars in good ole London???
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 31, 17 9:18 PM
Many, many of us are holding at level 82. I am content to wait for new content. There are always things to keep me busy in the Castle besides leveling up and character quests.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 31, 17 9:14 PM
The fire is still burning and won't be continued until January 7th. It is burning in an unpopulated area.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 31, 17 8:55 PM
Looking up from my unreadable poems, I see that the tearoom is filling up with newcomers....uhh...and......Frosty the Snowman? No corncob pipe or button nose but his eyes are made of two burning coals melting the head-part of him quickly.

I have never witnessed a walking, talking snowman like Frosty! He is a sight to behold. I am glad I am not near enough to hear what he is muttering, though. His plodding, sodden movement with arms akimbo on his snowman hips give assurance of frozen displeasure.

He may have gotten too much exposure to the slushy snow. Poor little lamb!

Someone should get him some tea. With his scraggly prop of a broom..... utoh.... it’s PTG! Medic!!! Bring the frosty-man some hot tea. No, don’t let him sip it !!!...dump it on him! Melt his shell of snow!

Angel is busy with her sketchpad but Captain Randy and Mrs. Fletcher guide the dripping PTG to the most comfortable chair in the room. They get him snug in the hot seat placed in front of the fire. At his current rate of drippage, he should be dry in another day or so.
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