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 posted in Fables of the Kingdom II Collector's Edition on Apr 26, 17 4:14 PM
Using Windows 7 64 bit operation system on a PC and this game (level 17)causes the entire computer to shut down. Any clue as to the problem. Before you say, all software and video drivers are up to date.
The game issues are apparently on the Big Fish side of the coin. I contacted the manufacturer of the game, and after lenghty discussions back and forth, they allowed me to download their version of the game and granted me a game to see if the problem is the game or my computer system. I am happy to report their version works fine with NO problems. If you are having continued problems with the Big Fish version, you may
want to consider purchasing from the manufacturer directly and try to get compensation from Big Fish Games.
During play in his game my computer will completely shut down. If I restart the computer, I can pick up the game where it left off. I can play more, then it will shut down the computer again. This happens at several places within the game. I am playing on a PC using Windows 7 (64 bit) and all systems are up to date ( video, adobe, java). I have another computer using the same operating system, with no problems with shut-down. Could there be a security update from microsoft that is causing this problem? I researched the net to see if anyone else is having this problem with no results. I would appreciate any help anyone can give. I really lke this game.
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