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 posted in Yuletide Legends: Frozen Hearts Collector's Edition on Jan 5, 18 12:29 PM
I am using Windows 10 on an Acer Aspire 5532. I'm not sure what else you may need about my laptop.

While playing the game it was playing fine until towards the end. In Chapter 4: The Bridge, I think it was the torch of hope (?), there is a mini game where you have to paint the picture. The shape looks kind of like a butterfly and has a young Tempest on the left and a grown Tempest on the right. By the elbow of the grown Tempest there is a section that is supposed to be painted purple. I could not highlight that piece to color it. I had to skip the mini game since I could not get it to highlight.

After I completed the game I played the bonus game. At the beginning, on the message board to the right, there is a note. The second sentence has a typo. It says, "Those found will Christmas symbols will...".

At the Southern Beach, even though I only had 1 torch, it gave me 3 to complete the mini game. Later I was still finding the other 2 torches that sat in my inventory.

In the Bonus match, level 6, I could never complete the game. It would allow me to make matches, but once the path cleared for the deer to move, then the pieces disappeared and would not reappear and the deer never moved.

After the first glitch I uninstalled and the reinstalled the game. I checked my drivers and the other things that the help page said to try. the problems were still there.

I hope you are able to fix these items.

 posted in Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies on Jan 2, 17 4:52 PM
Does anyone know when, or if, Bigfish will get the new Nancy Drew game Sea of Darkness?
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