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For me the style came off as 'beginning of the Return of Blue Tea', so I'm more forgiving of the fact that it is simpler than BT at their best. They've got to rebuild their PC games 'empire' after being gone for quite a while - kudos to Eipix for collaborating to get them back into it!

The DP series may have required more 'intricate continuity' than Eipix wanted to deal with - as much as we love it and it makes DP such an enjoyable series, it can be a constraint on creativity for developers. Having to check 14 games worth of continuity before you finalize just your story would get old fast if it wasn't your core project.

The lack of a teleporting map I've heard explained away as 'the detective doesn't teleport' - ok fine. But I agree that the morphing/cursed objects should go back to being set off by some action - give you something to look for during all that backtracking!

Custom difficulty would have to be more expensive, and take more time, possibly even requiring the game engine itself to be altered. Each 'piece' of the difficulty settings (hints, sparkles, indicators, etc) would have to be separately coded and linked. I don't know much about coding/software design, so if anyone can clarify please do!

I think the next game will really be what BT's return should be judged by - they've had 'Salt Princess' to get back on their feet, they should have their ducks in a row (matches in a box?) for next one.

I, for one, will miss Eipix's credits at least. Three cheers to them for not simply shelving the DP series but helping BT take it back!
TL R version of my wall of text: Blue Tea is back, but not quite back to where they used to be. This game shows Eipix's involvement, and kudos to them for helping BT come back after their mobile jaunt. It does have some minor flaws, and there's room for improvement. I'd still recommend it though!

Suggestions for improvement: If we aren't going to get a teleporting map (BT has said elsewhere that 'it doesn't make sense for the detective to teleport') then making the cursed/morphing objects back into the 'triggered morphs' would help negate the annoyance of backtracking.

Continue to make the backgrounds, HOPs, and art more sumptuous and interactive - the objects in a scene help tell the story, provide hints, and reference other tales. I think it was 'Swan Princess' that gave us a couple of HOPs which had non-list items that didn't count as mis-clicks; they gave us more about the setting and story!

Eipix made their credits fun to sit through - keep that!

I really enjoyed this game! 'Snow Queen' and 'Rapunzel' are my favorites in the DP series, and I while I can't say this is quite THAT good, it's enjoyable, and the flaws are minor.

I'm playing on a Windows PC, so that might explain why I didn't run into some of the issues others did - what's this about a magnifying glass? I never had one to use.

Anybody else recognize our thief? Can't remember his name, but the face I don't forget!First, the cons:

The "hmph" - The lack of a teleporting map is a pain. It didn't bother me too much, as it gave me the opportunity to collect objects and drop off pieces of tasks as I went. I enjoyed the backgrounds so seeing them repeatedly didn't bother me. I will admit to playing on Easy Mode - I see how it would get obnoxious fast without areas of interest highlighted on the map.

The "ugh" - The voices - a couple of these were kind of annoying; they stood out because the others weren't bad at all.

The "really?!" - I played through a second time to get all the achievements and I don't like that the achievements remain locked after finishing the game. At least let me see what I need to do the next playthrough, BT!

The "%$#@&!!!" - This comes down to personal taste: a couple of the puzzles (the seashells and the fire/snowflakes ones) about drove me bonkers. The seashells were just a time sink while that fire/snowflake one... I just hate that style of puzzle.

The "meh" - the music. Not bad, just not great. Didn't distract, but nothing really made me want to listen to the bonus content.

The one thing Eipix did better - the credits. I miss their humorous titles - they made me actually pay attention as the credits rolled.

The "Alright!" - while not quite 'Snow Queen' or 'Rapunzel', the HOP are headed back in the direction of that old Blue Tea magic! In fairness to Eipix, 'Shadow' (the previous game in the DP series) was a solid effort and felt like it had some of the magic back (the interconnected story that we get pieces of, the art, the HOP). While 'Salt Princess' isn't at the level of BT's best, they're back and going for the gold!

The quite good - the bonus game felt like an actual bonus! It tied into the story and world of the game, and it was fun to recognize some of the items in a bonus chapter room from a particular room in the main game.

The "nice!" - 'Cursery' references. Glad BT is at least hinting there might be more of these.

The "heck yes!" - teaser trailer for the next DP game!
 posted in Phantasmat: Curse of the Mist Collector's Edition on Feb 9, 18 12:38 AM
A 'Collector's Edition' Letdown

The ability to replay puzzles, HOS, and mini games is nice - I'm a completionist and I love being able to get all my achievements. That said...

I get a collector's edition for the bonus content to tell me more about the story or give me a sneak peek at future tales the series will explore. This game did not have that - the bonus chapter was barely connected to the main story.

The main story wasn't much - there's nothing to it, and the game length reflects this (shortest 'Phantasmat' ever!). We learn so little about the characters that they aren't more than forgettable cardboard. Gameplay wasn't intuitive or 'directed' very well - I had to rely on the 'Hint' button to figure out what to do next several times. The map isn't helpful with how it defines 'possible action'.

It's just a generic 'there's something in the woods' game. This developer has done much better previously in the 'Phantasmat' series, so 'Curse of Mist' was extra disappointing for this reason.
I am having this problem too. The first time playing through everything was fine. I wanted to get those last couple achievements (coin game, no hints or skipping) so I created a second profile and played again. Got to the Crooked House and... you guessed it, no jewel.

This bug was first reported in 2013. 13. Four YEARS ago.

Blue Tea, you're better than this. What gives?
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