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 posted in Heroes of Hellas 4: Birth of Legend on Apr 1, 18 8:33 PM
I have done videos of puzzles 8-15 on you tube. If you go there and search for "Heroes of Hellas 4 Puzzle Solutions" you should find my playlist.
As soon as you build the mill, he will start heading over to that blue circle. Make sure you have enough mana and as soon as he gets close, cast they freezing spell.
I made a video of level 38 in "normal" mode to get the gold. I haven't done others because it takes so long to upload.

The videos I have found from others are not even getting bronze, much less gold on the levels. I always zip to the end of the video to see if they got the three stars or not.
I finally got gold on 9B and silver on 11B, but there is no way to get gold on 11B that I can figure out.

For 9B, it came down to like 1 second that I made the gold. I upgraded all buildings to max and the soda fountains as well. Also I had three workers. The other thing I watched for is only clicking on food, resources, etc that pop up when you are not trying to do something else first like shoot the soda gun. Because Rose takes so long to do anything, I try not to use her to pick up products unless they are close by.
I managed level 6 (barely), and got silver on 9, but I can't even get silver on 11. You can't get enough materials quickly enough, and you can't use the bonuses, because you have to save up soda. very frustrating
This is one of the levels where you can beat the developers record in Casual mode. So switch to that mode and you should have no trouble getting gold. I think it is better at first to stop the clock then when you are able to get more items, go for the additional yield.
I beat the devs record by following the strategy guide exactly. The key is to run as much as you can and get the base built up as quickly as possible. Worry about farms later than the workshops. You also need to build all the obelisks.
 posted in Green Ranch on Jan 12, 17 8:48 AM
Yay! Found the final Easter egg!

It is on level 38 just behind the $8,000 waste dump.

Locations of all easter eggs: 5, 12, 21, 29 and 38
 posted in Green Ranch on Jan 12, 17 8:46 AM
I have used sipason's videos on You Tube and they have helped me. You will need to google the game name and "level 37" to find them.
 posted in Green Ranch on Jan 12, 17 8:44 AM
There is Sweet Kingdom Enchanted Princess which is similar - it makes milk and cakes and things.
 posted in Terrafarmers on Oct 30, 16 4:42 PM
Hi I can't seem to get gold on this level. Just takes way too long to get those tomatoes to grow. Is there some secret? Any help would be appreciated!
 posted in Atlantic Quest 2: The New Adventures on Oct 20, 16 11:25 AM
Has anyone gotten this award? I can't seem to get it no matter how many bombs I use either fish on. Any help would be appreciated!
 posted in Chateau Garden on Jun 10, 16 4:03 PM
I need one for level 80 - this thing is a monster!
 posted in Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia on Jun 10, 16 2:16 PM
Level 4-1 is not a puzzle level and can't be skipped. The key to that level is to match the dark blue tiles and use the hero as much as possible to get rid of the hellstones.
On the main menu is a button for "collector's edition" levels. Also if you click the ship in the middle of the map it will take you to the CE levels (at least on the BFG version).
Can't get that award to show either even though I have all 18 artifacts showing in the list. I closed and restarted, but still not showing. Will play a few more of the CE levels and see if that jogs it.

@Holoco1949 - I had trouble getting this list to scroll as well. Put your cursor near the arrow button, but wait until the arrow lights up before you click. The spot where you click is not exactly on the arrow. Just mouse around until you see it light up.
 posted in Sweetest Thing 2: Patissérie on Jan 20, 16 4:17 PM
Aha! I figured it out. The Jelly Factory looks like it is a long way away, but in fact it is on the road right next to the worker house. Just go down there first and build it. (to the left of the house past the hole in the ground at the end of that little fork in the road).

I have mistaken where the houses are located on the roads many times in this game. It is not very clear graphically which route goes where. One of the down-sides to this game.
 posted in Sweetest Thing 2: Patissérie on Jan 20, 16 4:06 PM
Same issue here. Has anyone finished this level? Is there something I'm missing?
 posted in Farm Frenzy 4 on Jan 1, 16 6:36 PM
There is a bar to the right of the screen that seems to go up or down based on my clicking. What the heck is that thing? Is there something I'm supposed to be aiming for there?
 posted in Rescue Team 5 on Dec 13, 15 4:06 PM
Can someone please give me some tips on getting the achievement on level 44? I either run out of fuel or money so can't keep the helicopter going. Or else I rescue all the helicopter people before I can get the other people rescued, so helicopter comes to a rest. Any help would be appreciated

Nevermind: I figured it out. Just wait til later to build the second helicopter pad.
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