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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 5, 15 10:20 PM

The wheel for me is like Rolling dice against dragon, maybe do well, one out of three tries.

I am slow HOS player, so don't have high base score, wheel is usually only way I get diamonds. Sometimes I pay in for extra try.

I usually get so so spins, +10, -10, +10

Or -40,-20,-10, really?

Only twice, really good spin, +50, -10, +50

I just try to beat my own score.

Crystal P

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 5, 15 9:57 PM
Dear Catlover612:

I have had same issues with incorrect Tourney scores for close to a month.

When I play tournaments now, if incorrect score with far left door, I know the round won't count, but I Play all of them, so I Know what to expect next time.

I use to pay to re-enter right away, but now I wait for next free try.
Sometimes on 2nd entrance to tournament, the far left HOS shows incorrect high score , but when exit out to next HOS, it shows correct score. One time 3 of the HOS where like that.

If the wheel has been kind to me, I just use that score, if not I pay in to replay. Or I just wait until next tournament.

I have e-mailed CS about half dozen times about this. They responded:
Now that the BLUE DOT issue has been resolved......(YAY to all affected!)

CS says the DEVS are aware of this issue, and now can look into this.

They have promptly answered my queries and credited me the diamonds I paid in extra to replay, when incorrect score prevented me from finishing .

This temporary solution may work for you.

Good luck in the castle! [=

Crystal P

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 5, 15 10:41 AM
Oh dear!

All you PC players are correct, do not upgrade OS.!

Has someone contacted Tech Support, or CS to have this clarified?

I play on iOS, and so far it updates with each iOS update.

Wishing you all the best. ALL your comments and hints have helped me


Thank you!

Crystal P
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 5, 15 10:34 AM
Dear Ann!

I have had friends who take their list down, ever so often, then, back in a few days.

Some just place after their avatar name, gifting, vacation, taking break also.

I think it is alright to take a few days to catch up, if you can keep it straight!

I have missed some in the rotation, or I just did not have something for them at that time.

Do not worry! Good gifting friends understand, we have all been there...

I think the above suggestion by valerimay is a great solution.

Good luck in the Castle! [=

Crystal P

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 4, 15 9:36 PM
Hello to players with tournament problems. I , too have had all these issues.
I have e-mailed CS in the past and they credited me lost diamonds.

Happened again, so sent off another e-mail. Answered, they are aware of this issue, for some of us, and will look into this now that the blue dot issue is hopefully over!

( keeping fingers and toes crossed on that one)

PM moderator, or e-mail CS, they have been helpful to me!

Good luck! [=

Crystal P
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 3, 15 8:53 PM
YAY for all my fellow iOS players!! SOOOOO glad this has been resolved!

Big Fish has always been good to me in resolving minor issues,

Wonderful This was accomplished!

Alright, everyone back to the Castle and good luck! [=

Crystal P
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 9:34 PM
Ha! Ha! WolfenRaindancer!

I guess I should confess, that I am a VERY slow HOS player. On the tournaments, I would play two rounds and just exiit out, just trying to beat my own score.

One time , low and behold , I won a couple of diamonds!!

I now will play an extra round, if I have enough diamonds over my own personal threshold.

I then thought, well let me get to the top 1,000, then top 500. The best I have done is within the top 100. Can't remember if any higher, but the most won was maybe about 24 to 28 diamonds.

So, yes I marvel at how people get the high scores. ( yes that wheel is much like rolling the dice against the dragon!!)

And I do like doing the tournament HOS for a change. They were very glitchy for me, but now much smoother!

Good Luck in the Castle! [=

Crystal P

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 7:10 PM
I think a bit back, maybe around or before Christmas, it was mentioned that Big Fish was sold to a large online gaming site. ( tried to find the thread, but could not)

People then were concerned if this game would continue. One of the moderators answered that the new company was interested in this game continuing.

Since this blue dot issue, I believe someone else posted , maybe a few weeks ago? That Big Fish had a fix for this, but Apple takes a few weeks prior to placing the updates for iOS platforms.

Has anyone heard something from Customer Service since?

And one more questions. I read , from someone, that in the past it could take 6 to 8 weeks for an update? Has it been that long?

Thank you !

Crystal P

 posted in Midnight Castle on May 31, 15 2:39 AM
Hi Apollo again ( my husband has a cold and keeping me awake!)

I was reading Midnight Call to Arms, first page, second post by Vlania.

It appears players had the same sentiment then as now, a year ago....

I was trying to figure out you all figure out to write in this poetic manner.

Crystal P [=
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 31, 15 2:19 AM
Hello Appollo.

I just played also. Play on iOS. With my scenes, I THINK there was at least one chip. But you are correct in that there are a lot less. And noticed for the wheel tilts to negative side more often. ( sort of like the dice game against the dragon)

I also found it very glitchy. Do like the different scenes though....
Is it part of their new directive from parent company? To become more profitable?

I enjoy reading your posts!

Crystal P [=
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 30, 15 10:52 PM
Hi Annieliz1:

I too have many problems with tournaments. I thought only a few of us did!

I had issue withe good score, and saw it on the list in line for diamonds. After game over. No diamonds. Looked at list, mine was no longer there but others near my score were.

Also had a message to collect diamonds, clicked on claim, game crashed.
( at another time)
Sent email to CS and they did credit me.

Also agree with General_hobojoe, quicker is not always best! Slower and steady gets the higher score! And I thought you had to go in order of the HOS list, but you don't!

Wish you better luck in the tournaments. I will do a happy dance when mine is qlitch free! [=

Crystal P

 posted in Midnight Castle on May 30, 15 10:36 PM
Hi Dwdharvey

I have some friends who will gift, then next day when I wish to gift back. They take their list for a day or so. Don't know if they are working, or just doing rounds of HOS.

One friend will at times say they are vacation, take down their list, but still gift me for a day or so, maybe trying to catch up? And then their list is up again.

This may work for you.

As for myself, I am waiting for update, so I am trying to gift 15 per day as able all levels, because once the update is in, all that are around my level will want same items as me! And may be harder to gift at appointed time.

Good luck in the Castle! [=

Crystal P

 posted in Midnight Castle on May 30, 15 10:09 PM
Well, I am glad/sad others are seeing this in their tournaments. I tried the one trick someone suggested, existing out of tourney and then back in to only play other doors. It worked in one tourney, but then in another, the high score would not clear, and on a later try, that I paid in, I had a diamond worthy score, but did not receive. I have twice contacted CS, and they do credit extra diamonds used to re-enter, and the winning diamonds not awarded.
CS felt some problems with iPad, so did various things, and it helped me out of the tourneys, BUT tournaments still very unreliable.....

asked them is it only a few of us ? Or many.

Trying to be thankful I have not lost my game, as others, or stuck with blue dot,

But am feeling frustrated too.... ?
Crystal P
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 30, 15 10:59 AM
Please check your messages. Crystal P
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 30, 15 12:47 AM
Has anyone noted the increased pet food drop after doing the HOS? Have received each type, even diamond, stamp of every type with HOS too.and after finding the 5 blooming flowers? (Stamp and diamond) play on iOS
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 29, 15 2:27 AM
Hi there !

I was having similar problems for 2 weeks. Game crashed more and more, so I could not even play 2 minutes. Gave wrong scores, lost progress, diamonds, could hardly gift friends.

Emailed CS- I was fortunate to have response quickly. This helped me so far, may help you.

1.) close all programs. Total power off. Wait 30 secs. Reboot device.

This actually worked for me.
Suppose to exit out of game and not have in background also.

2.) have latest iOS update

3.)total refresh

Under general settings, scroll to bottom, chose reset NOT erase. Close app.
Then open game .

4.)re-synch device:
Go to App Store, scroll down to bottom and sign out of App Store.

Shut down device as in #1 .

Turn device on, go to App Store and sign in. Go to game and hopefully play!

5.) do try to contact CS, they appear responsive to me.

I am NOT tech savvy, wish I could copy my email response to you, but can't think how right now!

Good luck in the castle! [=

Crystal P L 63

 posted in Midnight Castle on May 26, 15 5:47 PM
I agree with susiewastaken, I hope it is just that. Play on iPad. I notice crashes with mailman notifications for tournament, most before,some during, and few after. Lose
Immediate progress. Does not crash if doing HOS though...
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 26, 15 2:30 PM
Well! Many opinions here!! I agree with chellewalker, it is a game! I keep only a semi-list, gift "out of order", ie, help those needing Xmas, spring items. When I saw some on the levels that needed the binding egg ones, I gave away, but forgot if all gone, slower to receive through HOS, so had to build inventory again, and not let it get low, so I can continue on, gifting those items. Same with pet food. Stamps if I get them that day through flowers, HOS, etc...

I had one friend who lost their game before Xmas, their avatar and level changed, so did not know it was them, deleted, read in forum , maybe a few months later, they were back, ( they had to start over. ]=) so I am helping them, and learned to keep a person for quite a bit now. Also not have too many people to gift, (I have under 30 now)

But have seen where some just want, and never gift back, or I read a note in the forum, they let people gift them, so person can get pet medallion, so no need to gift back to that person.

I just like to gift! Keeps people playing the game, and it's fun!, not offended if I am deleted. Try to have item that every level will have.

Also will ask for immediate questing items, but waiting for update .

And hopeful blue dot issue is resolved soon.....

Good luck to everyone in the Castle! [=

 posted in Midnight Castle on May 25, 15 12:01 AM
Hi! This also happened to me , same tourney date and time, received letter, clicked to receive diamonds, game crashed, reboot, nothing. I have emailed CS and asked them to credit my winnings in another postman notice.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 23, 15 10:01 AM
Hi, I also had the tournament score issue, and game crash with that, losing diamonds when re entered.

I contacted CS, and Matt in Seattle credit me back spent diamonds. He said they are aware of this issue, and will pass it on to the DEVS.

But the BLUE DOT problem is their mosy primary concern at the time....

I am hoping that problem is resolved soon!!
I have had friends who lost games just before Christmas and some newer ones that are restarting for 2nd and 3rd time.
Grateful I can continue on with the game, and will try to help those as they recover!

Good luck in the Castle! [=

AND a big THANK YOU to all our past and present SERVICE PEOPLE on this Memorial Day weekend!

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