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 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 29, 18 6:29 AM
I have not gotten Kyoto yet and have not played that far anyway; however, before this forum closes down I wondered if anyone could tell us what the new objects and other changes are. Thanks again to all the contributors.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 28, 18 6:22 PM
I am very unaware of the behind the scenes workings of a game company and have never been on another forum. Many thanks to the mods for what you have done here and hoping that in the end this is a good change for you guys. All the best...
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 28, 18 6:20 PM
Bad deal. Is everyone having this "intrusion"? I have not gotten the Kyoto update yet but it sounds like I don't want to. I would love to know if coffeebreaker is alone in this problem or if it is universal. Thanks.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 26, 18 11:45 AM
Lordkalvan, before they close us down here I want to add that I always enjoy your insights into how the technical decisions impact the game development.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 26, 18 11:32 AM
I am just catching up and am really bummed to know the forum is disappearing!!! So sad. It has been a fabulous resource for Gummy Drop and great "companionship" too. This thread especially made the GD obsession shareable. Am I understanding that there will be a forum on Facebook or is that something different?
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 11, 18 7:16 AM
Africa implications aside, I like the opening scene...I can just the the young lion saying "Mama, she won't give me back my toy."
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 11, 18 6:55 AM
I could not agree more with the first two peeves listed. Hard to say what my number three is. The banners are #1 by far.

Although GD won't make most of the hundreds of changes people have suggested, they do make some. I wonder is a campaign for #1 complaint would have any effect? Probably not, since the banners has been complained about so long. Actually, it seems almost as much a programming error as anything else since they are not just irritating but actually interrupt play, especially on timed levels. Just the same, it would be interesting to hear what people's #1 complaint is.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 11, 18 6:48 AM
lordkalvan wrote:One of the mods said in another thread that you get more points for resource tiles than normal ones, and more for resource tiles that go toward a goal than otherwise. If that helps.

Everest is back. Not too hard. Second flag takes either luck or using a shovel at the start. Fourth not sure if it’s luck or skill needed. Fifth there’s an easy strategy for determining a good starting board which helped a lot.

So, I have played GD well over a year and did not know that you could close out Everest and get a new starting board without being sent back to base camp. Thanks!!!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 11, 18 6:45 AM
Lambina wrote:
glitter2goldfish wrote:Hi Jules,
I just checked on youtube again and found them singing this song. They made a joke about there is a song called "All my exes live in Texas" and said but forget that one we made up our own called "All our exes live in Texas: and then started to sing this hilarious song. The chorus goes as such:

"All our exes live in Texas all our lovers live in Maine. We tried so hard to keep them but they drove us all insane. Love to hug and kiss them till they can't stand it no more. We all get bored too easily and we kick them out the door."

Maybe google..... All Our Exes Live In Texas - All Our Exes LIve in Texas Live Hibernian House Sydney 5.4.13..... because that is where I found it. Maybe it was just a spoof they did live and did not record it on an album but seriously it is out there and it is quite amusing.

Best regards

The original All my exes live in Texas was recorded by George Strait and released on his album Ocean Front Property in April 1987.

I wondered is any of you music experts was going to the get county origin of All My Exes Live in Texas. I don't know all the rock references that have been made but here in Texas it's hard not to know the old country stuff.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 4, 18 10:07 PM
I see that resources required for monuments from Berlin to St. Petersburg have been lowered. I think they also lowered the resources that can be earned, which is logical. However, I planned to go back to those cities and complete some missions that I had left behind. For example, my notes say one mission in Shanghai gave 50 greens but now it is 20 greens. My notes could be wrong but I expect they adjusted this. So I am going back to Mexico City through Athens to complete the green missions before they reduce those cities also. They yield 30 to 65 greens per mission. I will be rich in greens.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 2, 18 3:41 PM
I am THRILLED that the green status bar on the world map is back. I love using it to compare progress among cities and to keep track of the cities that I have traveled to temporarily (without the green bar they look like every other locked city). I appreciate that they listened to this request and appreciate the change. Thanks Gummy Drop.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Apr 2, 18 10:39 AM
It has been a long time since I have been really stuck on a level but Montreal Level 13 (Level 1) has me blocked. Because there are regenerating stickies, multiple good hits are required in quick succession and I just can't get a board to do that. Did anyone find a trick to making this one work? Maybe there is a strategy that I am missing - other than make as many bonuses as possible, which is true for all boards. I can't even figure out if arrows or bombs work best when matched to a lightning because neither has gotten me through. I have been hoping for a Gummy Drop to get the souvenirs but have not gotten that yet either. Thanks for any advice.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Dec 27, 17 6:06 AM
globetrotter217 wrote:@bowiecowgirl Was Hawaii your Xmas gift? I got 4000 travel vouchers, but then I have passed Hawaii long ago...

I got the three days in Hawaii icon plus the 4000 travel vouchers. Am trying to decide where to go past Hawaii with the vouchers.

Did anyone else in Hawaii get something different?
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Dec 27, 17 5:57 AM
Hawaii and the travel vouchers were great. I am in Hawaii the old-fashioned way and am trying to decide what city to open with the vouchers. Already opened Boston earlier. Queenstown? Melbourn?

Great idea on Istanbul, rrrrob.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Dec 27, 17 5:44 AM
I have contributed a few completions requirements to Gaming Grandpa and TravelBird. Because I am lazy about typing, I checked their list before I sent info and if they already had levels of city, I did not send them. When I was sending a partial city, I checked my list against theirs for several levels and had exactly the same results. I wonder if the different requirements might be on different platforms. Or, an alternate theory, sometimes it matches and sometimes it doesn't! GD is always unpredictable.

Anyway, I have not been using the completion list much because the cities have had such high requirements that it was too tedious to ship anything that mattered. Now that I am past Amsterdam shipping is an alternative and I have used the list to plan Hawaii. I have not bothered to compare results but will for the last half of the islands. However, my experience matched in WHICH resources were required. All hats in the first levels, etc.

 posted in Gummy Drop! on Dec 25, 17 7:04 AM
Merry Sunny Christmas from Texas. Happy Holidays to all. Hawaii was a nice gift from GD even though that happens to be where I am (in the game) at the moment!
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Dec 4, 17 2:50 PM
Removing the interfering banners really should be considered a fix. This is not an enhancement that we dreamed up and some people want and some are not interested in. Can one of the mods tell me if you could present it to the development team that way? Surely part of their design strategy is not obstruction. Thanks.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Dec 4, 17 5:46 AM
My marathon event is the next ten levels in Bangkok which is my farthest open city. The first board gave me a time boost. I did not get a bonus on the next two - at least at tier 1 which is all I have done so far. I have not yet played the fourth board.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Dec 3, 17 10:23 AM
I entered the last code listed above - IEC3FB - and it seemed to work. This is a great way to play it forward. If someone will enter my code of IH794D4 I will appreciate it.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Oct 17, 17 7:38 PM
Additional Monsterville completion rewards that I don't see reported:
Architect: 172 coins, 2 combo boosts, 2 shovels, 1 earthquake
Master: 336 coins, 4 shuffle boosts, 2 lightning boosts, 2 kites
100% of city: 1031 coins, 10 shovels, 2 line crushes, 3 combo boosts

Do you still need cost of monuments in St. Petersburg, Mexico City and Cape Town? Too much trouble to type if you already have it but I can furnish these if you still need them.

Is this thread going away to be replaced by the one called "new"? Is the new one going to have the completion rewards or will that stay a separate thread?

Thanks very much for organizing this - it is great.
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