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 posted in Moai 3: Trade Mission Collector's Edition on Feb 15, 16 7:34 AM
Its all in the order of how you do the level. In general take steps to clear the area near the 3 symbols to cover the lava. Build up quarries near those areas and make sure you do not cause any of the three to enable, on their own, until all three are cleared, but disabled. Then build up the necessary points required to enable all three up together. Make sure you cover up the left bottom section first. Downhill from there.
 posted in AGON: The Lost Sword of Toledo on Jul 31, 11 1:24 PM
Wonderful graphics...too much talking. Just flat boring.
 posted in Pahelika: Secret Legends on May 31, 09 4:39 PM
I figured out how to get the steam working. All the gears are turning except the Steam pressure device. I was able to get into the machine with the lever using the runes, but when I compared it to what was in the walkthrough it was different combination. I think we have software bug. Do I have to start all over again?
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