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 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 17, 18 3:59 PM
Well, this announcement was certainly a shock to read this morning! But after reading all the comments, including those from the Mods, I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised.

I too, am a long-time member (since about 2006), and have seen many changes over the years. Sadly (in hindsight), losing Chit Chat was inevitable, as it had become a vehicle for trolling, and not much else

Now we are to lose the forums, and I have to think about where else I can go to find game help. Will I continue with my BF membership? I don't know. Using the forums to read other opinions on the games has been a daily pleasure, and one that I am going to miss very much.

I can afford to pay more for membership, but too many Fishies can't. Advertising would overwhelm our pages, making it very difficult to find/read relevant information.

It is obvious that the new owners are not interested in keeping a tiny percentage of game players happy, as most of their profits come from other "more popular" streams. Sigh.

So, even though I shall add my name to the Petition, I too, shall say "Goodbye" - it's been a pleasure, everyone


Sunward Games developed the game, and Artifex Mundi published it. Most of the games they publish now are made by other developers.
It's really interesting, reading all the differing views on this game. I played the beta of this game, and now I've played the demo, and I still like it.

I agree that finding the same things over and over again can get very tedious, but nearly ALL the game developers do that - but at least we aren't looking for gigantic paper clips or screwdrivers anymore, (which is what we got in the earliest HOGs, lol).

I liked that not all the mini games were automatically set to the Hard level (I prefer Easy most of the time ). The graphics are great, the music is nice, and I think the voices are excellent.

Rather than constantly stressing about the repetitious actions in the mini games, I have learned to try and focus on the stories instead. If I really like the story, I will keep playing (unless of course the game mechanics are so poor, it just isn't worth the stress).

I will definitely be buying this game.

As always, try the demo first, that way you will know if it is right for you or not



Sigh. I played the beta - liked it. I played the demo - still liked it. So I bought it. Now I have completed the main game, and started the bonus game, and find myself not liking it so much

As LarkBea mentioned, there truly is very little linking this game to the story of "The Little Prince". The Prince, the fox, and the rose. All is else just a mish mash (I'm thinking Beauty and the Beast, mostly).

However, crazy story aside, the graphics and music are, as always, lovely, and there were plenty of morphing items and collectibles to find.

What I didn't like were the awful mini games - nearly all of them were ones I cannot do because I really suck at them and as a result, really dislike them. As a result, I ended up skipping most of them.

Adding insult to injury (I'm on a roll here, lol), there are only 3 chapters! I'm not sure if they are longer than in the other games, but 3? So I looked up the other games.
1: Nutcracker - 8 Chapters
2: A Christmas Carol - 6 Chapters
3: Hans Christian Anderson's Toy Soldier - 6 Chapters
4: Puss In Boots - 5 Chapters
5: The Gift Of The Magi - 5 Chapters

I'm trying to finish the bonus game (yet another Cat story), but I am struggling - it is even sillier (imo) than the main story. Sigh. Maybe next year's will be better - I can only hope, lol.



Well, I've had my coffee and finished the bonus chapter, and yes it is a little silly, but the graphics and colours and music are still glorious. So overall, my biggest gripe is with the mini-games - I was just so disappointed that most of them were the types I dislike. Sigh.
On a brighter note though, you should enjoy watching the snowman during the credits - he's a real hoot
 posted in The Legacy: Prisoner Collector's Edition on Dec 8, 17 12:53 AM
Hi Granny

I don't mind at all - I think it's great that we can all share our differing opinions on these games.

Like you, I have noticed the similarities, not just in the stories, but where they take place, the graphic style (particularly in the cut scenes), and yes, the mini games, lol. But I try not to get too upset about them anymore, and just enjoy the game for what it is.

Of course, we have seen other Devs fall into the same trap (ERS and EIPIX come to mind), and they never seem to realise that changing up their styles can sometimes be a good thing, lol. Ah well, c'est la vie

As for this game, I have to say I was very impressed with how the characters appear - I really liked that Diane, our heroine, was allowed to get wet, and a bit dirty, and we also got to see her face as she talked to people - I think that is a new thing?

So again, even with less collectibles (which I also enjoy finding), I must say that I found this game to be well worth playing, probably because I really enjoyed the actual story.

If Lost Lands does continue, I will be quite happy - I have invested a lot of time in that place, lol.


 posted in The Legacy: Prisoner Collector's Edition on Dec 6, 17 1:40 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed this game - I really like the first one, too. Yes, there are similarities to Lost Lands, but I put that down to 1: mostly the same voice actors, and 2: the same graphic artists. Rather like the other well established Devs, lol

My thought on Lost Lands, much as I loved the series, is that it is most likely finished. Susan has gotten progressively older with each adventure (proving time has passed), and in the last, Folnur sacrificed his life to save hers Of course, they could decide to continue on and use her son, lol.

Back to this one, I like to think that the "rules" on appearance (such as eye colour) are different in these other worlds (it saves me a lot of angst and yelling at the monitor because they 'got it wrong!', lol). And I also find myself actually looking for 'reminders' of various movies and stories - sometimes I count them

I played the whole game as well as the Bonus game and loved it. I even managed to play most of the mini games (skipping the ones I really don't like, but luckily there weren't too many of those), and had no trouble with the game mechanics (pc, Win 10). Music was fine, and the graphics well up to Five-BN's usual high standard.

As a possible Spoiler, you will notice a rather obvious difference in the appearance of the Village Elder/Shaman in the two stories, which makes me think the Bonus game is set earlier in time.

As always, try the demo first, and if you like it, buy it


@ pennmom36 I have to say, I love reading your recent reviews - they make me every time (and have a bit of a giggle too ).

I have been waiting for this game to be released. I enjoyed the beta, and I am enjoying this version - very much.

I must admit, I do get a bit "snarky" (is that a real word? ) at the other characters - I always think they should be able to do things themselves - that they were, ahem, trained for? But then again, we would have nothing to do but watch, lol.

I'm half way through the game, and so far, it is a lot of fun. Some mini games I did okay, others I skipped, mainly because I got impatient, lol. Next time through I shall try them again.

The colours are nice and bright, the music is fine, and the voices are good too.

About my only real gripe is the zooming into scenes where the pixels always go blurry - but that seems to be a "feature" of most of the games I play (so it isn't just this particular Dev, - I think ).

Anyhoo, I do recommend that you try this game - if you like it, buy it - I did!


 posted in Living Legends: Uninvited Guests Collector's Edition on Nov 2, 17 3:31 AM
I just finished the demo, and now I have bought it I am really enjoying this game (I have all the others in this series, plus a lot of 4 Friends other games), and can't wait to see how it continues.

The graphics are lovely and clear, the voices are excellent, and the music is not too obtrusive.

There are plenty of items to look for in each scene (a morphing item, and at least two owls). So far, I haven't had too much difficulty with the mini games (always a bonus for me, lol).

I did have some thoughts about this "Beast", but it wasn't until the end of the demo that I found out for sure (I won't say more, as it would be a Spoiler)

Well, my game is now ready for me, so I'm off to play. As always, try the demo first, just to be sure you like it


 posted in Crossroad Mysteries: The Broken Deal on Sep 27, 17 11:41 PM
I thought it was quite amusing to actually "die" because I made the wrong choice - rather like the games my DH likes to play . And when I did, it was only a minute or so (if that) before I was back at the same place to make the "right" choice

I love that the 2 characters we meet during the demo, actually look like real people ie: Rachel Weisz (hope I spelled it right), and Michael Gambon.

I normally stay away from "Asylum" games (I played enough of them years ago, to not feel any need to play them now), but as others have said, the storyline is quite intriguing, and I want to "see what happens next!", lol.

I have now bought the game, and hope to keep enjoying the rest of it.

About the only thing I need is a Strategy Guide to help me get through some of those puzzles (some of the puzzle instructions are a little puzzling themselves, lol). But as this is a 'Standard' game, we won't even get a Walkthrough. Sigh. Ah well, at least now I have plenty of time to try and work them all out

The music seems well suited to the game, and the voices and graphics (imho) are very good.

As Always, try the demo to see if you like it. You just might be surprised


Hi Pennmom

The game you're thinking of is Nevertales 3: Smoke and Mirrors, which was released in 2014.

As for this game, I played the beta of it, and thought it was okay, but sadly, when I started to play the demo, I just felt bored. As with so many games now, it's yet another case of "deja vu", plot wise, and I simply couldn't be bothered continuing. Sigh.

The graphics and voices seem fine, and the music was okay.

BUT, as always, try the game for yourself, before buying


I read the reviews (only a couple at the time), and both were quite negative about this game, which made me curious, as I remembered playing the beta and thinking it quite good.

Anyhoo, I gave this demo a try, and while I have to agree that to some extent it is much like other games (and what isn't, these days?), it most certainly isn't as bad as they thought - not to me anyway.

I had to laugh at our new Guardian's comment "but I'm just a normal professor!", and wondered what an abnormal one is like, lol.

And I am quite liking the exaggerated voices of the villains, they remind me of the children's shows where the kids get to yell at the "bad" people on stage and they yell back - all good fun. Then again, maybe it's just me feeling like a kid again.

Well, I enjoyed the demo so much, I bought the game. Now I'm off to let my inner child play it.



 posted in Embrace of Ocean: Story of Hope on May 10, 17 4:25 PM
Hi kdubs I feel very sorry for your pc woes, and very grateful that my pc didn't decide to do the same thing - I have a feeling it came close, though !

I did reload the game yesterday, hoping it would work, but, again, it locked up at the Chapter 1 loading page

Sooo, after I finally got out of it, I deleted the game and gave up on it. I really don't need that sort of hassle just to play a game that is (apparently) on the short side.

Even if this glitch does manage to get fixed, I don't think I will be bothering with it again.

 posted in Embrace of Ocean: Story of Hope on May 9, 17 5:02 AM
Had to delete the game after it locked up twice, at the Chapter 1 page. Couldn't even get the Task Manager to work properly!

Win 10, 64 bit pc.
 posted in Eventide 2: Sorcerer's Mirror on Mar 7, 17 7:45 PM
Hi Minesita,

This game was originally released on Steam, but not as a CE, which I found quite disappointing. I was hoping BFG would give us a CE version, but apparently not. Sigh.


 posted in Secret of the Royal Throne on Feb 6, 17 3:24 AM
Hi Poodlebear

The same thing happened to me. I got taken back to the storeroom while the game continued "in the future", lol.

I had to start again with a new profile, and wasn't game to go back out to change that blasted noise volume.

In spite of that, I am going to buy the game - I am quite enjoying the story (and hopefully, the glitch won't happen again, lol).

I said No this time to the Direct X thing (or whatever it was), so I don't know if that caused the problem or not. I have Windows 10 on my 64 bit PC.

 posted in Secret of the Royal Throne on Feb 6, 17 3:18 AM
Well, this is certainly an intriguing game! The Developer is new to me, and while the game play does have some irritating (to me) issues, I really like the story, and want to continue.

For a rather nice change, the game is set in India, and we get to learn about some ancient gods and goddesses as we play. They also make an appearance in the game. I had to laugh when I realised that apparently Daddy Dear knew what would happen before leaving home, and made arrangements accordingly, lol.

First, the Cons: if you want to make changes to the volume of voices, sound effects, etc., then you have to go out of the game to the main menu. The first time I did that, there was a glitch (clicking Continue took me back to the previous scene, while the soundtrack continued on from where I left it! I had to start the game again with a new profile to fix it. Hopefully that won't happen again).

The Skip button (on Casual) seems quite slow - between 1 and 2 minutes, I think), and the Cut Scenes cannot be skipped (which is only annoying if you have to restart the game). The music isn't bad, but the 'environmental' effects did get on my nerves a bit.

The Pros: the graphics are excellent, with no obvious pinks/purples/blues, lol, and the voice acting is quite good too. The puzzles haven't been too hard (although I did end up having to skip on a couple after trying for a while), and the arrow shows you which direction you can go. Clicking on Hint literally gives you a written hint at the top of the screen.

At first I wasn't too sure I wanted to continue this game, but now I am glad I did. Hopefully the Devs (d9 Apar Games) will improve the game mechanics in their future games, which will lessen my irritation, lol.

As always, try the game for yourself - you just may like it


 posted in Shrouded Tales: The Shadow Menace Collector's Edition on Jan 21, 17 3:42 AM
I also got the black screen when I clicked on Extras, both before starting the demo, and at the end.

I could hear the music, and see the cursor, but no picture. I had to use Ctrl-Alt-Delete both times to get out of that screen.

The game itself seemed to play fine.


Win 10, 64 bit pc.
Maybe the cut scenes? A few times I was too quick to click on "Continue" and missed some of the conversations. Oops, lol.

I shall try and do better when I play it again.


I have just finished this game, and enjoyed it

What I like most about this series is our favourite villain: Isa. I kept wanting to know what his story was. I have to admit I was a bit confused, after his 'redemption' in the last game, but having read his 'story' - finally! lol, I understand.

Overall, I found the graphics to be clear and bright (just sometimes in the mini game and HO's I had a bit of trouble seeing dark objects). The music is fine, and the voices are good too. Some puzzles I had to skip after trying them first, some others I skipped because I am no good at them, lol. The rest were fine.

As always, try the game for yourself, before buying. You just may like it


The only ones I have seen (apart from in the HOS), are lizards. They are fairly easy to see (in the demo at least).


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