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Jess ringed the bell twice. A voice rang from inside. "Kato! Open the door and if its that old buffoon who wants to buy our precious collectibles, give him a kick from me!" someone shouted from inside. Jess adjusted Penna in her hands.

The door opened and Kato walked out. "Oh! Hey Jess... Who's that in your arms?" she smiled and held out her little finger for Penna to hold. "You got a baby!" Kato exclaimed. "Who is it, Kato?" Basilica shouted from inside.

She immediately joined Kato."This baby is so cute!" Basilica gaped, as Penna smiled at her. "Hold her!" said Jess, as she handed the bundle to Basilica. "Bingo!" she shouted, as she held Baby Penna.

"Yes, dear?" Bingo said, as he came to the front door. "My, my! Jess! We didn't know you got married!" Bingo said, as he held the baby. "I am sorry! I didn't introduce Metro to you, did I?" Jess said, as she again held Penna.

"No, you didn't" Kato said, rubbing Penna's hair. "How about tea today?" Jess asked, with a smile. "That would be wonderful!" said Basilica, beaming at Jess.

"Sweetheart! I am home!" Jess said, as she closed the front door. "Hey, that was quick!" Metro said, as he walked out of the office. "But I have some work for you!" Jess said, as she sat on the couch. "What is it?" asked Metro, switching on the TV.

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Jess returned immediately and they celebrated their marriage and they got a tiny present at the end. YES! Jess gave birth to the cutest girl ever who looked so much like her sister Electra. She had black, long hair. Her eyes were green and so large.

Jess loved Baby Pennella- they decided to call her Penna in short. Metro was so fond of his little girl that he bought a yellow gift for her as soon as she was born. She smiled at daddy and both Jess and Metro melted.

Jess wanted to work right away, but Metro stopped her and told her to relax. He would make the money. He made breakfast as Jess changed Penna's diapers. He gulped down his breakfast and went to the office to review some new games.

Jess changed the baby's diapers and ate something herself. Then she picked up Little Penny in her hands and went to the office. "Hey sweetie! How's Penna?" Metro asked, while working. "She's alright! I'm taking her to the neighbors!"

"Be careful!" Metro warned. "Yesterday, they sent us a mail about some weather machine!" Metro told her. "No, they live before us- I am going to Bingo and Basilica's house!" Jess explained and Metro nodded.

"Come back before snacks!" Metro shouted as Jess left the house.
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It was Metro's time to cringe. His wife had just served the wedding cake and he didn't know how to eat it. It was brown, burnt and had a really bad smell coming from it. He forced a slice into his mouth, and immediately regretted it.

But since he didn't want to be divorced, an hour after their marriage, he resisted the urge to spit the food out. "This is the best cake ever!" he said, after a pause. Jess rolled her eyes. "I want our relationship to be honest and this is the worst cake ever!" she told him.

"No comments but I'll make breakfast from now on! OK?" asked Metro. Jess shrugged. "As long as you are good at cooking!" she said. "I am sleepy!" she decided, as the clock struck 12.

"Sleeping already?" Metro asked, with a naughty smile on his face. Jess didn't get his comment and went to get some sleep but I got his comment, so i bought some good perfume and sprayed it on Metro.

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It was a marriage proposal, yet again. This time she looked at the man's photo before his details. He looked very handsome with his brown eyes and a gorgeous smile. He had brown hair unlike her. His name was Metro.

He was a Video Game Reviewer and he earned 60. He was 24 (an year elder than her) and he thought having kids would be nice, just like her. She liked him and he would help her economically because he had 645 in his bank. So she clicked accept.

Before he could arrive, she ran to the mirror and fixed her hair and dress. She quickly piled the french omelette into the fridge and saw Lilila and Mime watching a red Ferrari. "That is him!" she said to herself and walked gracefully till the door.

She put a smile on her face and opened the door. In the photo, he looked good- now he looked drop-dead gorgeous and handsome. He was wearing a black suit and was holding a blood-red rose. Jess blushed as he embraced her.

"So you are Metro!" Jess whispered, looking down. She cringed. She didn't know how to talk. "And you are... Jess!" he said, staring into her eyes. She nodded, somewhat awkwardly.

"How about I make a cake for you?" Jess asked him, as they entered the kitchen. "I thought you didn't like cooking." Metro commented, as he sat on the couch. "Well, I don't like it but I can't help it, can I?" she said, as she took the materials from the fridge.

She cringed again. She hadn't read any of his likes or dislikes. She made the cake as Metro caught some news on the TV in the kitchen. "Finished!" she announced an hour later as she kept the cake on the table. "Wow! Looks tasty!" said Metro, rubbing his hands.

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Sorry, I stopped pretty abruptly.

"Now I know why Papa used to have an upset stomach, most of the time!" Jess muttered, as she swallowed her 'French Omelette'. "Ugh, this is absolutely disgusting!" she said and then the bell rang.

"Thankfully!" she thought to herself and ran to open the door. "Good morning, miss! Do you want to buy some magazines for 20?" a tiny girl, asked her. "What magazines?" asked Jess. "Not allowed to tell" the girl told her, pointing to the wagon behind her.

Jess bought them, hoping they would be useful. As soon as she opened the book, she got a promotion. It was a career upgrade book! Jess smiled gratefully- the extra money could come in handy. And then suddenly, she got another email. BLING!

Jesse walked over to the computer and clicked the email. - More coming up


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The next morning, Jess got up when she heard someone knocking on the door. "Coming!" she yawned and opened the door.

"Hello!" an adorable girl of eight greeted her. "We are selling popcorn for our charity center!" she said and grinned. "I see!" Jess smiled. "Well, take this 20 dollar check!" she said and took the popcorn from the child.

Since, popcorn wasn't such a great breakfast- Jess made some breakfast herself. "Now I know why Papa used to have an upset stomach, most of the time!"
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Jess came back from her neighbor's house at 8:55. She staggered and fell on top of her couch. She was very tired, all of a sudden. But thankfully, she had finished her dinner in Bingo's house. She wasn't feeling very fresh, so she took a hot bath and flossed her teeth.

Before she fell on top of her bed, she got an email from someone. "Gosh!" groaned Jess. She walked till the office with difficulty and fell on the chair. She clicked on the mail and (guess what?) It was a marriage proposal.

Jess was creeping out by looking at the guys details. His name was Squirrel and he was an Accountant. He was 21 (2 years younger than her) and he hated children. But his looks were what disgusted her.

He had blue spikes which were oiled down. "Ugh!" she groaned, but this time it was disgust. "I am not marrying him!" she decided, rejecting him.

She went up to her bedroom and jumped into her cozy bed and fell asleep.

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Basilica went over to the cabinet below the TV and opened it. Jess saw a huge variety of CDS from Turtle Adventures to the Magic Barker. "Oh my god!" exclaimed Jess. Kato stifled a laugh and Benghi couldn't control it.

"Dad and Mime are fans of these CD'S. They buy them every time, we visit the Flea Market!" Benghi told Jess. Suddenly, they heard a roar of an engine. "Bingo's here!" said Basilica, as she went to the open the door.

A bald man entered the house with a lot of grocery bags. "Dear- I brought everything you wanted! Is Jess here, yet?" he asked, as he sat on the couch. "Yes she is here!" replied Jess, as she hugged Bingo.

"Jess, dear! How lovely to see you!" Bingo said, as he patted Jess's cheeks. "You know her?" asked Basilica, as she placed all the bags on the kitchen counter. "Of course, I know her!" exclaimed Bingo.

"She and Electra are the younger sisters I never had!" Bingo said with a smile.
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Jess heard a creak from the staircase behind her. She turned her head and saw a handsome boy emerge from behind. "This is my eldest son- Benghi! He's 18 and in less than a year, he'll be off to college!" said Basilica proudly.

Benghi had long hair which was blonde and untidily kept. He had green eyes and a different look all together.

"And, of course, this is Kato! 16 and extremely clever!" Jess liked Kato a lot. She had short, brown hair which was neatly kept and her eyes were dark blue like her mother's. She didn't resemble Benghi in any way, though.

"Lilila is next, isn't she?" asked Jess. "Oh, yes! I guess she's still up in the Pet Room!" Basilica sighed. "The poor girl is obsessed with animals! Anyway, the next one is Mime!" Basilica beckoned the girl behind the couch but she shook head wildly.

"Mime, dear! Come on!" Basilica urged her. Kato slowly went behind her and picked her up by the waist. "NO, NO, NO!" she shouted, as Kato placed her on a high stool by which she couldn't get off. "Mama..." she whined unhappily.

"This is Mime. She is just 4 so doesn't really like meeting new people!" Basilica said, apologetically. Jess looked at Mime and saw herself looking at mirror. Mime looked just like her. She had the same curls and the same 'fed-up' look. But she had brown hair and blue eyes while Jess had blonde hair and green eyes.

"Mime, I got a present for you..." Jess said, slowly. Mime's angry face suddenly turned excited. "What is it? What is it?!" she said, and looked at Jess with a grin on her face. Basilica clicked her tongue in an unhappy way.

"You shouldn't have, Jess!" she said. I gave Mime the CDS and she whooped with joy. "Mama, look! Turtle adventures and Pluto, the loneliest planet!" she said, as she jumped on the sofa.
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Jess took a deep breath and rang the doorbell twice. A young girl opened the door. "Yes?" she asked. "Um.. I am Jess... Your neighbor" she said, smiling. "Yes, of course! Mama told us that you would be coming!" she said, opening the door wider.

"I am Kato!" the girl told Jess. "Second eldest at 16" she told her proudly. Jess nodded and looked around the big house. The house was just HUGE. The first room was the Game Room, where all the board games and video games were kept.

The second bedroom had four beds. And then came the hall. "This is our living room, its huge isn't it?" asked Kato, as she led Jess into the hall.

"Good evening, dear!" greeted Basilica, who was dusting the furniture. She stopped cleaning and pointed to the armchair. "I made Benghi get this armchair from the attic. Its comfortable, isn't it?" Basilica asked, as she handed a cup of hot chocolate to Jess.

"Yes, it is!" she said, stretching her back. Then she became straight again. "You didn't introduce me to your family!" she said, spotting a young girl behind the couch. "Oh yes!" Basilica exclaimed. "Benghi! Kato! Lilila and Mime, come here!" shouted Basilica. - More coming up


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As I was saying, Chief Dama had noticed City's bulging stomach. He asked her the reason for her becoming fat. "Oh! Its nothing, Chief!" she said, laughing hysterically. "I happened to spot a lot of sweet berries on the bush, last night! So I feasted on it!"

The chief looked at City suspiciously. But then Aito rushed inside the hall (which Dama used as his office). "Chief! Monkeys!" he shouted, as he hurried inside. "What?!" Chief asked. "Yes, yes! The monkey's are ruining our project!"

I jumped up and ran to my research table. The monkey's were indeed eating and scratching our project. The Chief and Aito were wasting their time, trying to chase the monkeys.

I immediately took some bananas from the bin and threw them where the monkey's could see them. The monkey's jumped off the research table and Aito and Amago quickly pushed the tables into the hut and closed the door.

The monkey's quickly left as they saw their entertainment gone. "Quick thinking back there, Aisha..." said Chief panting and drinking some water.

After he had regained his composure, he smiled at me. "Tell me, dear! I will fulfill your wish, whatever it is!". I glanced at City, who was covering her stomach with a scarf.
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Today, Chief Dama had noticed City's bulging stomach. Me and my friend Coral are healers and we were the one who told City that she was pregnant. City was dreadfully anxious.

I felt bad for City, she had been a mother since she was 16. At 16, she gave birth to Amago's daughter Aloha.

From then on, she had nothing to do except spend time near the waterfall while Amago was working and spend time with him, in his cottage, when he wasn't working.

When City was 18 (my age) she had dared to break the rule. She got pregnant with a baby boy who was Aito's (her then love interest) son. The chief decided to kill the boy on our Village Festival in the public.

Everyone except City assembled there. Amago (who was furious with City) dragged her to the sacrificial altar. The chief looked at everyone with anger in his eyes.

"This child!" he said, shaking the kid in front of everyone. "is a mistake!". City sobbed. He said some more words about City's indiscipline. "And this child does not have space in this village!" he said. City gasped as the child was placed in a big bucket.

"We will not kill the child. No!" he whispered, as his voice softened. "For, he is innocent and does not deserve such fate BUT.." his voice returned to the loud pitch. "If City or anyone else dares to do such a thing again... their child will be killed!"

Chief Dama had placed the child in the water and he floated away. City did not have the heart to say a thing and she sat by the water, the whole night, tears falling in the water. I was only ten years then but I understood one thing that night:

Chief Dama was not a person to mess with!

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Our village, Isola is a big and marvelous place. The tribal flowers to the huge waterfall ,everything is amazing. Our first village had been destroyed by a volcano, but the village elders had somehow escaped and found another village to live in.

They had found poor innocent children, hanging around near the waterfall. Though, the volcano had been followed by three whole generations, the village is still the same: Beautiful and mesmerizing.

The other villages are way younger than ours but their population is greater, probably because their village has more than three mothers!

Our chief Dama had made a rule, when he had gained power: The village population would never be greater than 10 people. So he appointed only one person as the mother.

But our chief is going to be proven wrong because City (the mother) is pregnant with the village's eleventh child. The father of the child is Amago (City's boyfriend)

However the chief does not know about City and Amago, nor their unborn child but City will undoubtedly be getting fat soon.
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Share your Virtual Villagers story in this thread. Explore your imagination and write ANYTHING! (I am not changing the names)

So in my village there are 10 people. I'll be writing about them.

1. Aida (18) Female Research, Healer

2. Aito (26) Male Research

3.Aisha (18) Female Research, Healer

4. Aloha (10) Female Research

5. Amago (29) Male Builder

6 Amao (16) Male Builder

7. Amiri (19) Male Builder

8. City (26) Female Mother

9. Coral (21) Female Healer

10. Dama (46) Male Chief

The story will be written in Aisha's point of view.

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Jess decided to start working on her career the next day. Meanwhile, she got herself ready for the tea time invitation. I bought her a new dress, since she was so excited and she smiled at me gratefully. What better way to impress your neighbors than wear a brand new dress?

Before wearing the new dress, I made her take a bath and then she wore the beautiful dress. Jess looked mesmerizing in her outfit and the matching pumps. Then she dressed for sometime, before she wanted to get something for the four kids.

Since, she had some spare CDS of 'Pluto, the loneliest Planet', she decided to give those. Then Jess heard an Engine outside. She went and checked in the door hole.

She saw two men in black tuxedo's holding a package. Jess had always been the risk taker, so she opened the door. The men awkwardly handed her the package and went away. "Thank you?" she muttered, as she opened the package.

They had given her a clock! The clock showed the time as 5:58. Two more minutes till tea time. She placed the clock in her dad's favorite armchair and rushed to her neighbors door. More coming up-

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"Why! Hello, dear!" she said, patting Jess's cheeks. "You must be Old Lily's daughter!" she exclaimed. "You knew her?" Jess asked, as she smiled at the lady.

"Certainly! The poor soul! Died yesterday, didn't she? Just an year ago, I remember- her husband died!" the woman said, sighing. "To sum it up, Crisono had a better memory than Lily! Poor woman, knocking up things!"the woman said.

"I used to hear her dropping items in the middle of the night. Used to keep a watch, so that she didn't fall from the stairs!" she told Jess. "Thank you!" Jess said. "Electra and me could never visit her but.. thank you for taking care of her!"

"Nonsense, dear!" the woman said, waving her hand. "My name is Basilica! I live right here with my husband and four kids!" she said.

"Four kids!" Jess exclaimed. "That must be hard, right?" she asked. "Well, I am a Chewing Gum Designer, but I didn't earn much by doing that... So I take care of the kids rather than work on Chewing Gum! Dear, why don't you drop in our house at tea time and even Bingo will be back by then! He's gone to the super market!"

Jess nodded, enthusiastically. The woman took Lilila's hand and went into the home. Jess smiled at Basilica- she liked the plump, chubby woman.

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Your stories are too good, Love! I hope Sophie does get her wish And guys... don't mind me but I am gonna use my imagination from now on.

Jess entered the house. It was too silent for her liking. When Electra was there, the house was loud and fun but now Electra had married and she even had kids. That was surprising since Electra had always hated kids.

Jess was 23 years old with a successful job. She was a Graphic Designer and she earned a lot of money. Her golden curls were more beautiful than ever. She looked around the room and took a deep breath.

She was filled with remorse. She had sent many messages to her parents but never once, had she visited her parents before their death.

She took a small tour in the house. Her mother had kept the house, very tidy. All the things were arranged and kept well. When she finished seeing the inside of the house, she took a stroll in the garden. "Why! You must be our new neighbor!" said someone behind Jess. Jess turned back and saw a little girl smiling at her.

Two of the girl's teeth were missing. "Well, hello!" said Jess. "Lilila!? Darling, where are you?" an elderly woman's voice sprang from inside the house. The girl sighed. The woman came outside and looked around. She spotted the girl standing near the fence. She immediately came to the fence and smiled sweetly at Jess. - More coming up


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I am really happy about Friana, Gwen. Let me continue my story.

So after two years Cris suddenly died at the feeble age of 59. Lily was heartbroken but having nothing else to do, worked day and night. The TV was dusty and so was the treadmill since no one used it anymore. When Lily herself turned 59, her memory turned very weak. She couldn't sleep and she spent a lot of time seeing photo albums. I gave her some warm chamomile drink and she slept peacefully without being disturbed for the rest of the night.

Unfortunately, the next day, when I opened the game, I found out that she had passed away in her sleep. I felt so dreadful for not giving her some multivitamins. Then I immediately thought of calling Electra but since she had got married, I had to call Jess (I liked Jess more )
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All people playing Virtual Families must have noticed this glitch! So, when my peeps-Lilila and Stephory died, their eldest daughter Marila was 24 and their youngest daughter Lily was 29. How is the younger daughter elder than the eldest daughter?
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The next day was certainly better for everyone. Electra was getting married! Jess was reading her favorite magazine and Lily was practicing some Tai Chi in the yard when Cris read out from the pop up mail. "GUYS! Electra is getting married!" Lily and Jess immediately ran to the office and saw the mail where Electra said she had 'met someone special and he had proposed and she couldn't say no!'. Everyone was very happy and apparently the marriage happened the very same day!

A few days later Jess went to college and the parents again felt lonely. Their hair had become dark grey. The couple had no time to look at each other because they worked the whole time. They kept in touch with their daughters with mails. In their late 50's they started excising with the treadmill and the yoga equipment to live till 65.
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