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 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Jun 18, 17 9:26 AM
I redownloaded this game several times and am totally unable to get it to work. I have a Dell Inspiron with Windows 10. When I click on the game I get a "window" opening on the task bar and all it does is sit there. The game does not open - just the space on the taskbar. I have downloaded and installed any updates that Dell had to offer on their website - to no avail.
Well I havent even gotten as far as the tent - I am on chapter 2 just before the swamp and I can't open the HOP. Any suggestions?
Anyone? Anyone at all?
Can someone please tell me what the Bubble Popper is and how you use it in a HOP? I've finished the game and was doing the achievements and cant figure out what the heck they're talking about.
Way to stay on topic...
 posted in Dream Chronicles on Mar 29, 14 2:04 PM
Im at the same place. I USED to know how to proceed but its been years since Ive played the game. I vaguely remember that the poles have to be lit in sequence but I dont remember what the sequence is, What happened to the walkthrough that used to be here??
 posted in Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession on Aug 7, 12 1:43 PM
As all the others here I loved the game until the final cut-scene - the maid did what?? and why?? and then blank! At least a little explanation is in order here - a voice-over - something....

I thought the game had frozen me out - but then I came here and found that it was just a really LOUSY ending to a pretty good game.
 posted in Tiger Eye: The Sacrifice on May 7, 12 7:54 PM
Uhmmmm remember the fellow in the front seat? The DRIVER?? Where did HE go?

Having said that I also purchased this game without a trial - finished it in under 2 hours - te story line was almost non-existant (sp), the graphics are laughable and there is almost no Hari!!! Its as though a child drew this.

Considering how long I waited for this I feel like I wasted not only my credits but my time.
 posted in Tiger Eye: The Sacrifice on May 6, 12 12:42 PM
Having purchased Tiger Eye Part One when it first came out, and loving the game as I do I was expecting great things from the sequel. HOWEVER - this game truly sucked!

The graphics were as if drawn by a kindergarten class, the story line was BORING. The only things that were the same were the voices (for the most part) There was no actual HOG here - and the puzzle games were repetitive and stupid. I dont know why I bothered to save my BF credit for this travesty.

Passionfruit games KNEW how much everyone was looking forward to this game - and they sold one using the NAME but none of the charm of the original.

 posted in Tiger Eye - Part I: Curse of the Riddle Box on Apr 6, 12 1:24 PM
Oh yes it is!! Definite release date set for 5pm PDT April 12th!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!
 posted in Tiger Eye - Part I: Curse of the Riddle Box on Feb 13, 12 4:44 PM
It's definitely happening - according to Passionfruit Games on Facebook it will be released sometime in the next month or two - also check **** at http://www.****.com/games/tiger-eye-sacrifice/preview for more info!!!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi on Aug 16, 11 6:25 PM
I've played the game about 5 times now and the best that I can do is 87 clovers...this is sooooooo frustrating!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi on Aug 16, 11 2:50 PM
I am in the wheelhouse, I have spoken to Clemens, picked up my clover, etc - it seems that I have done everything but then what are the two Steamboat whistles and the bell for? Anyone know?
 posted in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air on Jul 12, 10 11:47 AM
i am a HUGE fan of the Dream Chronicles games, and was very happy to see that there was a new one out there...however, the game is way too short compared to the other games and also way too easy. Unfortunately for my wallet, I purchased this game untried, because of the name. Now I know better.
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia: Illusions on Jun 19, 10 8:32 PM
I had been looking for pieces of the silkworm and now I can't get back to the old woman because the boat is gone from the dock. I can't go forward, the canal is filled, I can't empty it because I'm stuck there. HELP!!
 posted in The Mysterious Past of Gregory Phoenix on Jun 18, 10 9:20 PM
This is the worst junk pile game I have ever had the misfortune to play. The background music is terrible. The items are nearly impossible to find without running thru the hints. I made it as far as the "First Airplane Ride", used my barf bag and gave up.

Cmon guys, the last few HOGS have been terrible...whatever happened to quality games?
 posted in Explorer: Contraband Mystery on Jun 10, 10 11:56 AM
Well seeing as how there is no way of changing the settings this game is a total loss for me. It has taken over 5 minutes to get off the initial screen, the cursor is dragging all over the place. I usually like the NATGEO games - however thanks but NO THANKS.
 posted in Faded Reality on Jun 2, 10 4:02 PM
WolfenRaindancer wrote:I am enjoying this is a little bit different, some items are a challenge to find...I enjoy trying to figure out fractured English. Want to see where the story most of them it is a bit hokey, but I guess I am just plain out hooked on hokey stories and hogs, lol.

I just finished the game...loved it...BUT...the ending is sudden and doesn't answer any questions. Very unhappy with it. But I guess it leaves itself open for sequels.
 posted in The Heritage on May 26, 10 5:54 PM
Waazzaa wrote:


I also feel like I pay enough money so that BFG shouldn't be asking me to download DrFelix or some other program to do the work it should be doing to fix the dang problem.

How do they know what to fix if the complainers don't send in the technical data necessary to pinpoint the problem?
 posted in The Heritage on May 26, 10 5:52 PM
I don't know what y'all are hollering about...I downloaded the game days ago and finished it that same day. No updates needed...I dont think its BigFish...its probably your puters!
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