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have you played the hidden mini game at the farm? Once you complete everything at the farm click on Paige riding the pig on the map. that should help.
When you say "complete" is that with 3 stars? The new rainbow colored stars are not as easy to see as the yellow ones were so you might have missed a couple. If you have 3 stars at every level you will have enough money to buy all the items.
I hate the "find the mice" challenges! I have a couple suggestions but these don't always work for me either but maybe something will for you:
the mice show up in predictable locations but not always in the same order. Once you know where to scan that can help reduce the overall area you're searching in.
Use the entertainment feature (in this case the goat) so that you can keep people happy while you search for mice so that you can sill get score you need.
Get a bunch at the beginning before people start ordering, You can even sacrifice the first order or two to get more mice and still meet the target in the end.
Good luck!
Sometimes there is a "hidden" item and the only way to get is to keep playing until it shows up!
This sounds like a technical glitch. Post this same question in tech support and see if they can dolve the problem for you. I have not had this problem.
You may not have enough upgrades yet. Check your menu and make sure you have all the food items that will give you a higher tip. What experience level are you playing at? try playing at a different level and see if that helps. I play at expert and have been able to get three stars but I had to complete all the upgrades to do it.
in most levels you get more points for quick serving over chaining, To help you achieve this pre-make any item that takes time so you can serve it right away. You can also entertain a table more than once if you think it won't be at 5 starts at checkout.
You are mis-interpreting the challenge. It is "entertain" 5 customers, not serve 5 customers.
If you have not served a customer within one minute you will lose a point.l As long as you serve each customer within one minute the points will continue to grow. Be sure you pick a granola bar that will be easy to serve so that doesn't trip you up.
Steak requires that you BBQ 25 items in Emily's Garden. Cauliflower seeds required you to sell 30 packets of seed. The blackberry juice just showed up - not sure how I unlocked that.
There are 112. Have you unlocked steak at Emily's Garden or cauliflower seed and blackberry drink at the Farmer's Market? Those were the last three I needed.
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