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Okay my towel's gone missing!

I decided, before lining the basket for the nest, to try and capture the rooster with the towel. I think the rooster ate it!

I've looked around the rooster screen and gone back to the washing line. Nada. Same with the herb garden.

BTW what happened to the red underwear with "BURT" on them; they were on the line next to the towel?
 posted in Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost on Aug 26, 11 2:50 AM
I read under "Incense" that one gamer resolved the problem by starting the game again. What a pain. Oh well.
 posted in Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost on Aug 26, 11 2:48 AM
Having the same problem. Very annoying.
 posted in Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost on Aug 25, 11 6:09 PM
The subject says it all. I've clicked on it a zillion times, pranced around it evoking the BFG gremlin fixer to do so, with no avail. Is this a glitch others are experiencing or am I the only lucky one?

If there is a patch or some quick fix please let me know because I obviously cannot move on with the game until I combine the incense burner and stick!

 posted in Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Jul 4, 11 7:17 PM
YAY! Creating a new profile worked for me. At least it wasn't too far into the game. How come this bug didn't surface in the beta testing?
 posted in Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Jul 4, 11 6:22 PM
bfgHondo wrote:Hey fishies!

If you played the free trial version of this game before purchasing it and are now experiencing the "12 eyes" issue, please <a href="">uninstall and reinstall</a> your game to get the <a href="">newest version</a> that address this issue.

**In order for this fix to take effect, however, please note that you must create a new player profile.**

I hope this helps!


Did this. It hasn't helped.
 posted in Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Jul 4, 11 6:20 PM
Sjlovescc wrote:Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled no avail. Still stuck at the 12 eyes in **** minigame

Me too. Still stuck at the same place. Isn't there a patch yet?
 posted in Fairy Jewels 2 on Jan 5, 11 3:29 PM
I haven't had too many problems, certainly not how you have described. However, in later stages of the game it will suddenly crash for no reason.

For those wondering what the game is like I'm on stage 112 and stuck! I've found it fun and quite challenging. I have to wonder about some of the bonuses such as "colour bomb" which are of no use to me at all at this level, or I'm totally missing its use.

I've just looked at the dates of the previous messages, I reckon you all know how the game is by now. LOL
 posted in 7 Artifacts on Sep 12, 09 10:36 PM
I'm on level 14. Can only remove a stone block temporarily using a stonehammer.
What the heck is it or what do I have to do to create one?

 posted in Mushroom Age on Nov 1, 08 2:15 PM
Is anyone else having problems with the game freezing and having to reboot. It's done it in every chapter so far (I think I'm on 8 or 9), which is a real pitb as you have to start from the beginning of the chapter again.

It's happened several time in a couple of the chapters. It's so frustrating, plus having to reboot because it freezes the whole puter.
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