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I got this game for both my PC and my Mac. For the Mac, there was a software update which allows me to play a new round when I create a new player. But my PC version doesn't have the update, and when I create a new player it shows the entire game as beaten already. Help?
I just did it on Pro and finished with a TON of time. I'm on my 2nd profile on this game, and the first time around it took me forever! Here's what I did:

1. Clear your way to the lower left building site and build a Mine. Upgrade it to level 2 when you can.

2. Clear your way to the lower right building site and build a Sawmill.

3. Use the Enhanced Capacity bonus whenever possible. Gather wood and food as often as possible.

4. When both Mine (Level 2) and Sawmill are built, then build the bridge to the upper left building site. Build a Mine and upgrade it to level 2.

5. Clear your way to the upper right building site. Don't bother building on it.

6. Ignore the long way to the diary until you've built the dam.

7. After building the dam, go to the diary. I had so much extra time, it's unreal.

Let me know if this works for you guys.
I'm on a Mac - OSX Yosemite - and most of my achievements aren't lit up. The first one "begin the game" is not lit, even though I've finished the game and gotten 2-3 stars on every level. There are 16 achievements total I should have that are not lit up.
PawPrinted wrote:

UPDATE: It gave me 3 stars, even though one disappeared from the timer. I'm still working to earn that star legitimately.

I wish the game would do that for me. I have played this level over 100 times. (Not kidding!) And I can't get 3 stars. I have followed your recipe EXACTLY, and also tried some other people's suggestions, and while I get close sometimes I can never get 3 stars. I'm so ready for a game glitch like you had in my favor!...
1. I have been a big fan of this series since the original. I definitely enjoy the difficulty...


2. There are some levels that are IMPOSSIBLE in Pro mode. IM.POSSIBLE. Not just difficult. If there are 3 stars are on the screen then 3 stars needs to be attainable, and it frustrates me that the developers didn't do that. I'm playing through in Normal (even though I am an over-achiever).

3. I really hate that it starts in full-screen mode with the story scene. I wish there was a "skip forever" option, and that if you click for it not to be full screen it would stay that way until you selected full screen.

4. I have found a few glitches that the update didn't fix: in one level I was able to demolish a food altar. I had to restart the game and go back to that level to get the altar back.

5. The Game Guide is a joke. It's seriously NOT helpful. Still waiting for a really good Walkthrough to appear on YouTube...

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