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 posted in Phantasmat on Jan 11, 13 3:02 PM
Help I tried to apply the gauntlet to the diving suit before it was all the way to the front and now I can't find it. How do I get my gauntlet back?
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Dec 12, 09 7:49 PM
why is my trial game missing parts of the scenery? I have tried it on all the resolutions and no luck. Anyone out there able to tell me what the problem is?
 posted in Paradise Beach on Sep 27, 09 4:28 PM
emerance wrote:The problem I'm having is finishing the last level. What makes the money go down? I know it goes down when you buy things to place, but even when I don't buy something, the money level goes up and down like crazy! Consequently, I've finished all the objectives except getting the $50,000. I've built lots of things to try to increase revenue, but why does it go down so much? I've never seen a game do this before, and it's obviously part of the challenge, but I can't get anywhere near $50,000! It'll go up to $20,000 or $25,000 and then suddenly drop down to $15,000 or $18,000. Everyone has happy faces and I have tons of security everywhere (I thought I was being robbed!).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I to am having the same problem as you are having. Waiting for an answer.
 posted in Escape From Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest on Jun 23, 09 11:20 AM
Hey I might just do the same .
 posted in Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction on Jun 23, 09 10:27 AM
Loved this game, since downsizing from a larger home to the one we have now, my yardsale wings have been clipped. This game allowed me to yardsale without bringing anything home. Loved painting and building the projects.
 posted in Escape From Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest on Jun 23, 09 10:12 AM
I enjoyed this game, although I did find the Suduka game challenging. It was rated Master, and I am by no means a master at this game. I had to go online to find a site that allowed me to enter the correct numbers to win. I do wish that the villagers would eat and drink when they are right in front of the supplies. They would just stand there until told to eat. Maybe I did something wrong cause some of them would eat, drink and sleep on their own. All said, can't wait to play the next game. I played the first one and enjoyed it also. I think I am hooked on these types of games. I've played all the v v games and escape from paradise 1, now 2 and working on virtual family game now. If you know of any others out there let me know. I just played the free trail for Avalon anyone else? What do you think about it. I was having a hard time following it. Think it's worth buying?
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