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 posted in Midnight Castle on May 24, 17 2:23 AM
Hi I have just updated my Samsung tablet and while I have no problems moving the program I do have a problem with my progress.

I have no intention of restarting again I would rather stop playing altogether.

I have looked at the Facebook setting and it tells me that although it is on privacy and won't paste to my timelime it has permission. Yet when I tell it to logon through the settings icon it tells me that it fails to connect.

So now I have two games. My original that I want on the old tablet with the ID a512433 and the the new tablet game with a new ID a853657. I can't seem to get Facebook to save my game progress like it did previously.

Can someone please help me and switch the progress over for me?
Otherwise I will just have to find another game and forget about it.
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