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 posted in Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads Collector's Edition on Apr 13, 18 1:00 PM
I generally love Emily games but the last few haven't done it for me. I don't like the new character designs, they look like sad imitations. Emily is crossed eyed and looks weird, the mother doesn't look like the same person, and Paige is kinda scary looking. I miss the old Snuggford characters . These new ones are only okay. I actually found the storyline on this one bordering on obnoxious. What happened to the old Emily? She doesn't even act like she likes Patrick. I also miss playing in restaurants. They seemed to have lost the old magic with the games.
I feel like the graphics have gotten worse. Emily is crossed eyed and frumpy looking. The kid is scary looking. What happened to the old models. The other thing is I find it really annoying how many times the characters stop and laugh over stuff thats not funny. The laughs are cartoont cheesy guffaw style laughs too.
 posted in Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition on Jul 1, 17 10:30 AM
I have been having both this issue with level 49 where the game freezes and I can't even click out of it and the issue in level 13 where Maggie freezes and wont respond to commands. The update did nothing to fix this.
 posted in Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! on May 22, 17 7:48 PM
This has happened to me a few times. Always during the section when maggie is shooting her own movie but different levels
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