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 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 1, 17 10:57 AM
Vgerland wrote:I just thought of something that I think is a good idea that perhaps the developers might want to consider.

I would like to see an item on the wish list that was a Gift box stating please send your re-gift to someone on your list that is still moving up in the game who surely needs it so much more than I. It could just state "I'm Good" or something like that to communicate the message.

I currently put Re-Gift Not Nec after my game name but it would be nice if there was a better option.

I don't like to just not have a wish list up because I think that may communicate I am not playing at the time. Also, so many of my long time friends in the game are also at the same level and we exchange gifts.

I think this is a great and friendly idea. No-one is telling you who to g fit.that's up to you. Overland is just thinking of others. Nice quality in a person you don't see much anymore
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 9, 17 3:27 AM
Looking for friends. Code is a864656 name is justamom
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 26, 17 8:05 AM
Thank you all for replying. I have 79 on my list. I'll just keep checking in to see if the programmers try to fix it.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 25, 17 10:09 PM
Each time I tried to check on gifting my friends list number is different. Don't know if it is on this kindle or the game. Suggestions?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 6, 17 12:30 PM
pamkatz wrote: Sweet, with only three posts under your belt, I don't see how that is possible. =v=

Do what? What does the amount of posts have to do with it? The possibility of error is greater when you are new to something anyway
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 6, 17 12:27 PM
Thanks so much to bellerphon for you help. I almost dropped my device and accidentally reported a post. I was worried something like that would interfere with the other player. All is well now
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 6, 17 12:15 PM
I am so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you more than you know. I will pray for you to have the strength to get through it all.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 6, 17 12:10 PM
I made a mistake against another player that I promise was an accident. I sent bfgbellerphon a pm about it. Please help me fix it.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 6, 17 8:32 AM
I am looking for friends since I have broke my foot and will be playing more. Lol. Id is a308742
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