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 posted in 2 Tasty on Jun 10, 10 6:00 AM
Wow... I can't believe all the bugs are not fixed yet. I have refrained from purchasing the game because of all the issues I had during the trial version. I guess I'll have to keep checking back in.
 posted in Puppet Show: Souls of the Innocent Collector's Edition on May 27, 10 8:36 AM
Loved it too like everyone else but I'm a little worried about getting it. I played the demo and it took me less than an hour in "expert mode". How much is there after getting to the balloon without the "extra hours of game play" that accompany the collectors edition?
 posted in The Lost Cases of 221B Baker St. on Mar 23, 10 7:56 AM

Let me say first that I am not an "advanced" game player. I def. need my fair share of hints in some games and even a walk through with others. I'm pretty average as far as game playing goes BUT this game just wasn't challenging enough. Played 30 minutes and made it a little over a quarter of the way through the game with no hints or mini game skips needed. Making me think that this game wouldn't really be worth buying because I would go through it too quickly.

I liked that you had plenty of options in the beginning. You can selected between timed and untimed mode and also the amount of dialogue. I selected minimal dialogue and still felt like it was a lot, but it's very easy to skip through.

I do have to say that I like the multiple mini games through out the game. Some were things that I've seen before and others were different. Overall they were still pretty easy.

One thing that I didn't like (but others may like) are all of the multiple hidden objects look the same. If you need to find 4 books, all 4 books will look identical making it less of a challenge. Don't know if the creators of this game meant to make it so simple or if they just lacked motivation.

Other than the things listed above, it's a nice little game. I don't hate the game but like I said before the lack of challenge crosses this game off of my list.
 posted in Isidiada on Mar 22, 10 6:25 AM
I pretty much agree with everyone else and give this one a big thumbs down. Honestly I only played 2 minutes of it and had enough.
 posted in Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse on Mar 21, 10 6:43 AM
Just finished the last chapter this morning over coffee and am happy with my purchase. It was a fun little game that only took about 3 hours to finish on casual mode with very little hints used.

1. It has a great story line. If you don't play for the stories that are involved they are very easy to skip through. They are not so frequent that you are constantly being bombarded with dialogue but just enough to give you a story to follow along in the game.

2. The "retro graphics" everyone is talking about aren't all that bad. Sure I got a chuckle or two when the leading lady was walking around a little bow legged but other than that it's fine. The graphics are done well enough for you to accomplish your tasks without having to squint, get a magnifying glass, etc.

3. The mini games are pretty simple to figure out. When a mini game begins it won't give you an direction. If you can't figure out what they want you to do then there is a help button on the bottom right that will give you a brief description about the game. There also is an optional skip button after about 1 minute of trying the game on your own. The mini games are not too difficult but are nothing new (puzzles, sliders, rings, etc.).

4. I thought that the HOG part of the game was fun. Others might be bored with the constant clicking and searching but I enjoyed it. Some objects will be hidden in plain view while others are hidden behind or in things. So for all of you compulsive clickers out there (like me), this is the perfect game. LOL. Every couple of scenes you'll run into a section where you need to find about 8 objects to earn 4 hints. As long as you have hints stored up there is no waiting for your hints to charge back up. I also liked that everything that you had to find was used to move on to the next scene.

5. The best part was I ran into NO GLITCHES which seem to be a problem here lately with other games. I'm using Windows Vista and had no problems with crashing, graphics, freezing, etc. Everything ran smoothly as a game should.

So overall I give this game a . It's no Dire Grove or Briar Rose but good enough to kill some time while I'm waiting.
 posted in Alice in Wonderland on Mar 19, 10 10:33 AM
Feeling very luke warm about this game. I think I really set myself up thinking that it was going to be more like Briar Rose or Dire Grove style which would have been GREAT!
 posted in Engineering: The Mystery of the Ancient Clock on Mar 18, 10 4:50 PM
Bored to tears is how I felt. I didn't even finish the demo all the way through. Like other have said, it reminds me of Chuzzle only they don't make cute noises when you click on them. The mini game consists of what feels like 10 seconds (if not less) to catch gears flying across the screen. I think that maybe it would have had been more appealing if there were half way decent mini games available. It just needs something to break up the monotony of it all. A no go for me probably wouldn't even pick it up as a $2.99 deal.
 posted in 2 Tasty on Mar 16, 10 4:22 PM
Love the game so far and like many others was stuck at level 10. I uninstalled and then reinstalled. Was able to advance to the next level but now I am still unable to purchase any upgrades. Now I have no trial left. I really want to buy the game but don't want to do it if I can't fully enjoy it.
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose Collector's Edition on Mar 11, 10 1:27 PM
I loved it but didn't buy it and probably won't. Made it to chapter 9 on the one hour trial and read somewhere that there is only between 12-14 chapters.

Other than how short it is, I loved it. The graphics were great. It was fun looking for pieces of the object rather than a bunch of random stuff. You weren't bombarded with tons of dialogue and character interference. Puzzles were fairly easy and you weren't scratching your head trying to figure out where certain objects went. I did like the feature where they would show you where you needed to look next. I'm sure that it would be helpful for some but is something that you don't have to use if you want to challenge yourself a little.

Wish they would come out with a game like this only a large file that is slightly more difficult. For $20.00 I would like to see something that will last me longer than just a few hours.
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose Collector's Edition on Mar 11, 10 4:42 AM
Well you have all made me feel better. I'm running on Vista as well and just got done downloading Potion Bar with no issues. I'm really bummed about this. I've been waiting all week for a game to come out that I want to play and now I can't download it.
 posted in Annie's Millions on Mar 10, 10 6:06 AM
It was alright. I played the full trial but found it to be an easy, basic HOG with a predictable story line.

The one thing that I did enjoy was that I could earn my hints through the mini games when I needed them. I also liked the various scenes. I didn't have to revisit and re-search the same scene over and over.

Although one down side was half the time I didn't have to read the list because the hidden objects stood out from the rest of the background and were a bit too predictable.

The graphics were not the best but still recognizable. Which doesn't really matter because there is no "clicking penalty".

This probably won't be a buy for me. Might consider it for a 2.99 game.This is just one of those games you keep on the side to kill some time.
 posted in Eden's Quest: The Hunt for Akua on Mar 4, 10 7:11 AM
I ended up liking this game and might go ahead and purchase it.

There are a few draw backs. I didn't like that you had to catch little glimmers on the screen just to find a few extra coins. An actual coin to spot and click would have had been nice. Also, I wish that there was a skip button for all of the totems and not just some.

I did like the math puzzles, riddles and brain teasers. It was refreshing and fun. I downloaded it thinking that it was another HOG and surprised when it wasn't. It's definitely for those of you who LOVE mini games and a bit of a challenge. The puzzles almost remind me of the ones you would find in an IQ test.

If you are one of those players that HATES[u] mini games in the normal HOG's and normally just press skip button to avoid them all together, this is not the game for you.
 posted in Youda Fairy on Mar 3, 10 5:24 PM
I like that it's a different game. I'm on the fence about it though. It does get harder and more things are added on but I found it a little too easy to work my way up through the levels. I think I might go for it if it were a Daily Deal but I think I'll save my $/credits for something that will give me a little more of a challenge.
 posted in Youda Fairy on Mar 3, 10 5:21 PM
jjudy60 wrote:sry also what do u do when have no more fire flies, and have not collected enough faries? i have had to restart the level. is ther anything else i can do?

You should have had been able to use the power ups located on the right hand side of the screen. You want to collect the white ones, three equal a power up and the one that you are looking for is the one with a feather.
 posted in Public Enemies: Bonnie and Clyde on Mar 3, 10 5:13 PM
Have to say that I completely agree with everyone else. Wish I didn't waste the time to play it in the first place but I was trying to look on the bright side and be a little hopeful.

1. The options to the far left side are strange. Gun = menu? There was a magnifying glass with an "X" through it. It would have had been nice to be able to use it especially when I got to the parts where I was suppose to look for 50 bullets and 50 tiny dollar bills. Went through multiple scenes with no option to use it. Maybe a Game Error?

2. There is no indication as to were the hidden scenes or extremely hidden objects are. For example, the hidden stash located in the floor or the cabinet in the garage to find the extra dollar bills. A little icon would have had been nice.

3. The items are EXTREMELY blurry, small and some of the descriptions didn't make sense. Spent forever trying to look for a "water pipe". Used a hint and it ended up being a hookah.

4. The map is very hard to read. Tiny, tiny, tiny script. I have great vision and had to practically press my nose up to the screen to make out the cities.

5. The hint reload was really, really slow and you are only given 9 hints from the start. There are little stars that show up on the screen to give you extra hints, ONLY if you have already used up all of your hints. Of course when you do find them it isn't instant gratification. You have to wait for the hint to reload before you are allowed to use it.

6. The background noise is horrible. Different scenes give you different sounds but they repeat NON STOP. The bell in the store was driving me up the wall and the cows at the camp were annoying.

I'm sure there are other little things that I forgot to add but these were the ones that stood out the most to me. This game def. is not a keeper, for me at least.
 posted in 3 Cards to Dead Time on Feb 27, 10 7:54 AM
I felt the same way. I made it through 15 minutes of the trial before I became too bored to finish. Although they had some unique puzzles, the hidden item pages were too easy, only having to find a few things before you would be bombarded with tons of dialogue. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm going to have to pass this one up as well.
 posted in The Tarot's Misfortune on Feb 20, 10 4:31 PM
2thick4u wrote:Have the keys can't find the last emblem for the tree. anyone know how to find the toolbox or the last emblem?

I'm having the same problem. Just did the update to fix all of the problems that I have been having and how I'm wandering around trying to find the tool box.
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