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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 19, 18 6:53 AM
I joined Delphi, will take a little getting used to, but the site looks great!

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 18, 18 7:04 PM
Elsaemerald wrote:
Desertdruid wrote:I'm stuck being a Manatee!!! A fat, clumsy Manatee. (No comment on how that correlates to my life! )

I really, really wanted to be a Dolphin. Amazing, beautiful creatures they are.

I LOVE Manatees! Saw them in the Yucatan. A little funny looking but oh so loveable.
I will forever be a clownfish. Not so bad I guess. Though I am very far from being a clown. Hmm, when then do my kids tell me I am silly silly silly

Manatees are gentle giants. They are very curious creatures. One time I was trying to take pictures of them with an underwater camera while snorkeling and they kept swimming up to me putting their noses to the camera. They also like to have their bellies rubbed. Very lovable!

I also have clownfish in my saltwater tanks. They are pretty cool, like to follow my hand around when cleaning their tank. They are very social and get along well with other tankmates.

So, I got nothing for my Minnow status, other than I’m the BAIT
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 30, 18 6:39 AM
I can give you as many as you need.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 29, 18 5:58 PM
I know a lot of people don't have (or like) Facebook, but it has its benefits for this game in that it saves your progress on your profile and you don’t have to rely on customer service to get your game back. Just something to think about. It sounds like your phone service just can’t handle the load of this application. Have you tried hitting the home button twice and swiping up to delete any apps running in the background? This helps to make things run alittle faster. You probably know all this, but doesn’t hurt to ask.

Sorry you are having so much trouble.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 28, 18 6:58 AM
I sure hope you can get your old game back! I can help out with anything you need (eggs, crafted items, etc) Don’t worry about gifting back, I have what I need.

Take care.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 27, 18 6:39 PM
I know we went thru this during the Christmas event where friends would keep their main room, spring room or original Christmas room open instead of the new Christmas room where there were 3 HOS to play. There was much debate about that, with little understanding as to why.

Now, we have a new Spring room and I still have high level friends that only have their main room or Christmas room open and I have to wonder why they feel the need to deny friends the opportunity to access their spring room!?

They are playing my Spring room because I see their high score and their new pets and new avatars. I feel conflicted with this because it seems totally selfish. I guess I’m blowing off steam because I just can’t understand it. Some will say they are working toward an achievement, but believe me, they have all the high value accessories the room has to offer.

I like this game and enjoy having TRUE friends.

Sorry, just had to vent.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 26, 18 6:23 PM
Sorry you are having this problem! Since I don’t have the time to get to all 3 of the new Spring HOS rooms of all my friends everyday, you can TEMPORARILY delete me, if it helps you out.

Even tho I play on an iPad, I find each HOS in the new spring room to be very slow to open, but not near as long as you are waiting.

I’m probably going to delete all “red” friends that still have the main or Christmas rooms still set up, maybe things will go alittle faster for me.

Take care Tia!

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 6, 18 4:57 PM
AuntieRoo wrote:
Love_rnr wrote:I have a few squirrel eggs that you are welcome to have. My id is posted above.


I think CHARLIEISR's games are all on PC.

Well darn, would have liked to help out!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 6, 18 7:53 AM
I have a few squirrel eggs that you are welcome to have. My id is posted above.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 4, 18 6:55 AM
Hi Penelope,

I don’t need any eggs, but I can certainly help with anything you are working toward. I am very low on spring items, I have a fair amount of the other holiday items tho. Send me a pm if you need specific eggs and I can let you know if I have that one for you.

My id is i1798960.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 30, 18 6:44 PM
I recently retired from a government job after 30+ years. I can’t say how much I enjoy my rest and relaxation time. No time clocks, no alarms. I get up every day and can do whatever I want to do!! I am my own Boss. I only have one employee and that’s my hubby

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 30, 18 5:47 PM
Desertdruid wrote:
.…groaning under the strain of having beloved gifting with friends who ask for pet food ...expensive tickets and for air ship items only...

Ouch, well, that's my wishlist in a nutshell!

I'm sorry if anyone finds it insensitive or otherwise inconvenient to have these on my wishlist, but, ironically, I actually chose those items to make it easy on my friends! The brown stamp because I have several friends swapping them for the achievement, & whatever airship & food I'm lowest on at the moment. Because they ARE common!
Doesn't everybody have a steady supply of airship items & food from the very beginning? I'm trying to make it as easy for a level 12 player to gift as a level 82 player.

I'm not asking for crafted items, ZZ items, or in-demand-by-DQ items.

Just what "common" items would you have us ask for? I really am at a loss ……

Me too!! I have 4 slots, but only have an airship item and a unique stamp (since I’m working on that achievement). I always replace a gift that is given to me, an airship for airship, stamp for stamp so they are not out of that item. If they have other items on their list, I try to accommodate, but can’t always give zz items or eggs, which some of my friends ALWAYS have on their list. I recently just started holding off on claiming a gift if I can’t give them something back they need. I guess I’ll just have to be okay with being unfriended if I can’t meet someone’s expectations.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 26, 18 6:48 AM
Your welcome Gill. I also have extra emerald dragon, parrot, lemur, seal, owl and hopping tiger if you need.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 19, 18 4:08 PM
Why change back to another room right away? People are on different time zones, and is was very frustrating when I only had alittle time left on working the Christmas rooms and had to skip thru the ones who changed back. Just why?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 16, 17 7:04 AM
The globes are the red, yellow and white orbs flying around like the trees, stockings and snowman. You capture them with wands.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 15, 17 6:34 PM
Yay, glad to have you back Grandma6!! I do have an iPhone game I am fazing out, but keeping up with my IPad game.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 15, 17 5:42 PM
7513 wrote:Hi, I play as Grandma6 and I just sent you an invite!

Hi Grandma6, I was one of your friends, but you uninvited me. I waited a week thinking it was a mistake because we gifted regularly before I removed myself.

I’m happy to have you back if you want to invite me, my I’d is i1798960 - PAULA

 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 14, 17 12:37 PM
I was thinking that too, not getting many gifts, but I think the items might be lumped together. For instance when I clicked on the pet food, it showed more than one bag. I’ll pay closer attention next time to be sure. I hope this is the case anyway, I’ve been giving out tons of gifts.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 11, 17 6:08 PM
Annelliegram wrote:
Love_rnr wrote:Love the elf on the shelf (fireplace mantle). Wouldn’t it be fun if it moved around the room for us to find. I guess the holidays bring out the kid in me

Looking forward to the event starting soon.

If each of the areas (fireplace, Christmas tree, table) are indeed 3 new HOSs, finding a moving elf will be low on my priority list. (But, it IS a fun idea!)

Wow, I would have never thought they would put 3 hos in the new Christmas room, you sure called that one. This event will be challenging and fun!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 9, 17 7:21 AM
Love the elf on the shelf (fireplace mantle). Wouldn’t it be fun if it moved around the room for us to find. I guess the holidays bring out the kid in me

Looking forward to the event starting soon.

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