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 posted in Wedding Salon 2 on Apr 21, 17 12:51 PM
Still crashing after update. Windows 10. Annoying.
 posted in Wedding Salon 2 on Mar 13, 17 6:14 PM
NW_player wrote:My system is Windows 10. Game will not stop crashing. Can't get past level because game crashes every time I play (Russia -angry customers). It use to crash every few levels. Purchased on March 8th so it was after the 2/24 update!

Same here.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 11, 15 6:34 PM
I'm Nicole2200. Feel free to add me.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 10, 15 1:32 PM
Any time I try to add any of you guys, I get a message "Such a user does not exist."

 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jun 8, 15 3:47 PM
Mulvaaken wrote:From the stickied thread "An important announcement regarding Awakening Kingdoms' - May 18, 2015 by bfgMurrumbidgee:

"...Awakening Kingdoms continues to offer hundreds of hours of fun, including dozens of scenes to explore, hundreds of quests to complete, collectibles, trophies and more!

The game will remain on the site...

I was just reading the other threads, and this one also caught my attention. Imagine a new player coming along and trying AK for the first time... after a few days, they like the game well enough to invest some real-world currency, without having any knowledge of the fact that the game is unfinished and cannot be completed.

What do you suppose the likelihood is that a) a disclaimer containing that information will pop up, and/or b) in-game gold and crystals will no longer be available for purchase? Slim to none?

That speaks volumes for the integrity of BOTH companies, in my opinion.

There won't be any warning for new players. This isn't anything new either. I was playing Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale and the dev actually completely went out of business and BF never announced it or gave any kind of warning until a user posted on the forum that the dev was gone months after it had happened. I had spent money to progress in the game faster AFTER the dev was already out of business, being completely unaware that I was actually near the end of the game and there would never be an update for it.

At least they had the decency to announce this game was being discontinued this time, but I would bet a dollar they'll keep taking new players' money.

I did the puzzle and created the big dipper and nothing happened. What is supposed to happen when you finish the puzzle? It looks like the last tooth is in the wolf's medallion, but I can't turn that around.

And yes the owl's eyes are shining. Everything looks right, just nothing happens when I make the big dipper.
 posted in Wanderland on Nov 13, 14 4:07 PM
hollyodie wrote:I agree with cottoncandy2. I always feel a little cheated when a "free to play" game is the TGT.

I don't. I get excited BFG has a new F2P game out!

I'm not a big fan of match three games. So when the TGT is a match three, I just log off and check in the next day. I don't venture over to that game's forum to complain about my dislike for its game format, unlike what seems to happen every time a new F2P is released.
 posted in Agency 33 on Nov 4, 14 5:23 PM
I love the fact that if I am really tired of doing the same thing over and over again, I can just spend three orbs to use the magnifying glass to pick what I need. I think this is a wonderful addition to the game and gives us more control than a random dial spinning where sometimes I would try for two days to get a five star item and not get it.

 posted in Agency 33 on Oct 28, 14 7:53 PM
One thing that is sort of annoying about the update is that your settings don't save once you leave the game. I don't like playing with music and I mute it, but every time I come back into the game, I have to mute it again.
 posted in Agency 33 on Oct 28, 14 7:25 PM
If you look at the top of the new area, there is a count down timer, so I think the tasks may refresh every day at midnight EST. There's about an hour and a half on it now. You get rewards for how many you complete. So it may be that if you complete all of them in one day you get better rewards (there's a reward bar at the bottome) but they reset every night.

Just a guess, but that's what it looks like to me.
 posted in Agency 33 on Oct 28, 14 7:14 PM
They probably did this so the people that finish the new updates in a couple of days always have something to do without sitting and aimlessly wandering around. I'm not *quite* there yet, but I imagine once I get there, this will make things a bit more interesting than just completing HOS without any goals at all.
 posted in Agency 33 on Oct 28, 14 7:12 PM
I haven't finished all the quests from the last update yet, so I still have some open. But the tasks in the new area in the middle do have wait times on them. I just started a little while ago so I have another one coming in 15 minutes and then another in an hour but after that it will be about 5 hours.

I suspect they haven't added content for those that reached the end of the story related quests and added the new hourly tasks to give people something else to do.

I do wonder if the tasks in that middle area refresh every day though. It seems like they may?
 posted in Agency 33 on Oct 28, 14 6:49 PM
I actually really like the update and this new way of getting rewards for the HOS. I just always choose the same bubble and after 1-6 tries I usually get the one I need. This is so much better than the low percentages on chances of getting 5 star items. I used up my 290 energy and actually got 2 5 star items where sometimes it would take me 2 full bars to get one under the last method.
 posted in Agency 33 on Oct 2, 14 8:46 PM
I don't have a problem because I just scroll down the thread to see the oldest post like in all the other threads.

 posted in Agency 33 on Sep 21, 14 9:41 PM
I have been playing for several days after the update, and I do not have this problem. I wonder if it has to do with OS or something.
 posted in Agency 33 on Sep 6, 14 11:14 PM
I pretty much agree with everything you have said. I am not one of those people that thinks free to play games are a charity and if I enjoy one, I actually intentionally spend money in them. With Agency 33 though, it's pretty tough to actually want to spend money on anything. I am not going to pour RL money into just buying some crystals to get a few extra minutes a day playing. I too like to buy long term advantages.

I want the Blessing of Nike. And unfortunately I didn't even know about it until after the price got jacked up to 1000 crystals. That's $100 RL money and completely absurd. Do they really think we love this game enough to spend $100 to get an extra piece every time we do a scene? If this was even $20 I would buy it, assuming this game is going to be around for a long time and I can enjoy it. But $100? I can buy like 3 PS4 games for that. Just for a small boost in an online game.

I thought it was a bug. But they have updated since the price changed and haven't corrected this. It makes me think they haven't been making a lot of money on this game. Which is sort of understandable because the entire format of the game is not conducive to spending money. And making the Blessing of Nike cost $100 isn't going to help that.

I think they sort of miscalculated the balance in the economy of this game and it is super easy to keep playing without ever buying crystals with RL money. But they should offer things like the Blessing of Nike that are permanent for people to enjoy but $100 is out of the realm of reasonable for such a thing.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Aug 22, 14 11:28 AM
There was just an update two weeks ago....
 posted in Agency 33 on Aug 22, 14 8:42 AM
Do you have the missing letter piece in your inventory? At some point you get a disc with the missing letter on it that you have to put on the decoder or whatever that thing is. I can't remember where it comes from.

Have you checked all the items you have in your inventory and make sure that they are not used for an active scene you have?

Maybe go back to all your active spots and see if the disk is there and you just didn't pick it up. It definitely came from one of those. That was not one of the items to be crafted. And talk to all the characters to make sure.
 posted in Agency 33 on Aug 17, 14 9:54 AM
Playing on: PC/Windows 7
Have you downloaded the latest updates? Yes
Level: 30
Version Number: 3.1.0
 posted in Agency 33 on Aug 16, 14 5:37 PM
Kapho7, did you actually banish the dragon? In order to create the relics needed, you have to get to the area over the bridge which you can't do unless banish the dragon.

If you succeeded in doing this, how did you get the necessary relics?
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