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 posted in Sunken Secrets on Aug 9, 16 7:26 AM
Yes it does help. Thank you! I had been looking in the storage instead of the store, thinking that they were items of some nature. I finally found them
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Aug 7, 16 6:59 PM
I'll decurse a new area. In this area are 1 or more items that when you click on nothing happens. You must hold down the mouse button to move said item or click on a little icon below the rotation icon. If you click on the little icon, the item flies over to the store icon before disappearing. Some of these items are a funky looking scarecrow or a pile of filled bags. I go to the store, and there's nothing similar there.

What are these items? Where do they go? What am I supposed to do with them?

Thank you
 posted in Matches and Matrimony: A Pride and Prejudice Tale on Sep 17, 15 12:35 PM
I spent forever trying to find a way to reset the game, in other words, get rid of the endings. I wanted to keep my saves, oddly enough. Since There is no "profile" option with this game, I thought I would offer what I found.

If you want to delete the endings, but keep your saves, go to :

C (or whatever drive yours is on:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\MatchesAndMatrimony-bfg

In this folder contains all the saves and the endings. Delete the file called "persistent" to delete the endings. The save games are pretty obvious.

Hope this helps someone else!
 posted in Divine Academy on Sep 17, 15 5:34 AM
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 8, 15 5:40 PM

lvl 7 as of today.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 8, 15 5:37 PM
AnnBy wrote:I'm AnnBy.

Does it ever show more than 4 friends, do those rotate daily?

Scroll them right to left and new ones will show up. (Grab the right one and throw it left with the mouse.)
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 8, 15 12:26 PM
When I logged in, I noticed several users for me to visit. So that tells me my user would be made public. I started the game over. I wasn't too far along anyway. Thanks anyway
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 8, 15 11:53 AM
I think I understand that. But doesn't it say "user visited your realm" or something of that nature?

And even if I were clear, do I not have to have a "friend" come to my realm and do things to progress at some point?
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 8, 15 10:54 AM
When I started to add friends, I logged in using my BFG account. Well, it said username, so I put in my email for BFG. The whole address. Is there a way to change my profile name so my email address isn't out there for the world? I haven't added any friends yet.
 posted in Baking Success on Aug 22, 14 1:00 PM
I too am having trouble with this. I can't get the cinnamon toast to work.
 posted in Baking Success on Aug 22, 14 12:59 PM
Make the big bread (the button in the middle). Put it in the oven. Put the baked bread on the cutting board and cut it with the knife.
 posted in Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House on Apr 22, 14 5:54 AM
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 posted in Final Cut: Homage on Apr 21, 14 7:14 AM
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 posted in Zombie Jewel on Apr 21, 14 6:32 AM
There is a video review of this game here

I have been informed I can not post links in the forums either. Please follow @bigmomma369 for all the latest video game reviews of casual gaming.

-Big Momma
 posted in Arcanika on Apr 16, 14 8:02 AM
I have a video review of this game at:

[Removed by Moderator]

I hope it helps!
 posted in Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun on Apr 15, 14 1:33 PM
I have a video review of the game here
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Hope it helps!
 posted in Riddles of The Mask on Apr 14, 14 1:36 PM
I have a video review of Riddle of the Mask at
[Removed by Moderator]

It doesn't go very far and doesn't spoil anything. Feel free to watch it.
 posted in School Bus Fun on Apr 14, 14 11:32 AM
I have a video review of this game at:

[Removed by Moderator]

I don't think this will spoil anything for anyone, as it's only the first bit and such. I hope it helps.
 posted in Great Adventures: Xmas Edition on Dec 19, 10 6:09 AM
thought it looked awfully similar. I think I'll save my time and money.
 posted in Country Harvest on Aug 10, 10 10:47 AM
When you have a character selected already, click on that character again. Their list of jobs will appear at the bottom left of the screen. Granted, you can't do an immediate cancel, but you can cancel future assignments. For example, you tell one to plow over here, and then harvest over there. While they are plowing, you can tell them to cancel the harvest job. Hope it helps!
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