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 posted in Epistory: Typing Chronicles on Oct 3, 16 9:04 AM
What is a typing game? Am long time member but never heard of this.
 posted in Myths of the World: Black Rose on Nov 29, 14 5:56 AM
What is the order of the Myths of the World games? Thanks for the help.
 posted in Gizmos: Riddle Of The Universe on Nov 25, 14 6:27 AM
Wanted to add that the Menu button does not work most of the time and I never got the X it button to work - had to clr-alt-delete to get out. Worst experience I have ever had on Big Fish. Money needs to be refunded for this game !!
 posted in Gizmos: Riddle Of The Universe on Nov 25, 14 6:18 AM
I have same issues as everyone above with the cursor that will not work when put on top of the square - must click to the left. Sorry I bought this game and will not buy their other one.
 posted in Gizmos: Riddle Of The Universe on Nov 25, 14 5:14 AM
Is there anyone who can make this game playable? It has to be the worst.
You can't put your pointer on the "button" you want to push - you must put it beside the one.
Some of the time, the "buttons" won't respond. These are my favorite kind of games and I play them all but this one needs to be fixed or removed from Big Fish !!!!
 posted in Clutter on Oct 20, 14 8:11 AM
Will not buy another Clutter game until it is UNTIMED. The pressure makes it so unenjoyable - would like it very much otherwise - wish I had a choice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 4: Art of Color on Oct 17, 14 8:11 PM
Thought maybe deleting & re-installing would help - now it won't even install. I think Big Fish has given up on this one - just wish they would say one way or another & either fix the problems or return money !!
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 4: Art of Color on Oct 16, 14 1:41 PM
I have been playing it everyday but as of yesterday, it will not download any way that I try it - very frustrating. Fantasy Mosaics 3 still working fine. Waiting to hear back from BigFish.
 posted in Love Story: Letters from the Past on Feb 14, 14 11:09 PM
Is Love Story Letters included in the Love Story: Beach Cottage game? Thanks!
 posted in Aquascapes on Jul 2, 13 12:24 PM
Does anybody know how many extra levels are in Aquascapes Premium Edition?
 posted in Tiger Eye: The Sacrifice on May 8, 12 3:27 AM
Suggestion for Big Fish -
Have not played game - when reading the reviews I noticed that the people who had just played the demo liked the game alot more than people who had (seemingly) finished the game
I think it would be great to have an icon (or something) to indicate if reviews are based on demo or on finish. Maybe one for played longer than demo - something like

(demo) (demo +) (finish)
When will Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix regular edition be released?
 posted in Charlotte's Web - Word Rescue on Apr 28, 10 1:41 PM
I can only get it to go to two screens but the game will not play and I have to ctrl-alt-delete to get it to close. Have done that twice. Any help? Thanks!
I have Windows 7.
 posted in The Mirror Mysteries on Mar 28, 10 2:10 PM
I loved the game - yes short but liked it anyway. I like to find things & have to put them into another scene & go back & forth.
Could anyone suggest other HOGs like that. Thanks!!
 posted in Wendy's Wellness on Mar 3, 10 7:29 AM
How do you know which color speed (red, yellow, green) to hit for each person on the treadmill in order to get an excellent?

Should you always buy the recommended equipment? It seems as if you should save and buy an assistant. Thanks!
 posted in Big Kahuna Reef on Feb 24, 10 6:09 AM
Has anyone else had trouble this morning (2-24-10) with Big Kahuna freezing & stop & go? Did great until level 7 and then started acting up. I then went to another game & computer did fine so don't think it was me. Thanks for help.
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