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 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Nov 12, 11 1:55 PM
As per the new "norm" with BF, I downloaded this game, played some of the demo, liked it, bought it, went to play it again and when I click "Play" in the game manager it shuts down game manager. ????? I did the uninstall, went to my account purchase history and redownloaded. Same thing. Game doesn't start. It just closes my game manager.
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 11 8:32 AM
bfgRhone wrote:Hi everyone,

The reason we ask users experiencing this problem to write in (preferably with a Dr. Felix report) is to enable the support team to start an investigation and track the number of users currently affected, together with their system information. This will allow the Customer Support department to tailor a solution for those affected.


How bout just going back to the old Game Manager??? No one is happy with the new one. I hate when it goes to the "Play again" screen. When we close a screen it should just go back to our list, set at our preference.
 posted in Secrets of the Past: Mother's Diary on Oct 24, 11 11:42 AM
CasualGran wrote:Warning! Possible spoilers!

Well, maybe I'm having a senior moment here, but I don't know how to go on.
I've got a sword, a bucket and a branch in my inventory, but I can't use them anywhere. Don't see any sparkles indicating the next H0 scene either, and the hint button tells me in every screen that I've got nothing else to do there at the moment.

Still, I need to find a special key for the frontdoor of the mansion, something to break the tree roots around an object, a spade for digging, a valve for the waterpipe, a statue for the pedestal and something to break to glass at the gate.

Can someone help. please? Would be much appreciated. [/qu

Where did you get the sword? I assume that's how you got the branch. all I've found is scissors and a bucket???
 posted in Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings Collector's Edition on Aug 28, 11 8:34 AM
I downloaded the demo but it told me my trial time was up before I even played it??? What's with that???
 posted in Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings Collector's Edition on Aug 28, 11 8:32 AM
I see my problem is already showing so must not be alone. told me my time was up before I even opened game after download. Sounds like mixed ratings here, I was looking forward to trying it. Might even have taken a chance without playing first were it not a CE. Guess I'll have to wait til the reg. edition hits.
 posted in The Curse of the Thirty Denarii on Mar 29, 11 11:59 AM
What's with these grammer school mentality games?? Nemo and this one are just flat out boring! Come on BF you have some great developers. Start putting these kids games in their catagory! Jeez!!
 posted in Mystery Agency: Secrets of the Orient on Mar 21, 11 2:24 PM
Game looks ok but too many new **** games out at the moment to make it worth having to click thru every comment (no skip dialog) and screen formated for wide screen so scene items just too small to be comfortable! No buy for me! Really like getting so many HOG's so close together tho!!
 posted in Crossworlds: The Flying City on Jan 8, 11 10:48 AM
I don't mind a mentally challenge and don't like the total hand-holding games but I do like to have SOME sense of what I am trying to do. Maybe some basic help ideas in the beginning would help. I have no clue at any time exactly what it is that i am trying to do?? Guess I'm too dumb for this one. It will certainly work for those that are just looking to kill time.
 posted in Hidden Object Crosswords on Jan 5, 11 7:05 AM
same here.
 posted in Hodgepodge Hollow on Jan 4, 11 11:02 AM
handles 1 3 5 2 4!! Watch the sequence of the green light on your clock!! Yay, movin' on
 posted in Hodgepodge Hollow on Jan 4, 11 10:31 AM
handles 1 3 5 2 4!! Watch the sequence of the green light on your clock!! Yay, movin' on
 posted in Hodgepodge Hollow on Jan 4, 11 9:22 AM
Any help here? I'm at a total loss!!
 posted in Hodgepodge Hollow on Jan 4, 11 9:16 AM
LOL That's what I came for. No help from the gnome!!
 posted in Hodgepodge Hollow on Jan 4, 11 1:32 AM
Guess this is a buy for me. Hopefully the length will be decent. Getting a little desperate for better games. This seems to have no issues. cute and different. a bit on the easy side but a good pass time so far. Guality is at least what i had grown to exprect from BF. will post again if i run into any 'boogers' during the play. At least I have no problem figuring out what I am trying to do. My vote so far, a decent game, good enough to pacify while waiting for our "oh goody" releases!
 posted in Once Upon a Farm on Jan 3, 11 7:10 AM
ahsten75 wrote:While I did not like the stereotyping of Mexicans (or Texans for that matter), my real problems were with the language and the navigation.

Language: I have the feeling the developers were Spanish speakers hence the "sheet" being a leaf -- a literal translation of "hoja" (leaf or sheet of paper) and the "tube" turning out to be a pipe -- "pipa" (tube or pipe). I think they used an electronic translator on this game.

Navigation: There were no real indications on what could be opened (cabinets, drawers) to look for more objects. You were limited as to what you could do and where you could go for no apparent reason, so when you're stuck, you have to go back through all the scenes to find if something is sparkling. The rewards obtained from the hidden object screens had nothing to do with what was in the scene and that threw me off quite a bit.

All in all, it was a game that still needs A LOT of work done to it.
Having used an electronic translator on this game is no excuse for BF offering it.

They claim to Beta test with members. Did this really get by them?? As for ever replacing a game because of member outrage, in 6 years I've never seen them do it. Generally give a sad attempt at pacifying. I truly believe BF has sold out to another group. This is NOT the quality the old timers have come to expect. Seems to have started about a year ago. Maybe they have finally gotten 'big' enough not to care anymore.

And back to the Mexican stereotypes, After living in different parts of Mexico for the last 28 years, I've never seen a Mexican dressed like that -- not even people from indigenous communities who wear typical clothing.

 posted in Once Upon a Farm on Jan 2, 11 8:44 AM
I wonder.... Anyone hear anything about BF selling out? Feels like going into a Macy's to find they have been bought out by Dollar General then had the gall to raise prices!! Stinks!
 posted in Once Upon a Farm on Jan 2, 11 8:40 AM
Think it's time they start using a new catagory for the "Children's ****, Adventure, etc." Boy BF is really downgrading. Used to be all quality games now they are few and far between. Not to mention to get one of the good ones you must pay the new standard of 13.99. Man I miss BF Games. (Where are the developers from on this game?? a tobacco pipe is a tube?? watch is a clock?? sheet is a maple leaf?? Our big business tech support groups from 3rd world countries are now designing computer games??
 posted in Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny on Dec 16, 10 1:32 AM
Too slow, too ambling. More an adventure game than a hidden object. I prefer to watch my movies on tv, come to BF to play.
 posted in Slingo Mystery 2: The Golden Escape on Dec 15, 10 1:11 AM
Yet another game downloaded that won't load. This is really getting old. Someone commented that they had gotten it from another site before todays release. Guess I'll see if I can find that site.
 posted in Jewelry Secret: Mystery Stones on Dec 12, 10 12:37 AM
This is bull. I got 27 mins play then you are directed to buy the game to play more. I don't know where BF is coming up with all this stuff but they really need to take a good look at their new marketing stradegies. More and more glitches, less and less reliability. Last 2 games I bought I ended up buying from another site. This was my only source since 2005 now I'm looking for alternative sites. Bring back the site or you're gonna start losing the old timers.
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